• I have been watching a LOT of British game shows on youtube, the kind where they have the same set of comedians cycling through as celebrity guests on all sorts of different shows.  I think about half of them are hosted by Jimmy Carr who is an odd duck.
  • I’ve gotten to know the on-air personas of most of these comedians now.  So I’ve gone back and rewatched some clips from earlier and they now have new meaning.  This is not like me.
  • Two comedians that I kind of identify with are David Mitchell and Jon Richardson.  While I think I would rather spend time with David Mitchell, I definitely identify more with Jon Richardson.  Hoo boy do I share a lot of his OCD traits.  (Though the online quizzes always say I’m borderline OCD and he’s had to get actual treatment for it.)  There’s this one Would I Lie to You where he says that sometimes when he’s stressed he takes a bath without water… that is, he gets into his bathtub fully clothed and doesn’t turn the water on and sometimes puts a blanket over the tub and just hides.  I GET THAT.  I understand so much, though I’m more of an “under the desk” or “hiding in a closet” kind of person myself.  None of the other contestants understood.
  • I love the way that James Acaster calls out hosts who ask inappropriate questions of female and minority guests in a way that’s funny and draws attention to him and the host and away from the host’s victim, while pointing out precisely how inappropriate the question was.  “How’s that question working out for you then, Jonathan?”
  • There’s this new show called “I literally just told you” which is brilliant.  I thought I would hate it, especially after watching a clip from episode 2 where Carr bemoans how stupid the contestants are, but I watched the celebrity episode 3 and omg, it is brilliant.  (Apparently episode 1 has very smart normal people contestants.)
  • I have not wanted to watch another episode.  Maybe the next celebrity episode.
  • Outdoor education isn’t being offered this semester, so DC1’s only (required) PE choice is Team Sports.  They’re playing basketball in the gym.  But… the teacher was out with covid the first week of class, so they sat in the gym and used it as a study hall.  So… yay?  Update:  Teacher was there week 2, but out again week 3… Not sure why.
  • When the teacher is in, DC1 gets 90% for the week but when it’s a sub zie gets 100% for the week.  The teacher hasn’t been there enough for DC1 to ask what points are being taken off for.
  • DC1 says that all the people who are actually good at sports are doing actual competitive team sports for their PE requirement, so hir class is comically bad and nobody knows the rules to anything.
  • DC2 says in hir PE class all they do is run laps to a whistle and get yelled at.  Which I guess explains why none of these high schoolers know the rules to basketball.  (DH and I who went to different middle schools in different towns in the same midwestern state both had the experience of being set up like a North Korean military exercise to practice the wrist flop used to shoot a basketball.  We were also taught and tested on the rules of the game.)
  • DH says that one reason his current exercise thing is working well is because he does it during work instead of during time off so the trade off is getting to listen to a podcast during work instead of not getting to see a movie etc.
  • Ecanto has really good music.  As soon as it gets to DVD I may actually watch the entire thing in one sitting!  (We don’t have Disney+, but DC2’s friends do and they’ve been talking about it tons and DC2 has been watching clips of the songs on youtube.)
  • I hate anchovies.  But for some reason we have several cookbooks that I’ve been going through that use them in multiple recipes.  Recently I found out (I think from one of the cookbooks) that you can substitute capers for anchovies and get the same pungent saltiness without the anchovy fishiness in many recipes. So we’ve been going through a lot of capers as we go through these previously skipped recipes.
  • I didn’t know what a caper was or how to use it until college.  We were at a friend’s house and she didn’t know how to cook but her parents had capers and she thought capers were fancy so she added the entire (undrained) jar to a spaghetti sauce and it was so bad.
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25 Responses to “RBOC”

  1. nicoleandmaggie Says:

    PE bullet update: 3 exposures in DC1’s PE class yesterday (one in calculus).

  2. nicoleandmaggie Says:

    The wild world of British panel quizzes is such a turn-off that nobody reads all the way to the bullets on capers, which I am certain people must have strong opinions about…

    Hm…. maybe that’s not it either.

