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The Minnesota Zoo camp hasn’t been as good as the two NIU camps DC2 went to (it hasn’t been bad, but there have definitely been long stretches that aren’t very engaging where the person running it just kind of talks for a while).  If you have a middle-schooler, these virtual STEAM camps have been really great.  I am very glad we have another NIU camp next week, and DC2 hopes it is “second best” since zie doesn’t think that a camp could get any better than the RPG camp zie went to earlier this summer (there’s another RPG class next week if you have a kid who wants to try– the guy in charge was FANTASTIC and they got to design their own mini-fig that he printed out for them and mailed, on top of them learning interesting things about the craft of storytelling and the histories of archetypes and so on, and doing fun improv stuff, and of course getting to play an RPG game).

And here’s an activism request:  We need the country out protesting for voters rights.  Please please during the next two weeks if you can, see if there’s a protest in your area.  The one DH and DC1 went to last week had a lot of people.  We need that all over the country.  We also need you to make calls to your senators, whether you’re in a red or blue state (yes it matters!  If there’s enough outpouring Blues will go stronger and Reds will go weaker.)  If there aren’t any or you can’t go, (or even if you’re planning on going), consider donating money to causes that support voting rights.  But none of those donations are going to make anywhere near as much of a difference as getting rid of the filibuster and passing the For the People Act will.  I’m not sure I can really get across how frightening and important this is to someone who isn’t living in a state that just got stripped of voting rights.  The future is a world of state legislatures passing laws that everyone can carry a gun without a license (which will make it easier to bring guns to blue states!), women won’t have reproductive rights, and LGBT harassment will be legislated.  If you’re living in a Blue state, that may seem hyperbolic, but if you’re living in a red state, that’s just the reality of the past couple months.

13 Responses to “Link love”

  1. Tinkering Theorist Says:

    We were registered for the same RPG camp! But we moved to the one next week, too bad we missed you and glad it was awesome!

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      DC2 is still gushing about it two camps later. And zie has been painting hir figurine. Zie wants to have an rpg birthday party now (zoom) so we got um… don’t be evil? I have to look up the name.

      • nicoleandmaggie Says:

        No thank you, evil.

      • Tinkering Theorist Says:

        Not sure if they were using a particular platform at camp but Roll20 is good to function as the board and dice part of it for lots of RPGs when playing on zoom.

      • nicoleandmaggie Says:

        At camp they’re using D&D straight up, though there’s a bunch of improv like stuff before that as well as some theory. The guy in charge is a huge nerd which adds an additional layer of delight.

      • Tinkering Theorist Says:

        I’m so excited about this camp now! A friend is playing Ironsworn with his kids and apparently it is good for a one off game where not everyone is super familiar with RPGs ahead of time.

      • nicoleandmaggie Says:

        They did the same Star Wars archetypes exercise that DC1 did last semester in high school English. :). Having a working knowledge of the original Star Wars and Harry Potter will help with the theory stuff.

        We will check our ironsworn!

      • TinkeringTheorist Says:

        It’s starting Monday, I’ll let you know!

      • nicoleandmaggie Says:

        Ah! Got the weeks mixed up!

        Also Minecraft programming was a hit this week.

      • TinkeringTheorist Says:

        When I asked about it throughout the week I got mostly teenager responses (yes, fine, I don’t know) but I do think he really liked it. I asked him if he would go again if he had the chance, and I got a very enthusiastic yes. :) I also really liked the leader!

      • nicoleandmaggie Says:


        DC2 liked Steam art this week but I was really unimpressed—the guy in charge may not have even had a full hour of class each day and canceled the 2:30 sessions the last three days of camp. There were only three kids, but still…. But the Minecraft camp last week was great. Next week we’re back to the Minnesota zoo.

  2. rose Says:

    Blue stater where just a few yrs back a petition to make it legal to shoot & kill a person on the street if you THINK they MIGHT be LGBTQ got enough signatures to qualify for voter approval……. but the Attrny General stood up and quashed it…… clearly in a red state it would have been approved and obvs…….
    Thank you for continuing to bring up the topic!
    Enjoy hearing about your DCs and Camps.

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