I refuse to feel guilty for being awesome!

That is all.

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15 Responses to “Mini-rant”

  1. First Gen American Says:

    No need to be less just to make someone else feel better about themselves. What a backwards way to be. I’d much rather be around people even more awesome than I am to pull me up not drag me down.

    I remember a person who shall remain unnamed used to go out of their way to find the one minor thing that wasn’t 100% right and point it out. It was a stupid game that I mostly ignored until it moved to my children.

    That is one of the best things about getting old. I don’t want or need those kinds of people in my life, so they aren’t. Happily there haven’t been many like that at work either. And with a customer facing role, If someone’s really hard to work with, I just move on and find someone else to grow with. Plenty of fish in the sea and I work best with the engineers I like and trust.

  2. revanche @ a gai shan life Says:

    As you should! (Not feel guilty that is)

    I just reread Unseen Academicals and that’s crab buckets, that is. We don’t need that nonsense, we should be awesome and be happy about being awesome. In some ways, this is a lesson I’m still working on when it comes to family dynamics that open old wounds. Yay holidays. But I firmly believe in the principle of the matter.

  3. nicoleandmaggie Says:

    I think this post has been in drafts since 2011… Finally ran out of Wednesday posts! But also I think it remains true now as well. We should all be unapologetically awesome.

    • CG Says:

      Ha! I was wondering what prompted it. Please continue to be awesome and never apologize. I have a wonderful collaborator/friend and we just had a banner year together with four publications published or about to be published in some of our field’s top journals. We tell each other all the time how awesome the other is and how awesome we are collectively and we’re mostly joking, but also kind of not. It feels a little weird to say these things because, I don’t know, we’re women, and we’re anxious people, or whatever. But it also feels good!

  4. FF Says:

    It’s awesome that you refuse to feel guilty for being awesome, which makes you even more awesome!

  5. SP Says:

    Hooray – glad that you share your awesomeness with us all via your blog.

  6. rose Says:

    You are totally awesome! And that you can own that is FABULOUSNESS!!!!! SO PROUD FOR YOU.
    Thank you for saying it outloud and in public. We all need to learn to do that……. Not as boasting but simply as a true fact.

  7. 'Snough Says:

    Hey-yoo! Commenting way back here because (a) yes, awesomeness is to be appreciated and (b) what I’m about to say is not related to recent posts. At any rate, my blog by another name, in your blog roll, needs to go silent to try to discourage a rather creepy former acquaintance of mine from continuing to be quite so creepy. This feels a bit like going into witness protection! On to new awesomeness . . .

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