    Though nobody commented on Revanche’s recent post about Christmas gift giving and that’s usually a big conversation starter. Who can predict the internetariat!(?)

  3. rose Says:

    Love capers. Can no longer eat due to salt content. On cream cheese bagel with salmon…….. In so many dishes! Ah well.
    THANK YOU for writing and sharing news from public schools.
    PS: a great many people (who are not hiding in water-less tubs or closets/under desks) are tucked up in bed. THANK YOU for having written.

  4. Lisa Says:

    Busy day, just had a minute to read! I tried to watch one of those British game show things and just couldn’t get into it. Maybe I chose the wrong entry point? And +1 on capers. I don’t hate anchovies and wouldn’t mind them in sauces. I do have a tube of anchovy paste in the pantry because we tried that NYTimes anchovy/shallot pasta last year and I bought two, but I haven’t found any kind of use for the second tube. Also, like your DH, I do my workouts during a time I would have probably been at work before work from home became a thing. Much better than getting up early or fitting it in (NOT) in the evening!

    I don’t even know where to start with the shit show that is our school district’s current COVID policy without clearly outing myself, or at least my pretty specific location. Suffice it to say that in the past couple of weeks we have gone from having masks required in school and a robust “test to stay” policy to no mask mandate (though it seems that most people are still wearing them thank heavens!) and what seems like a “just stay” policy because too many schools passed the test to stay threshold and the state gave up on testing anyone. The exposure notices I get for the kids are generally 2 weeks behind and don’t specify which class, so they’re completely useless. Luckily (?) my high schooler had COVID over the holiday break, so I’m not worried about them. I’ve refused to let my middle schooler go to band (where they make no effort to mask anything), but they’re fully vaxxed and boosted, so they’re attending the other classes in person. And my elementary school kid’s class is small and being very reasonable about things, so I feel OK about that, too (plus vaccines for 5-11, YAY!). I’ve made the executive decision that January doesn’t count this year. I may have to write off the first couple of weeks of Feb, too. But it appears that cases are plateauing or maybe starting back down in my area?

    Isn’t one of your kids in band? What are they doing? I’m not sure if I’m being overly paranoid by boycotting band, but it just seems like SUCH a bad idea!

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      No, we continue to be grateful that both of our kids chose violin!!! DC1 actually started on trumpet in 5th but switched to violin in 6th. Band has no precautions. CHORUS has no precautions. But most of the orchestra kids are masked. It’s probably one of the safer classes to be in.

      I got hooked by watching things James Acaster was on. Then the newer Would I Lie to You that have Rob Brydon as host instead of sexist Angus Deaton (sp? I know that’s wrong because that’s how you spell Anne Case’s husband’s name).

      • nicoleandmaggie Says:

        UPDATE: (INSANE UPDATE): Last year the accompanist for orchestra (who I think is also the choral director) refused to mask during practice last year so (virtual) DC1 was unable to do the competition because we wouldn’t let hir in a room unvaccinated with an anti-masker. This year DC1 is vaccinated but the accompanist has covid and is quarantined at her house.

        So she asked the orchestra teacher to tell her students to practice at her house since she’s not allowed at school (!) (!) (!)

      • Lisa Says:

        Well, that’s the obvious solution, isn’t it?

        Seriously, I’m impressed with the amount of self-delusion/cluelessness that some people can exhibit and am starting to worry about where my complete blind spots are.

  5. Matthew D Healy Says:

    I’m OK with skiing, skating (ice or roller), etc., so my balance must be OK, but I have NEVER been any good at throwing and catching. One of my least pleasant memories of Phy. ED. was being made to practice throwing a basketball into a basket for many gym classes in the futile hope of teaching me to do that. It failed.

    My father did his BA at a time when Phy. ED. was required of undergrads, which it wasn’t when I was an undergrad. He could not learn the headstand that was a required part of the Phy. ED. class. He literally had to get the Dean to sign off on an exemption in order to graduate without standing on his head.

