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Aaron Rodgers lied about having been vaccinated.

How does this inspire this ?  (I stopped reading that blog when the influencer who runs it doubled down on giving free advertising to anti-LGBTQ+ Chick Fil A and when called out was repeatedly “both sides”ing homophobia vs something unusually nice Starbucks was doing that Fox News was demonizing or vs. Michelle Obama writing a book, but I’m weak about click-bait titles on blogrolls). I assure you, if I cared about photo books at all we would have them and ours would look fine for the same reason my spice rack and bookcases and closets are perfectly organized.  (Just reread the comments on that second-to-last blogpost… I had COMPLETELY forgotten that she’d allowed her daughter to participate in a neighborhood Halloween parade in Black-face Thriller Michael Jackson and then posted pictures of it on her blog, though she did take them down and replace them with non-Blackface versions as soon as someone pointed it out.  How does a person forget that? Cancel culture is not real.)

I would just like to point out that (SPOILER) the protagonist of the second OZ book written for children in 1904 is gender fluid (if it were written today, people would claim it was an allegory with TERFs as the villains of the book!).  Said OZ book was so popular that it was followed up by 12 more and the third OZ book has the name of the protagonist of the second OZ book as the title (though technically Dorothy is the protagonist of that book).  Mercedes Lackey can go suck the protagonist who had a bird love interest in one of her books or the protagonist in love with a horse.  Ozma is waaay more interesting.  AND L. Frank Baum never had to use rape as a plot device or character development!

this thread:  You mean that stabbing pain in my lungs when I run can be fixed?!?!

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  1. Miser Mom Says:

    My dad read us ALL the Oz books when we were kids. There’s a character in one of the later books (I can’t remember the name of the book or the character any more) who is NEVER referred to by a pronoun. Between that character and Ozma, I’ve always appreciate Baum for providing an alternative to the usual stereotypical gender roles in kid’s stories.

    There is, alas, the racism. Sigh.

  2. ZM Says:

    Best thing in that Peabody & Sherman tweet is Bandit, Australian father of the year. I love Bluey – best kids show ever. EVER.

  3. SP Says:

    That 2014 post from the other blog is super annoying to me, mostly because if is all about mom’s feeling inadequate and competing. And while she is genuinely trying to be encouraging (I guess, while also accusing you of being ‘defensive’?), I don’t get why it is mom’s/women focused and not just parents, or even just people. We all have things we care more about than others. It wasn’t a mommy war thing, why frame it that way? FWIW, I’m “meh” on photo books. I enjoy them somewhat, and recently ordered new printed photos in a custom size so I can properly populate LOs baby book. But they are also not Very Important and can be time consuming. I do them if I feel like (not often), and am happy with how they turn out, and would never be googling for improvement tips. If someone else prioritizes them more highly and gets more joy, great.

    Hooray Big Bird, booo to Aaron Rodgers.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      I don’t think my post is even particularly defensive… it’s just like people have different hobbies. More power to her but no I don’t ever wonder about how to do better at her hobby. Exactly—how is it a mommy war thing? And that’s a good point re: dads— DH is perfectly capable of doing photo books as well but he prefers electronic. Now that he has an Apple Watch he has it set to show photos of the kids that he likes. He’s also more likely to have his phone and thus more likely to be the one taking pictures. But her demo (thus her business) is moms who love anti-LGBT chick fil A and hate Michelle Obama apparently. People poisoned by the patriarchy.

      I wonder how my cheesehead MIL is taking the Aaron Rodgers thing. I’m guessing with stern disappointment and maybe a little midwestern anger about him endangering his team.

  4. Matthew D Healy Says:

    I posted a comment on Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s post basically saying “Mr. Abdul-Jabbar, I’m a virologist and I’m impressed by your understanding of my field.” Some replies to my comment were supportive; some not so much.

    There were also some racist comments on that post, especially because Kareem pointed out that this white quarterback who endangered other people is unlikely to experience anything like what happened to Colin Kaepernick.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      *thumbs up emoji*. Except the part with the racists. They suck.

      • Matthew D Healy Says:

        A friend who is a Philosophy Professor at Yale says Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is one of the most thoughtful prominent athletes of our time. My ignorance about most professional sports is profound (like I only know which two teams are in the Super Bowl when one of them is the Packers), so I don’t know much about what Mr. Abdul-Jabbar was saying before the pandemic. But he certainly seems to be saying wise things about the pandemic.

      • nicoleandmaggie Says:

        I think previously he was doing scholarly work on music and the Harlem renaissance? He was on the Colbert report a few times back in the day IIRC.

