Presents for people

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Sister:  She wanted a cutting board so I got her this one.  I also got her one of Nadiya Hussein’s cookbooks that we’ve been enjoying.  I feel like I should add something else because I usually spend more on her, but she hasn’t suggested anything yet and I haven’t been to her place since pre-pandemic so I have no idea what she needs.  DC2 wants to make her some kind of fresh marzipan art project, so zie has been experimenting with marizpan and ganache in preparation.  Recent discovery:  adding peppermint abstract to marzipan is *confusing* but if you pour melted chocolate over it it sort of kind of works?

Mother:  Amazon giftcard (all of the local bookstores have gone out of business again :/ )

DC1:  A boxed set of the Odyssey/Illiad/Aeneid (because zie really enjoyed Herodotus and suggested more Greek stuff, though I fear zie will be disappointed since Herodotus is hilarious), A hand-me-down Iphone 8 from DH because hir iphone 6 will soon not be working on our network and a new case with a hobby-related design to go with it, a Jacob’s ladder.  There’s also a birthday and DC1 will be getting drivers ed stuff and the awesome socks subscription that zie will probably not appreciate and will end up giving to DC2.

DC2:  Another chibi lights kit, a book on how to draw animals, metal straws for boba tea, whatever fiction books are still on hir wishlist after extended family has had a go at it.

DH:  As always zie gets 10x his weekly allowance added to his allowance.

Yes, DH’s family is doing gifts “only for children” but that mainly means we’re not exchanging adult gifts with SIL or her husband and sadly, BIL’s wife and I aren’t exchanging excellent novels off our respective wishlists (she has good taste so I used to do the shopping for her instead of DH).  But I can buy my own books!

MIL:  She filled out one those Grandmother tell me about your life books (we don’t actually like the linked one as much as this version that DH’s grandma did, but MIL chose the former) and we’re taking it to the local bindery and getting 3 copies made, one for each child.  Update:  because MIL chose the copy she chose rather than the version DH’s grandma did, the bindery said it would cost over $2K to do what we wanted.  So the new plan is that we scan in the pages ourselves, clean them up, and send the pdf to (not sponsored).  Three copies that way will come in under $200, ignoring labor costs, possibly under $100.  (DH has already done the scanning via Adobe Scan on the phone, but now we need to clean things up– this would have been so much cheaper if she’d chosen a book with rings instead of perfect binding.  If you have a relative doing one of these books who wants copies made, spend the extra money to get one where it’s easy to get the pages out for scanning!)

FIL:  Gift certificate to Cabellas as per usual.

BIL:  A three pack of heatonist hot sauces (link not sponsored!)  Probably Los Calientes, Classic, and Keith’s Chicken Sauce, but DH may surprise me.  Update:  Los Calientes, The Last Dab, and Keith’s Chicken Sauce.

SIL DS1:  Apples to Apples (from wishlist), Origami Yoda books

SIL DD1:  Two Llama Llama and two “If you give a ” books from wishlist (one of these was expensive!), Bad Kitty Goes to the Vet

SIL DS2:  An Octopus bath toy and a stacking cup/hammer station thing from wishlist, some sandra boynton books SIL said they don’t have,  Baby Danced the Polka

SIL DD2:  An electronic vocabulary thing from wishlist, some sandra boynton books SIL said they didn’t have, a Pigeon book they didn’t have (SIL was pretty excited about this one)

BIL DS1:  This kid is as impossible as ours to shop for.  By the time we hit November 6th, his other grandma had bought everything that was on his wishlist except a $30 set of sketchy looking back-ordered (and arriving after Christmas) what looked like off-brand lego minifigs that claimed to be action figures from a sketchy looking seller.  So… maybe just an amazon gift card?  Or cash?  Update:  Confirmed cash is the better option with BIL.

BIL DD1:  Sailor Moon board game expansion, a book on how to draw animals, and sailor moon reusable water bottle (all from wishlist).

Other relative:  DH was like, maybe I should get him hot sauces like BIL, but he probably doesn’t like hot sauce and would rather have the money.  So maybe just a check (Update:  A check).  My guess is that Steam is going to have some kind of fun sale and DH will buy whatever games for both BIL and his other relative.  But maybe not, since other relative’s arthritis means he’s not been playing the same kinds of games that DH likes.

