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The news has been pretty awful.  I’m not sure what actions to recommend.  I’m sorry guys.  :(

DC1 has been exposed to Covid in class 4x in 3 different classes (most recently in BC Calc), but so far no symptoms (*crosses self*).  One of my friends had a daughter exposed at the university daycare this week and said daughter had standard toddler cold symptoms so they tried to get her a covid test but had to wait two days for an appointment.  Everywhere in town that gives covid tests (other than the university, but being a student at the daycare doesn’t count for access to that) was booked up for more than a day.  Even urgent care couldn’t get her a test without an appointment.  Which means cases aren’t being detected.  Home tests are also sold out pretty much everywhere.  Speaking of undercounts, the local news reports that the death count in our county is undercounted by a couple dozen or so because it’s missing the deaths in our county that were reported directly to the state.  There were 10 new deaths yesterday, which is a record for our county, and includes a couple of young adults.  Test positivity is 8.5% even though the required testing from the university should be driving that number down.  Most people in my first class this week didn’t wear or in many cases even bring masks, but masked up as I individually pleaded with them and provided disposable masks.  My second class pretty much all came in masked, and those who didn’t masked up on their own without me having to say anything, which I am grateful for.

People who opt out of shots should have to pay penalties.

There’s no escape from Facebook even if you don’t use it.

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  1. revanche @ a gai shan life Says:

    I think it’s a terrible idea for health insurers to get in on punishing the vax refusers because they only do things for their own benefit and it won’t be long before they find ways through that loophole to screw the rest of us but otherwise yes I am so sick of people who can get vaxxed refuse to for all kinds of reasons. I’m feeling very estranged from one part of my family which had more than a few vax refusers and it’s frustrating as hell.

    Actions: I’m not sure either but I think donating to Center for Repro Justice is one thing on my list for this weekend, as well as abortion funds.

    • revanche @ a gai shan life Says:

      Center for Reproductive RIGHTS I mean.

      This was from July so I don’t know what’s going on with it now:

      I think badgering the MoC and White House about taking action NOW to legislatively protect our repro rights might be a way to go. I’m so sick of this. It feels like they think their campaign promises were to be a little less bad than the other guys.

      • teresa Says:

        That specific case was about enjoining the law pending challenges to the law itself and is what we’ve been hearing about in the news. So now the law is in effect but the same groups will go ahead with challenging the actual law.
        Congress could help by passing the Women’s Health Protection Act (which has been introduced I don’t know how many times previously- it was the focus of a lobby day I participated in >5 years ago). The House is supposed to vote on it but it will go nowhere in the Senate without a filibuster change. So I guess maybe I do have an action- tell your representative to support the Women’s Health Protection Act and your senators to push for filibuster elimination or reform.

    • Steph Says:

      Yeah, I am also worried about setting a precedent by punishing anti-vaxxers. Given the ways that medical bias already affects so many minoritized groups (BIPOC, fat people, LGBTQ people especially trans people, etc), I can see this becoming a new version of pre-existing conditions. “Oh, well you didn’t get a physical last year [because you were too poor or worked too much or your doctor makes non-stop fatphobic comments], so now we don’t have to cover your care this year.” It would be really nice to make the anti-vaxxers pay somehow, but in the long run I think it’s a bad idea.

      • nicoleandmaggie Says:

        I agree with that when it comes to paying for actual medical care but also think it makes sense to equate not getting a vaccine with having to pay an additional amount each month for insurance if you’re a smoker (while also covering smoking cessation programs).

      • Omdg Says:

        They charge people who smoke more for insurance. Charging more for not getting vaccinated makes a lot of sense. Only problem is that it affects white men, primarily, and God forbid we penalize them in any way for anything.

      • nicoleandmaggie Says:

        It’s a lot easier to get a vaccine than to quit smoking too. At least in the US.

  2. teresa Says:

    I don’t have specific non-financial actions for people who aren’t either physicians and/or in TX but if people are looking to donate:
    To support abortion funds in TX (helping people access care early in TX; mixed information on if they can help people leave TX for care):
    To support abortion funds generally or to find a specific fund you want to support, NNAF is a good clearinghouse:
    ACCESS is a CA fund but will help pregnant people travel from TX to CA for care:
    To support freestanding (non-PP, non-hospital) clinics, which are especially key in the South:
    and also NAF, which supports providers and independent clinics:
    NAF has specific funds for Texans:
    To support the legal groups fighting the law:
    -The Lawyering Project
    -The Center for Reproductive Rights
    -ACLU of Tx
    (Also PPFA and the national ACLU but more people know and will donate to those)
    FWIW my family planning colleagues in TX have asked people to NOT boycott TX businesses or lobby for businesses to leave TX in response to the law, saying it would be counterproductive

  3. Matthew D Healy Says:

    I have begun speaking of The Texas Taliban. I can only hope this will FINALLY shock swing voters into realizing we have one tolerable party and one that is intolerable, but so much has already happened that should have made the GOP even less popular than Harvey Weinstein or Jeffrey Dahmer and they STILL seem likely to flip Congress in 2022 and I therefore dunno what it will take…

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      Maybe you should try doing some political action instead of spreading hopelessness?

    • teresa Says:

      Honestly, I understand the impulse but using the term Texas Taliban detracts from the fact that this is homegrown American Christian extremism and promotes Islamophobia. Call them what they are: right-wing/Christian/GOP extremists.
      And promote solutions to partisan gerrymandering. That would go a long way toward solving 2022.

  4. July & August & September Wrap Up | Stacking Pennies Says:

    […] a need. I donated to two abortion rights groups to help fight the Texas law and help women there (see the comment from “teresa” on this post for donation ideas). I also donated to a coworker’s fundraiser related to a bike ride for a medical condition […]

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