Late Link Love

I was very burned out on activism and had to take a break.  But it’s still really important to do.  Here’s some things you can do too.

Vote Forward is focusing on Virginia 2021.  They are planning to send out letters on October 16th.  If you have a printer you can start writing them now.  You can order stamps directly from the USPS here.

I don’t know if Postcards to Voters has any current campaigns, but they are a way to help boost turnout in local elections.

5calls gives phone numbers and prompts on important issues to call your senators and congressperson about.

about those ivermectin studies

A Gai Shan Life asks how do you know you’re rich?  (I don’t feel very rich right now, but I will on Thursday when I get my first paycheck for the year!  In fact, I think DH and I are *both* getting paid.)

Fioneers interviews Mr. 1500 about life after FIRE.

Do you still have trouble focusing?

At end of life, woman, 44, with ovarian cancer urges others to know symptoms

I’m not the only professor dying because undergrads don’t know where they put their files.




10 Responses to “Late Link Love”

  1. Debbie M Says:

    I loved the post on trouble focusing. I don’t have that symptom, but I’ve come to similar conclusions about why I started having so much trouble falling asleep. More exercise is definitely helping.

    On the wealth question, I find it a little sad that a Gai Shan Life (and me, too) define being rich as being able to afford all the basics and the occasional luxury even when you make a mistake. Shouldn’t that be what *everyone* has, now that our economy can produce so much more than we need?

    I found the cancer article extra depressing because not only am I crying for her and her family, she *was* paying attention to her symptoms *and* telling her doctors and it just didn’t work because the symptoms are vague and we don’t have good tests yet.

  2. middle_class Says:

    The file directory article is fascinating! I never thought that something so fundamental would need to be taught. However even at work, we are moving away from the concept of directories and folders. We are told to save everything in one drive. Yes these files should then be organized in files but I imagine it works differently. I can’t explain it but I still prefer old fashioned folders and files. It is harder for me to find items in the one drive. Gen Xer here…

  3. revanche @ a gai shan life Says:

    Wait first paycheck of the academic year or the calendar year?

  4. Omdg Says:

    The article on trouble focusing was interesting, particularly the part where it talks about how stress makes it hard to concentrate. I’ve been making an effort to take care of myself better (regular swimming, early bedtime and wake time even on weekends) and also largely trying not to interpret pithy comments people make as directed towards me. I also have been trying to avoid thinking about all the things I should be working on, which just stresses me out. The food… eh. I don’t eat that badly at baseline. Since I’ve started blocking out the voices telling me I’m lazy and ridiculous to get 9 (yes, 9) hours of sleep per night, or that I don’t deserve to swim because I didn’t get enough done, I have felt better a lot of the time, and *shocker* have been A LOT more productive.

    Anyway, I still use the phone too much and have tremendous difficulty putting it down. This article has inspired me to just put the gd thing away at 730 or 8. Also no more Handmaids Tale before bed. I think it may help even more.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      I need 9 hours if I used my brain hard that day but only 7 hours if I all I did was relax. My DC1 was the same way when small. I think there really is something to sleep being when the brain sorts through the day.

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