I bought an iphone 12 mini

In what should come as no surprise to regular readers, I finally replaced my iPhone 6s with a newer phone.  After DH’s first paycheck and several reimbursements, the phone would just get hot and it lost an additional 2 percentage points of battery power (from 84% of full charge to 82% of full charge) and I said screw it, I’m not waiting until the iPhone 13 comes out in September.

I have small hands, so my choices (assuming I didn’t want to research another brand) were basically an iPhone 12 mini or an SE.  Because we’re rich again, I was like, enh, I’ll get the more expensive one.  Hopefully it will last longer.

In a burst of whimsy I went with a pastel color instead of my usual black.  It will match my wardrobe and be easier to find on my desk.  128GB not because I think I’ll ever use that much, but because I don’t want to run out just in case.

Tom’s guide to hardware said the best case was the Apple clear case ($45), so I got that instead of the Spigen cases we usually get.  One stop shopping at the apple store…

I also needed new earbuds (for traveling) since the old ones don’t have the right kind of plug– I got the cheap Apple kinds again for $20.

As per usual, we got glass covers for the screen.

I also had to get a new SIM card because the old one didn’t support 5G.  (Usually $1.00, but they sent it for free when the one on my old phone didn’t work.  Yay Ting!)

All told it was just under $1,000.  Which is a LOT for a phone!  I had better not lose it.  Argh, if I’d remembered I could lose it I would have gotten an SE!  Oh well.

My hope is to take my current iPhone 6S once it has been wiped to the non-authorized apple store in town and get the battery replaced so that DC2 can use it in the future.  I think we’re going to start hir with a dumb phone (these are surprisingly hard to find!) and if zie is responsible with it for a few months, then zie can use my old phone.  We’ll see.

So far I like the 12 mini, though there were some troubles getting the dual authentication program for my school to transfer, but I eventually got that resolved.  The phone itself is skinnier than the 6S which is a little uncanny valley but I got used to it pretty quickly.  It claims to have a bigger screen, but I think for youtube and other similar videos it does not because those videos don’t fit the entire window because the window box, while longer without the borders of the 6S, is still skinnier.  I am enjoying the battery not dying after an hour of internet surfing and the way that it’s just faster at everything.  I also feel like the autocorrect is slightly less stupid, but my IRL friends say I’m just imagining that.  I’m getting used to swipe-typing instead of hunt and peck typing.

(Also in a burst of whimsy when I was buying the kids the next size up in tennis shoes, I got these for me even though the last two times I tried to order nice shoes online it was a disaster and I swore I would try them on in a store the next time.  But they worked this time!  And that’s a really good price for Pikolinos boots!  And my old brown boots, also Pikolinos Le Mans but half boots, are literally falling apart at the heels, so these won’t go to waste.  Not a sponsored link.)

Are you gonna get an iPhone 13?  Do you like big phones or small ones?  Apple or something else?

31 Responses to “I bought an iphone 12 mini”

  1. Omdg Says:

    New phone – exciting! Looking forward to stories about how it has changed your life! 😜. Will be following closely as my phone will be two years next January and is therefore due to self destruct soon…

  2. Mary Says:

    Yay for the new phone!

    Question: my kids (a year or so older than DC2) probably should have phones pretty soon. What dumb phone do you recommend?

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      The big limiting factor with dumb phones is what your carrier allows. We have Ting so we got a list of phones that works with them (nontrivial these days—mostly one reads Reddit posts with people asking questions, previously you could buy one from them). But we’ve been told that Ting will be making changes in the near future that will further limit the kinds of phones it allows. That combined with DC2 hopefully not needing a phone because we put hir in after school care means we’re putting off the phone decision another couple years.

  3. FF Says:

    I made the opposite decision from yours when replaced my 5-year-old iPhone 6 last December with the SE (also 128 GB)–I couldn’t justify spending so much more on the mini, especially when my income was way down due to the pandemic. I traded in my iPhone 6 for credit toward the purchase to lower the price a bit more, and I bought it with the Black Friday discount (I think $50)–at least my phone was dying at a convenient time of year– so it was a bit cheaper still. I’m pretty happy with the SE 2020 so far. When you wait 5 years between phones, even the cheaper one is bound to be a huge improvement.

    I still haven’t bought new earbuds or headphones–I found the Apple earphones that came with my previous iPhones uncomfortable, so I’m skeptical about whether I would like AirPods/AirPods Pro (and also wouldn’t lose them). I haven’t really looked into (cheaper) alternatives from other brands.

    My phone also came with a free year of Apple TV+, which I don’t think I would have otherwise tried, but I have enjoyed a few shows.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      If I’d done it last December I would also have gotten the SE! Or DH would have gotten a 13 and I would have gotten his 8.

      I only use the earphones when traveling and when I need them (which is rare but occasionally happens at airports or on the plane) I need them. So comfort isn’t all that important, though maybe I’d use them more if they were comfortable!

      We haven’t accepted the Apple TV offer yet. I don’t really watch anything longer than 20 min Youtube videos, but I thought DH might enjoy something. So far he hasn’t been interested yet.

      • FF Says:

        My sense is that the pickings on Apple TV+ are fairly slim (although growing) but of generally good quality. That being said, it took me about a month after starting my free trial to actually watch anything. And I have the unsubscribe-by date on my calendar, although I will hold off on deciding whether or not to cancel until closer to the end of my free year.