    • bogart Says:

      A headstand for a BA? Oh my! My dad had to learn to swim well enough to — I think — swim one lap across a pool (which he did not know how to do, his family was terrified of water/drowning).

    • FF Says:

      I was an undergrad at Cornell, which still has a swim test requirement and a 2-semester PE requirement. Unless you have a medical exemption, you pretty much have to take it during your freshman year or you fail. No universal headstand requirement, though.

      • Matthew D Healy Says:

        My father most definitely knew how to swim before he arrived for his BA. He was a crew member on an ammunition ship in the Pacific during World War Two. One of the training exercises in boot camp off Long Island in winter was jumping off a ship, swimming in the cold ocean water for a few minutes, then climbing a rope tossed from the ship. After that and other experiences, swimming in a pool was very easy.

        The Greatest Generation, indeed.

        Meanwhile my Uncle was Infantry in Italy. My Dad said to me many times, being on a ship had its advantages! A dry bunk every night, hot meals on a regular schedule, etc. Downside was, many ships like his got torpedoed.

  6. bogart Says:

    Apropos of nothing but in case other Grumpeteers are interested in also supporting this, I just made a token contribution to the Children’s Museum of Denver (with an explanatory comment for why in the online form) to thank it for closing for 10 days in response to patrons abusing staff over the mask mandate.

    I will close with my thought question for the day: what is WRONG with people (the patrons, not the museum staff, obviously)? I don’t hide in the bathtub but maybe it’s time to rethink that.

  7. Mike Nitabach Says:

    My experience with anchovies is when added early in a judicious amount to a sauté forming the base of a pasta sauce, braise, risotto, etc, it breaks down and leaves just a gorgeous umami bomb that doesn’t add a discernable fishy anchovy taste to the end product. Perhaps worth some experimentation!

  8. teresa Says:

    I had a lot of thoughts yesterday but got distracted and wandered away without writing anything.
    -Totally have sat clothed in the empty bathtub without a blanket and on the bathroom floor with a blanket. It’s always somehow reassuring to hear other people talk about doing the same sort of “weird” things I do.
    -That’s a great suggestion about capers. I’m going to try that for the sounds-great-if-only-it-didn’t-have-anchovies pizza recipes.
    -We learned the rules of basketball in middle school (and had a test) but were split into small groups and left on our own to practice skills, so the kids who already knew what they were doing played basketball and the rest of us stood around.
    -When watching the Rose Parade this year I noticed the LAUSD band had some kind of cap on the bells of all the wind and brass instruments (and all the percussionists marching with masks on)- wondered if that was an attempt at some kind of COVID control. Didn’t see them on any other bands.
    -I also had a lot of thoughts about Revanche’s christmas gift post that I overthought and didn’t write. Now I’m reminded I need to find/order my nephew’s birthday gift for next week- thanks!

  9. Revanche @ A Gai Shan Life Says:

    Commenting has been very low overall at AGSL. Who knows!

    I love capers. But it never occurred to me to use them instead of anchovies since I also like them. (oh duh, I grew up on fish sauce. Of course I love anchovies XD) Though that story of your college friend makes me super glad, again, that we have the internet at our fingertips for cooking references and research!

    I’m confused about what DC1 can lose points for in PE. From what I remember of high school PE, as long as we did our best at whatever we were doing that unit, we were set. But it also sounds like we had more involved PE teachers. We did a lot of different sports.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      Back in my day you would lose points if you skipped class, didn’t have your name written on your socks, or didn’t have your gym clothes. But they don’t change clothes for gym and DC1 doesn’t skip class so… ?

      We had the internet back in college too! Though I guess we didn’t have cell phones yet. She would have had to go to another room and possibly even turn on a computer.

  10. SP Says:

    I think PE grades are kind of silly, unless they are reflections of poor attitude. But I’m a little biased since PE dinged my GPA with an A-.

    Anchovies and capers are both A+ in my book, but probably didn’t really use either until my late 20s.

    I also don’t get being in a tub without the water. I like the water. If I just want to hide, a bed/blanket is more appealing than a tub. A closet also seems quite preferable.

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