• A 10-15+ person silicon valley startup is different than a smaller established SBIR mill/Consulting company in many ways.  It’s interesting how the processes are much more modern but also there’s a lot less stuff figured out.
  • This company calls for a lot of video meetings, whereas the old one did skype but with the video always off.  DH moved back into the guest bedroom (he also has a desk next to mine in the office next to our bedroom) which has a much better setup for video and we can both have zoom meetings at the same time.  (One day a week, all 4 of us are zooming in different rooms at the same time).  I miss him.
  • DH decided to decorate the guest bedroom to make it more his office and less a guest bedroom (he’s left all the pictures of waterfalls up– my whimsy suggested decorating it like a mid-level hotel room–Gen X does cliché ironically).  His mom got him one of those fake street signs that has his name on it so now the little bathroom hallway that separates the Great room from the guest bedroom is called “[DH’s first name] Rd”.  The guest bathroom is a little alleyway or cul de sac off the main road in this scenario.
  • He bought a standing desk and a new monitor and a new keyboard/mouse setup because the guest bedroom setup isn’t perfect.  He’s contemplating getting a new chair, though I’m actually the one who needs a new chair and he can take my old aeron once DC1 (who I traded chairs with) is back in school.  We’ll see what happens.  Money is a little part of it, but the big thing is me wanting to actually go and *sit* in chairs.  When you’re spending $1K on something you want it to be perfect, or at least not to cause back pain!
  • DH has decided to raise his allowance an additional $720/year for a total of $3,600/year.  Not all of this is going to jetpens for fountain pens and ink.
  • I know the whole point of an allowance is to spend on what you want without anybody judging you or saying no, but I did tell DH that I would not feel comfortable with fountain pens that cost over like $500 being in the house.  So he bought this one to add to what is now a collection (if you have three of something, it becomes a collection). It is substantially pricier than his other two.  But he’s had the other two (and his space pen) for at least 2 decades, maybe more, so I trust him to take care of it.
  • DC2 requested a fountain pen for hir birthday, so zie will be getting a platinum preppy that DH will be installing a converter for hir so zie can use his inks instead of just cartridges.
  • Part of me really wants to buy a fountain pen that matches the iPhone I plan to get just because it matches.  But then I remember that I don’t actually *like* fountain pens all that much (I like paper that makes fountain pens feather) and would not choose a fountain pen over a nice gel pen or rollerball.  Plus I would feel *terrible* losing a $25 pen.  (I think I can handle losing a $5 pen these days.  My beloved Clena is $3.30.)
  • None of those jetpens links are sponsored.  I just like the company.
  • My aesthetic is mostly black, but there’s something appealing about getting a light purple phone.  A touch of whimsey amid the darkness.
  • I have been learning a lot of new pen jargon from watching jet pens videos.  They don’t always explain the terms but I’m starting to pick them up anyway.
  • RBOC two weeks in a row– I think that matches my currently scattered personality.  I really need to do some deep work on two of my papers (my current two important papers) and instead I’m just futzing around on minor things.  Bad bad me.

18 Responses to “RBOC”

  1. Dame Eleanor Hull Says:

    It’s not random, it’s office thoughts!

  2. Jenny F. Scientist Says:

    My favorite pen is the boring black fine Uniball Signo but JetPens just tried to sell me a sampler and I am very tempted.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      I found some new favorites via samplers… also a lot of pens I didn’t like as much as pens I already had. And now I have way too many nice pens. But I still want to buy a Uniball jetstream… (I think I had one before but it has disappeared and for an unaccountable reason none of the samplers I’ve ordered thus far included one).

  3. Bee Says:

    Well, I definitely have a fountain pen over $500… but my partner got it for me as a college graduation gift so I’m guessing he’s cool with that! Ha. I don’t see buying any more that are that expensive though. (And the grad pen is *literally* irreplaceable since I couldn’t replace its sentimental value, so it does not leave the house.)

    I’m loving all the writing supply thoughts.

  4. omdg Says:

    This morning, I got an hour and a half of deep work done on a project that I’ve been putting off for months!
    GO ME!!!!

    This was no small task as I had a LOT of distracting emails this morning. Statistician emailed to let me know they messed up power calculation (third time — I caught the problem the first two times) for an analysis that we sent to the client a week ago, and then wanted to video chat with me about why it wasn’t actually a problem, even though we now need 5-10 times as many subjects, which exceeds the number we have in some cases.

    (primal scream)

    (and no, that wasn’t the only irritating email)

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      Wooo! Yay deep work!

      Right now I’m having a back and forth with someone about my assertion that any test that corrects for false positives strengthens null results. Which I put in the paper because some previous referee said to reject the paper because we didn’t correct our null results for multiple inference testing. (Pulls hair out.) Maybe everyone needs to do a Bonferroni correction by hand before they’re allowed to get a PhD.

      • Omdg Says:

        I’m in so much pain reading that. Omg. I never present corrected results in my table. I just say what’s significant in the text (and say that is what I did). I try to assume my reviewers have brains, but maybe that is expecting too much?

      • Jenny F. Scientist Says:

        Let me share once again my all time favorite review, received by a postdoc in my grad lab on a math-heavy modeling/cell dynamics paper:

        “I didn’t understand your paper, so I didn’t read it.”

    • Alice Says:

      Oh, Jenny F. Scientist. You called to mind my worst early-career manager, who once came after me for a punctuation thing she thought I’d used incorrectly. When I told her the usage rule I was following, she immediately pivoted to, “In that case, you’re still wrong because it’s too advanced for the audience.”

      She also told me that she was deliberately writing my performance review to prevent me from getting an early promotion– she could tell from my prior reviews that I would have been up for one otherwise.

      She was utterly miserable to work under. I’m so glad that job is now part of the distant past.

  5. First Gen American Says:

    My husband collects fishing lures and the best part about it is they don’t take up as much space as books or toys. The fountain pen habit is a great way to resolve your collector itch without taking up a lot of space in your house. I’d embrace it.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      I don’t think he’ll be getting more any time soon. Inks, otoh, are another story. Right now that collection is taking up about a third of a bookshelf, stacked back to front. He may have to get one of those paper swatches on a ring that jetpens sells to keep them catalogued.

  6. Steph Says:

    The day is almost over, but I got this link from one of the authors on the list:
    Apparently a bunch of authors put their books up for free today. Jackie Lau is the only one I’ve actually read, but I snagged a few more that seemed interesting

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