Ask the grumpies: Books for people who liked Addie LaRue?

minca asks:

I loved Addie LaRue—anyone have suggestions in that vein? The author’s other books seem more fantasy/sci-fi, which isn’t typically my thing.

Jenny F Scientist replies:

You might like P. Djeli Clark’s recent books about djinn in a magical pseudomodern Cairo!

Books like this one recommends these.  IIRC, Cloud Atlas is TERRIBLE, so I’m not sure about the quality of the others.

Goodreads recommends these, but I don’t think they’re very good matches.  Some good stuff in there (shoutout Martha Wells), but I don’t see how they’re related at all.

Literature and movies suggests another odd set of readalikes.

Bibliode’s list includes The Time Travelers Wife which was my first thought, but that book is pretty out of date and kind of racist and depressing, so maybe not?

Here’s a list of recommendations from people at reddit.  And another one. And another.  There may be even more.

Grumpy Readers, do you have book recommendations for minca?



7 Responses to “Ask the grumpies: Books for people who liked Addie LaRue?”

  1. delagar Says:

    If you like Addie LaRue, you might like Claire North’s The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August, and Kate Atkinson’s Life after Life. Or both! They’re not exactly like Addie, but they’re excellent.

  2. teresa Says:

    The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern and The Ten Thousand Doors of January by Alix Harrow both have a similar feel to Addie LaRue and are great in their own right.

  3. accm Says:

    The Starless Sea (also Erin Morgenstern) is better than The Night Circus, IMO. 10000 Doors bothered me a bit because it isn’t own-voices, but the ideas were similar to the Starless Sea in many ways and the book was mostly enjoyable. Other similar-ish books would be Eternal Life (Dara Horn), which was OK but didn’t leave me rushing to read her other books, and This is How You Lose the Time War, but honestly it just felt kind of pretentious to me. So maybe not recommendations, exactly! The Sudden Appearance of Hope (also Claire North) was interesting but fairly violent.

  4. teresa Says:

    I liked Starless Sea too but not as much as Night Circus *shrug* (I don’t think you’d go wrong with either). Weirdly I read Starless Sea and Ten Thousand Doors around the same time and for some reason kept thinking Ten Thousand Doors felt more like a second Morgenstern book. Couldn’t say why.
    After sleeping on it, I would also add Girl, Serpent Thorn by Melissa Bashardoust and The Bird King by G Willow Wilson (also not own voices though, to be fair). Piranesi by Susanna Clarke also keeps coming to mind. I thought it kind of dragged but a lot of other people seem to like it.

  5. minca Says:

    Thanks for the sleuthing and crowd sourced counsel! Based on recommendations and immediate library availability, I’m starting with Life After Life, Versions of Us (I did love both Sliding Doors and Serendipity) and The Starless Sea, with several others on the shortlist to follow.

    I wasn’t familiar with “Books Like This One”, and that seemed a good barometer—will check it out more. I read “How to Stop Time” while waiting for “Midnight Library,” it was “meh” for me—but I’m still interested and waiting on Midnight Library. DH also liked Addie and Daisy Jones, and our local shop recommended David Mitchell’s Utopia Ave, so the list (and corroboration here!) felt like good concentric circles of interest.

    I’d be happy to report back if at all of interest. Now to browse your archives for recommendations for bibliophile 6-year-olds…

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