Ask the grumpies: favorite phone games/fun apps

Steph asks:

What are your favorite phone games/fun apps?

We really suck on answering this question.

#1:  No games because I am easily addicted.  The only apps I have are…

Google maps, yelp, uber/lyft, pdf expert, United, Family Tree (this is what happens when you hang out with economic historians), and then the stuff that comes with the iphone, like find friends and the podcast app.  Probably I use safari, google maps, and the podcast app the most.

#2:  Still does not have a cell phone.

Surely Grumpy Nation has more interesting cell phone usage than we do and has suggestions for Steph!

5 Responses to “Ask the grumpies: favorite phone games/fun apps”

  1. Leah Says:

    My favorite game is Leo’s Fortune. It’s a different sort of gameplay. It’s really fun; it’s also fairly challenging.

  2. nanani Says:

    Phone-first games are sadly all too often cursed – microtransactions, obligatory facebook link, or they just break on some update or other.

    That said, one that has consistently worked and is adorable is Neko Atsume – Kitty Collector.
    There’s not much actual gameplay. You set out food and toys, and next time you check the game there might be cats enjoying them. You can take screenshots,and get rewards from the cats to buy more toys with.
    A good way to kill some wasted moments while standing in line.

  3. bookishbiker Says:

    I half-hoped to get good referrals here, and half-hoped NOT to. I often look at my phone and wish I had more entertainment on it. I subscribe to the NYT crossword and am on a 600+ day streak (Jan 19 2020 was my last undone day) and am working my way through the archives (I’m back to early 2016 right now). I also have solitaire for mindless times. That’s really all I need, I’m sure.

  4. accm Says:

    NYTimes Spelling Bee. Various sudoku apps (passé, maybe, but still fun to me).

  5. mnitabach Says:

    I love using the Google Maps app & enjoy browsing around my time-line from past visits to other cities/countries. I also love the Talon third-party Android app for Twitter. And I use Google Voice to text communicate w my wife & some very close friends. I guess it shld bother me that Google & other enormous corporations & the US govt know everything I think & say & do on a moment by moment basis, but that horse is so far out the barn I’m just not able to really care. Good thing I’m not an international spy or whatever! 😹 😹 😹

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