  5. omdg Says:

    FG was THAT butt hurt over a post you wrote in 2014 about how you didn’t make crazy photobooks each year? Like WHOA. Also interesting that she thinks not having an immaculate house is a “fault” and the only non-domestic thing she can think of that a woman could be good at is MAKING LOTS OF MONEY. OMG just I cannot. She just seems so… limited, like she isn’t even aware of what talents might exist outside of the home.

  6. Revanche @ A Gai Shan Life Says:

    I didn’t see anything defensive in your original post at all so I don’t know what she’s talking about. Weird. I think some people have issues with seeing themselves as more important than they are in other people’s minds (see: my post about being rich).

    I like photobooks but not enough to take time out for them right now. JB LOVES going through the hand made slapdash journal I made for them, scribbling in there whenever I could find five minutes and taping in photos, though so at least the thing I did bother with does matter.

    I’d like to have more time to do that stuff but not so much that I create a hell of clutter for myself.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      Maybe she can’t imagine a world in which anybody would not want to make perfect photo books unless they deep inside believed that they couldn’t? Everyone must share the priorities of the patriarchy! There are things that I probably will never be able to do no matter how hard I tried (triple axels, for example)… throwing digital pictures into one of those online picture book places is something I’m fairly sure I could figure out. I mean, we’ve done it for calendars and Christmas cards. They pretty much automate it for you. Currently mucking about with adobe acrobat to get MIL’s Christmas present into pdf form (deleting evidence of the binder clip we used to hold pages flat for Adobe Scan) so it can be printed at one of those places… we are considering having DC2 take over during hir downtime tomorrow.

      • teresa Says:

        This. I couldn’t figure out how she got from her first few paragraphs about all families are different blah blah to inadequacy and defensiveness- unless it’s because she really can’t wrap her head around someone (at least someone with a uterus?) not truly deep down wishing they had beautiful photo books. Like, she seems shocked you don’t look at your wedding album- it must be because it’s not pretty enough? (I also have a wedding album nobody looks at. I don’t think it ever occurs to me to look at it.)

      • nicoleandmaggie Says:

        It is a lovely wedding album, made with hand scrapbook techniques. How dare she malign my MIL’s craftiness! I’m just more forward oriented and DH is very in the moment oriented, and importantly: neither of us is trying to sell photo book packages.

      • omdg Says:

        OMG yes. If I had a dollar for every dumb woman who said something to me like, “Oh it’s so good that you realize that you just CAN’T cook and are NOT GOOD at cleaning or chores.” No. I literally never said that. I said I DON’T cook or care about having an immaculate house. I don’t enjoy either activity, so therefore I seek to minimize the extent I have to do them as much possible. I am 100% certain I’d be a great house cleaner and cook if I tried, but I prefer to focus my energies on other things. Maybe these women are so insecure that they need to feel like they have innate talents at something (cooking and cleaning) that we must lack? Gotta feel like they are winning at something I guess.

      • nicoleandmaggie Says:

        I am extremely good at cleaning… that’s one of the reasons I hate paying other people to do a substandard job. I’d rather live in squalor! Also very good at cooking, but so is DH and so are local restaurants…

        I guess my main thing with so many household chores is that they seem so pointless. I am so glad that nobody here cares if the beds are made and if they did they could make them themselves. (We do all make beds when we’re visiting or have company.)

      • omdg Says:

        “The ability to live with imperfection is a gift we should give all our daughters (and sons).”


        This goes for body image stuff too. So many women hate their bodies but then openly obsess over minor physical imperfections and behavioral micromanagement they are implementing in themselves, all while scolding us that we should never ever pass this down to our daughters. My mother, mercifully, left me relatively unburdened with either of these afflictions.

      • revanche @ a gai shan life Says:

        This is a reply to the below replies but I am actually laughing at your preference to live in squalor to paying someone to clean to a substandard level. That’s us 🤣 after our one cleaning experience, we’ve gone back to doing what we can when we can to skip the stress of paying someone to stress us out and not leave the place so much cleaner that it’s worth it. Because really really don’t climb on our floating vanity and stand on it! I’m terrified that thing will fall off the wall!

  7. Jenny F. Scientist Says:

    I read yours and it’s very “I don’t love photo books, but if they’re your thing, great!”. I stuff most of our photos into an online program and have them printed for the grandparents but I guess I never considered that it was part of my Brand (TM).

    (I also hate housework. The kids think mommy does the construction and daddy does the dishes and sweeping. Though I did vacuum the downstairs this week.)

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