• DC1 is currently in the top 4% of hir class.  Not quite ranked #2 like my friend’s son in the class above but not so bad for a 14 year old junior who keeps getting Bs in English.
  • By not being in my office much and not traveling at all (other than that one seminar) and not being in *charge* of any service responsibilities for a change, I have a lot more time to do work.  The problem is that it is hard to fill all that space with the brain-power and motivation to do actual work.  I think I am getting more done than I usually do but it just doesn’t *feel* like I am.  Of course, there’s also homeschooling DC2, which while not as disruptive as students or colleagues does take mental power.
  • I really need a new chair for my home office– after I added a purple pillow to help my nether regions, my old Aeron started doing a number on my back and we couldn’t figure out how to not do that, so I traded with DC1 and have a 2-position dorm-style chair (meaning you can easily lean back, no wheels), but sadly it has started to get uncomfortable.  I would get a copy of the fancy chair I have at work (a hand-me-down from an administrator when my ancient office chair literally fell into pieces), except it’s $1000+ and I still need to ball up a cardigan to get enough lumbar support.
  • New reported Covid cases are back down to the single digits and there have only been a handful at K-12.  We had a choice to either start DC2 back in regular school the second week of November (presumably after zie has had a single shot) or in January.  After some discussion we decided to go with January as being less disruptive and we wouldn’t have to worry about people bringing things home from Thanksgiving.
  • I sure hope the university requires that we all do testing before break again, either Thanksgiving or Winter break.  I have to wonder how much of the low numbers we’re currently having are real and how much are just people not getting tests.  My classes sound like a preschool with all the upper-respiratory stuff going on.  (Have they been tested?  I’m not allowed to ask!)
  • With the lower number of cases I wonder if I should try to go chair shopping.  I should probably still wait until DC2 has been fully vaccinated.
  • Update: false alarm:  we were back to high double digits of cases immediately after the lull
  • Now they’re varying between single digits and high double digits.  I wonder if people are no longer getting tested.
  • pretty much nobody is wearing masks anywhere anymore.  Is that rational?
  • my students are getting sick from all sorts of things.  Lots of strep throat this year which is bizarre.
  • None of my family (even DH) had read the phantom tollbooth which is unbelievable to me.  But it turns out DC1’s bookcase doesn’t have my old copy and nobody but me read it in school (Surely you’ve seen the movie, I exclaimed, it was on tv all the time!). I discovered this because DH was remarking on how much both kids love reading and rereading A barrel of laughs, a vale of tears and he wondered if he would like it.  And I said it was very like a James Thurber book (but less sexist) and did he like those.  He didn’t know, so I said, sort of in the style of Phantom Tollbooth, but not as close to that as to Thurber and DH had no idea what I was talking about.  So first I put one of the many library copies on our list but then realized no I needed us to have our own copy.  I caught DC1 reading it on the couch.
  • I literally just now realized that the author of a barrel of laughs was the illustrator of tollbooth.  (!)
  • DC1 couldn’t handle Goosebumps but DC2 is devouring the incredibly gruesome Grimm trilogy by Adam Gidwitz.  I am more like DC1!
  • DC2 has really been doing a lot of stuff independently during hir free-time.  Hir Spanish has improved a lot via overcome the barrier + watching shows in Spanish (currently Hilda and Netflix movies, previously Garfield and Captain Underpants) and reading books in Spanish.  Zie has also been doing science experiments and random crafts (the other day zie sewed together a medium-sized pillow out of nowhere, zie also picked and pressed a number of wildflowers) as well as art via youtube tutorial. There really is a lot of time wasted in K-12 regular school.  But we knew that.
  • we go to the library 3x/week to replenish DC2’s stash (we’re only allowed to have 25 books out at a time).  This week they recognized me and noted I always get there at the same time as their shipment from the other library.
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23 Responses to “RBOC”

  1. delagar Says:

    Our librarians know me too! I don’t even have to give them my card anymore, and the last time I was there, the young librarian remarked, “You only have six on hold today. What’s up?”

  2. mnitabach Says:

    My understanding (altho I’m obvs not an epidemiologist) is that the positivity rate of tests administered gives a decent sense for whether cases are being substantially undercounted. The rule of thumb I’ve heard is that 5% positives is kind of the line. So states w positivity rates of 2-3% are probably not grossly undercounting cases, while states in high single digits or higher are probably missing a ton of cases.

  3. nicoleandmaggie Says:

    Any readers from NY, PA, and contiguous states:
    Post-cards to voters https://postcardstovoters.org/ has campaigns that need postcards written and mailed today.

    From their email:
    ► Final Day to Write and Mail
    We have two lists in NY and one for PA which are all for Nov. 2 elections. If you live in the same state or in an adjacent state, you can write and mail your postcards today and they will arrive by Saturday or Monday at the latest.

    The two campaigns in NY are:
    The Hudson Valley GOTV campaign
    We’re writing to Democrats urging them to vote for ALL Democrats on their local election ballots. We are over 52% complete. With so many of our amazing volunteers living in NY, NJ, VT, MA, CT, and PA, we can finish this list today.

    Nadia Holubnyczyj for Nassau County Legislator
    Our second NY campaign down to the wire is for Nadia, a long-time Postcards to Voters volunteer who is running to make history on the county government. If you’re in NY, NJ, VT, MA, CT, or PA, you can make a winning difference for her if you can mail your cards today, Wednesday the 27th.

    Local Election in Pennsylvania
    Five Democrats for Pennbridge School Board
    We’ve all seen examples of conservative extremists bringing chaos and misguided positions on masking and vaccines to local school board meetings. The Pennbridge School District in PA currently has GOP candidates in all 9 seats. But, 5 Democrats are running as a slate to restore balance. If you live in PA, NY, WV, DE, MD, OH, or NJ and can mail your cards today, they will arrive in time. Because it’s a local race, the list is not long at all and can be finished today.

  4. rose Says:

    ‘Home for the holidays’ will surely spread covid. Fingers crossed adding vaccines for younger children helps …. and that the boosters get in arms and ‘breakthrough’ cases decline.
    Thankful where I am people ARE still masking in public, currently almost at 84% today eligigble to be vaccined have complete the first two shots. Covid kills and appears to also create some serious very long term negative life consequences even for people with only the mildest of symptoms.
    Best wishes. Please stay safe.

  5. Angela Says:

    Have you asked at your library whether you can take out additional books if you are homeschooling?

  6. bookishbiker Says:

    How shocking that you had an entire HOUSE of people not familiar with Tollbooth!!!!! My sibling has done repeated readings to his almost-six-year-old even though it was/is very likely above their head in many ways. Still great for grounding.

    Any recommendations for non-scary/tense graphic novels for a five-year-old? I looked at Zita the Spacegirl and I thought it was okay, maybe a bit much/too soon, but I don’t want to wait another year or two. I’m excited to introduce the format of graphic novels/comics to a kiddo who’s starting to write their own stories.

  7. First Gen American Says:

    Well, all my happy assumptions about being in a highly vaccinated state just got shattered. I was at a work event in a restaurant and so far 6 people have tested positive for COVID. All are vaccinated.


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