Do you have any fun ideas for people on your gifting list?  Anything good on your wishlist?

25 Responses to “Presents for people”

  1. Turia Says:

    Full props for your choice of translator for the epics. Fagles is excellent.

  2. Leah Says:

    You can get a pigeon bath toy to go along with that pigeon book. Our eldest picked that out for baby’s first birthday. We are BIG Mo Willems fans here.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      We’ve already sent! (Except the cash money and gift cards.) It’s really easy to get gifts for SIL’s kids because they like books (I can ignore the make-up kits for the one year old…) and none of the other relatives want to buy them books.

  3. nicoleandmaggie Says:

    Update: I added a trio of Keith’s hot Sauces (not sponsored) from heatonist for my sister.

  4. omdg Says:

    Daughter wants fidgets and Robux for Christmas. Seems silly, but is so easy, so I am obliging.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      Every time DC1 broke something (mostly hinged things like the lid to ketchup) this year I added another fidget toy to hir Amazon wishlist. Zie is getting a lot of fidget toys from people.

  5. SP Says:

    We have that bath octopus for SIL DS2, and it only has 6 legs. :(

    Thanks for sharing your gift lists!

  6. CG Says:

    Can you elaborate on the driver’s ed stuff? We are approaching that season of our lives as well…

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      Our town doesn’t offer drivers Ed at the high school at all, so we have to pay to get classroom time before DC1 can get hir learners permit. It looks like the modal price is $60 for 7 hours online. Though we can pay $240 if we prefer to use the local driving school (driving instruction is extra). YMMV. DH favors doing some behind the wheel with a certified instructor and some with parents but I favor making sure zie gets hir learners permit before committing either way and if we do professional instruction it can wait until the summer.

  7. Jenny F. Scientist Says:

    I got the spouse a chili box from Rancho Gordo and then a bunch of interesting looking beans. Also, he loves those cotton quarter-zip sweaters, so I got him one from Lands End, along with some comfy sweatpants for the oldest kid and a pair of leggings for my mom. The other kids get a cheerful long-sleeve t shirt each. Also for all 3 kids: slipper socks, some Magic cards, a fancy chocolate bar, probably a crate of cheetos (I am not opposed to them but never buy them so this is a special treat), and I don’t know what else. Maybe we’ll take them out for sushi one of the days. We usually do eight small presents.

    I don’t think I actually want anything. Last year the spouse got me some very nice red leather gloves to replace the pair I’d worn out.

    (Hanukkah is in two weeks so, um, this is kind of the last minute for me).

  8. revanche @ a gai shan life Says:

    Not super exciting to other folks I’d guess but: I got some body scrub from Soap Distillery for friends on a recommendation from my friend, and I got clothes for the kids from On the side of the family with too many cousins (and I suspect too much STUFF), they’re all getting money gifts. I normally gift bottles of bourbon to my whisky loving friends but I’m skipping that research this year in favor of preserving my sanity.

    I also ordered a load of books from our local bookshop for JB and some of the smallest kids. That tapped out my brain.

  9. rose Says:

    November is gratitude month. Thank you for all the posting done here this year (and all the previous ones). You have made a positive difference for me.

  10. First Gen American Says:

    We’ve been really enjoying the game “codenames”. Fun for adults and kids and secretly teaches vocabulary and also helps you understand how others think. We did moms against kids at an away soccer tournament and it was funny how the moms got each other in a way the kids did not.

    We have a bunch of cell phones and accessories on the list. [MIL and older son]. Both have phones that don’t hold their charge anymore and are old models. We seem to be constantly wearing out wired earbuds. The kids take those on the bus because they don’t need charging and less likely to lose them.

  11. Lisa Says:

    We’re only just getting started, but I went for subscription gifts for the parents. Got my Dad a subscription to “Dear Holmes” – it looks really fun and I’m kind of coveting it for myself. You get weekly letters (in the mail!) from Sherlock Holmes filling you in on a case he’s working on. At the end of the month you can write back in with your solution to the problem before he sends you a letter with the solution. I’m hoping it’s a hit.

  12. nicoleandmaggie Says:

    I completely forgot I ordered a twoset violin shirt for DC1. It came today. :) Zie will probably like it better than the socks.

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