What we buy every week at the grocery store

We buy lots of other stuff each week, but those items tend to vary much more.

Our current grocery store allows us to have a list of items that we press a button and they get added to the week’s shopping without us having to hunt them down individually.

I thought it might be mildly interesting to share what’s on our “DH’s list” (that is, what we get every week).  Occasional substitutions are in parentheses.

100% Whole Wheat Bread

Organic Heavy Whipping Cream 16oz (this is often not in stock, so I play roulette so that we have it on hand when we need it)

Organic Milk 1 gal (generally we alternate this with half a gallon, depending on how much teenage DC1 is drinking)

Organic sliced colby jack

Organic sliced pepper jack

Organic unsalted butter

one dozen eggs (we don’t always eat 12 eggs in a week but sometimes we’ll need more than 12 so it evens out… if we have 3 dozen or more in the fridge I skip this)

organic bananas

garlic pod (if we have 2 of these I skip it)

organic ground beef (if we have one of these in the freezer I skip it)


muesli (DC1 and I eat this for breakfast.  DH tends to buy grapenuts every other week so it’s not on the list and he also gets random other stuff.  DC2 prefers savory breakfasts.)

two dozen cans of store-brand fizzy water (flavor varies each week).

All told it comes to between $40 and $50 each week depending on what that week’s sales are.  (Swapping from organic to regular on the butter and on the ground beef would save at least $5.)

And that’s what we get every week.  Is there anything that you get every week? What are your regulars?

12 Responses to “What we buy every week at the grocery store”

  1. Coree Says:

    We get eggs and dairy milk delivered on Mondays, and try and do a big order of long-life oatmilk every month or so. We typically go to our local farm shop for the staples at the weekend- pink lady apples, cucumbers, tomatoes, bananas, peppers, spinach, pasta, pasta sauce, mushrooms, beans, taco ingredients, sausage/bacon (from the pigs raised on site). And then I’ll cycle to Aldi for cheese, yoghurt, vegan yoghurt, rice, top up of veg, during the week but I’m limited here in what I can fit in my baskets.

  2. middle_class Says:

    Mine are: yogurt, oat milk, bread, and then a variety of fruits and vege

  3. accm Says:

    My standing order (which I can remove things from as needed) contain 2 4-l jugs of milk, 1 dozen eggs, apples, pears, zucchini, broccoli, kale, mini carrots, cucumber, peppers, cherry tomatoes, ground beef (every 2 weeks). I’ve had bread and yogurt on there at times, but in general don’t want to eat the same kind of bread every single week, and our yogurt consumption has been highly variable lately. Cream and buttermilk as needed, onions, garlic, and celery every few weeks. Good salted-caramel chocolate finds its way onto the order often enough that it maybe ought to be part of the standing order!

  4. CG Says:

    Every week or at least every other week: Milk, whole wheat bread (although I’ve been making it in our bread machine recently), apples, pears, bagels, eggs, canned whole tomatoes, boneless skinless chicken thighs, cheese, fish, lunchmeat, chocolate, kale, green beans, yogurt.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      We used to do apples every week, but since I’ve been home I just don’t eat them as much. Next semester! Plus I like getting whichever organic version is cheapest which isn’t always gala, but it usually is. We should probably add lunchmeat since DC1 has been leaning towards that for lunch and sometimes we forget, but this week zie said zie didn’t want it so…

      • CG Says:

        Our kids totally go through fads where I can’t keep something in stock and then we waste a bunch of it because I don’t catch on right away that they’re over it.

      • nicoleandmaggie Says:

        Preach. My DC1 also alternates between eating 3x as much as an adult to barely eating fairy dust.

  5. yetanotherpfblog Says:

    Breakfast: Greek yogurt, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, walnuts, raisins, rosemary, milk, Cheerios, peanut butter, jam

    Weekly spaghetti: ground beef, carrots, celery, onions, bell pepper, tomato sauce spaghetti

    Weekly veggie burgers: Chickpeas, black beans, buns, salad greens

    Snacks: Cheddar popcorn, cheese, chips, crackers, sparkling water

    Everything else is variable depending on what else we want to cook

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