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I know many of you are really tired of activism and we all deserve a break after that past 4 years + pandemic.  But… speaking as someone who lives in the South…. We’re going to have more Trump and Trump-like creatures in the future if something isn’t done now.  More Conservative minority killing immigrants and minorities, policing women’s bodies, starving children and worse, if we don’t protect voting rights NOW.  Voting rights have already been curtailed in my state and in many Southern states like mine.  That means people in cities, minorities, people who tend to vote Democratic will be unable to vote or will face enormous barriers to voting in the next election which means that Republicans will have to be even less accountable and can do even more horrific things to these groups, and this year’s legislative session was already a horror show in most Southern States.  I am afraid for my children.

The only thing that can save us now is Federal action.  HR1 passed the house and is now in the senate.  There’s a handful of democratic senators who are refusing to do the right thing and vote it in.  Fortunately momentum is starting to build to pressure them into getting rid of the filibuster and passing voting rights legislation.  We need you to be part of that momentum.  Call your senators.  Post on social media telling people that you did.  Ask other people to do it too.  Remember when we mobilized to save the ACA?  We need to do that now. Please help.

Stirrup queens with (covid-style) math problems.

6 Responses to “Link love”

  1. nicoleandmaggie Says:

  2. rose Says:

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!! I am calling and writing and working to get votes out and I shall be keeping on keeping on. We need to persist. Yes, I am tired. BUT PERSIST. (You and your positive audience really help.)

  3. middle_class Says:

    How come evil people never get tired of actively doing unscrupulous things?

  4. EB Says:

    Love the regional disposition chart. Spot on (with exceptions of course)

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