        So far I’ve watched (and enjoyed) The Morning Show, Ted Lasso, Wolfwalkers, and Mythic Quest. I’ve also watched a few episodes of Trying. Much to my surprise since I’ve never played online games, Mythic Quest has been my favorite so far–it’s essentially a workplace show in an unusual workplace. If DH is into science fiction, I’ve also heard that For All Mankind (alternative history space race) is good, but I haven’t watched it myself. If your kids like animated movies, I recommend Wolf Walkers–the story is a bit thin (at least from an adult POV) but the animation is beautiful–it’s the same group that did The Secret of Kells and Song of the Sea.

      • nicoleandmaggie Says:

        Good to know! I will relate these recommendations to DH.

      • teresa Says:

        Small quantity but good quality is a good summary.
        Ted Lasso was my favorite show on any platform in the past year. Dickinson is also good, and my husband really likes For All Mankind and Servant. I meant to watch Mythic Quest at some point but haven’t yet.

  4. Lisa Says:

    I also got a 12 mini in the past few months as a replacement for my old 6S. I almost went with the SE because of the home button. Turns out, I really do like the face recognition. It’s scary good, I can glance over at my phone on my desk and it’ll wake up. One word of warning, although it sounds like you might already be protected. I’ve NEVER had a phone cover nor have I had problems with my previous iPhones. But although the screens of the 12s are some sort of special military grade glass, the backs are just regular glass, and I broke mine within a few days of having it. So I had to get a glass cover and then a full cover so that the stupid back won’t sliver and kill me slowly. Which was annoying, because I also got a fun color instead of my regular black. I ended up getting a nice apple cover that is the same color as the phone and I like it OK. But that cheap back glass – grrr! Otherwise I’m pretty happy with the 12 mini.

  5. Matthew D Healy Says:

    DW and I will be forced to get new phones before 2022 because we’re Sprint customers and T-Mobile (who acquired Sprint a while back) is going to turn off its old Sprint signal at the end of the year.

    Not that we wanted new phones…

  6. teresa Says:

    I’m guilty of getting new phones way way more often than needed and thought about the 12 mini for the smaller size and colors but then decided against it because of decreased camera capability. I got a new case instead. I’d like to say I’m waiting to see if the 13s are really all that different to the 11s, but realistically there’s a high chance I’ll be talked into getting one.

  7. accm Says:

    My (free replacement after battery death a few years ago) 6 is still hanging in there, so….

  8. revanche @ a gai shan life Says:

    The shoe link is broken.

    I very much do not want to go back to Apple, I like Android, but that means my options for replacements are not great. My Pixel 2 is way too big for my hands and I only got this because I wanted to get used to dealing with it before getting PiC one and then he ended back in the iOS environment and it’s all wackadoo now. I don’t think there is a good Android replacement option of the right size for me now but annoyingly also I’ve gotten spoiled by loving the bigger screen for viewing. I just dislike it for one handed use which I need with an infant.

    We got PiC the SE and I went with the 256 Gb with the goal of never having to clear out his memory/storage again for the lifetime of the phone. I’ll back up stuff but I don’t want to have to keep clearing it, like I’m now having to do with my 64 Gb phone. I have some regrets on that score. Who knew we’d have to rely on apps so dang much in 2021?

    Ooh with the mini you should have Night Sight on your phone which is pretty cool.

  9. CG Says:

    DH gets a new iphone through his company every year or maybe even more often than that. So we have a complicated hand-me-down chain through our parents and our children, which is great since then we all get new phones reasonably often. But that means I usually have little choice because I just take his most recent castoff. I currently have the 12 mini and like it. It fits in my pocket a lot better than the increasingly large phones he had been getting. I can’t type accurately on it but I couldn’t on the bigger phone either. Apparently the mini is not selling well and they may discontinue it, so I need it to last! I don’t want to go back to a giant phone again!

    Two of our kids now have phones, which they each got when they were about to enter 6th grade. They ride their bikes to middle school and now high school and stay after for activities and are generally just out in the world a bit more (for example, they go downtown on their own to the library or to get their hair cut) so it’s convenient for them and for us to be able to communicate. Our strategy has been to first give them an ancient 5c that belonged to one of my parents. We disable everything but texting, calling, and weather at first. Our oldest, about to be a freshman, now has Safari and a couple of game apps like Pokemon Go. Our middle just got his phone so its functionality is still very limited. He is much more likely to try to get around rules than his older brother is so we may keep his restrictions longer.

  10. bethh Says:

    I replaced mine last summer -went from the iphone 6 to the 2020 SE. The size is identical but I had to get a new case b/c the camera was a tiny bit different. I prefer a smaller phone that will fit in a pocket, though some of my online reading is almost totally obscured by video and pop-ups and other annoyances; I’ve wondered if they’re all designed with a bigger screen in mind.

    Androids require far too many decisions, so I’m in the apple universe unless they get really egregiously bad.

    I’m another rec for Ted Lasso. It is sweet, and funny, and moving, and so affirming. Highly recommend. S2 comes out soon and I’m hoping I can cram it before my free year ends.

  11. First Gen American Says:

    That reminds me that I have to check when I am due for an upgrade. I get a very good corporate discount on company phones on one level down from the latest model so that’s what I usually get. I don’t need or want to switch phones but with 5 people in the family with iPhones now, I need to get better at upgrading when it’s time so we have spares for when one breaks or dies or gets lost. Usually end of life on the battery tends to be the killer for us and aftermarket batteries don’t really fix the problem.

    My vision is crap these days so I prefer a bigger phone. I also think it’s easier to type on.

  12. SHU Says:

    I also have a 12 mini! It has not changed my life but the photos are great!

  13. undine Says:

    Still have an iPhone 6s.

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