Link love

My kids did menu planning and grocery ordering this week.  What did they choose for their menu? (Amazon links are affiliate.)
Cheese pupusas from My First Cookbook (ATK)– DC2 will be making these today with a side of grocery store slaw without the dressing and I got a hankering for plantains and plan to fry some up.
Chicken Tenders (they were going to make these, but then we realized we could just buy them already made from the freezer section. I’ll probably insist on a salad underneath.)
Black olive pizza from Williams Sonoma Pizza
Spicy Chinese pork from quick and easy Korean — DC1 will be making this tomorrow
Fancy fish in foil from my first cookbook (ATK)
Baked Macaroni and Cheese from my first cookbook (because DC2 has to try every macaroni and cheese recipe ever created).

A woman’s personal experience with the discriminatory nature of Voter ID laws.  Please call your senators (again)!

TERFs and racists ruin everything.

This article takes forever to get to the point, but if you remember those mysterious Chinese seeds? (If you don’t, then read the article, it recaps it at LENGTH.)  tl/dr: Everyone who the reporter contacted found a forgotten previous seed order from Amazon from months prior.  Great investigative reporting, but needed some trimming.

I want this.

One Response to “Link love”

  1. revanche @ a gai shan life Says:

    I was tempted to ask for a spoiler on the seed article because I don’t want to wade through the backstory 😁

    Terfs and racists are the worst.

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