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There are a lot of really selfish people out there.

The second daughter of DH’s relative—the smart one with 5 kids—manages a CVS. And some unmasked asshole with Covid came in and started screaming and demanding that he get a Covid test before everyone else in line. She told him to put a mask on and get to the end of the line but she thinks that’s where she got Covid. And then passed it on to everyone else where they live. At least two of them are really sick, although vaccinated (not sure about boosting.). It is not that hard to wear a mask indoors.

The other set of cousins that we visited over break also has Covid now, but it sounds like a mild case.

I think at this point the number of people IRL we know who haven’t gotten it has been smaller than those who have. Omicron doesn’t seem to have the weeks of stupid following it that alpha had, or at least not among the vaccinated. We have seen a huge gamut of reactions to the most recent wave from mild to miserable among the vaccinated and including hospitalization among the unvaccinated. So anecdotes fit the reported data. There’s also still that terrible stomach bug going around that I’m hoping to avoid.

The kids keep being exposed at school.

Mike the Mad Biologist discusses unfortunately timed “Let’s get back to normal” pieces invading everywhere.  Can’t we just hold out until 0-5 kids can be vaccinated?  Even then, I think about our admin’s husband who is waiting for a new pancreas and she has to protect herself so he doesn’t *die* in a building where almost nobody takes precautions and you’re not allowed to ask people’s vaccination status.  And then there’s also the deeply disturbing thought behind the idea that you need to get a PCR test if you’re covid positive in case you need that as proof of long Covid in a future disability claim case.  (But if we ever lose the ACA, said positive could make you uninsurable!)

If you read the Atlantic headline and decided that masks at school don’t work (even though they work elsewhere…), this reddit thread explains why the headline was inappropriate complete with links and citations.

It upsets me that a bunch of mommy bloggers have adopted the Right’s rhetoric of saying anything good that people do to help other people is “virtue signaling”. As John Scalzi says, “‘Virtue signaling’ is a phrase the dim and bigoted use when they want to discount other people expressing the idea that it would be nice if we could all be essentially and fundamentally decent to each other.”

Where is all this sudden anti-mask rhetoric coming from?:

Stirrup Queens reminds us all that school shootings are still a threat, in her post about being the emergency contact for a number of her friends (in addition to her own children) in the event of a school shooting, which yes, happened at her children’s school.

Res Cogitatae doesn’t want to fight cerberus.

Well when you put it that way

Detailed instructions on how to build a Corsi/Rosenthal Box air filter. Having been to DC2’s school, I suspect their low number of cases compared to the other schools in the area is because they are the most aired out of all of the buildings.

13 Responses to “Link love”

  1. Turia Says:

    Thanks for the shout out! Love the medieval Surface Pressure.

    I am really struggling with everyone’s inability to understand that we are not going back to normal, if normal means 2019. It is going to take systemic change and continued effort to keep COVID suppressed. I am hopeful that in the long run this is going to help get rid of flu, RSV and other respiratory viruses because we’re going to realize that clean air is as important as clean water. But I fear the process of getting there is going to be deeply painful.

    I’ve already said to Q. that if/when any of us tests positive on RATs, we have to pay for the private testing to get the formal PCR on our healthcare records (access to PCR testing here is incredibly restrictive) because I am not discovering in a decade that we needed better documentation to support a disability claim.

    It is looking like P. dodged COVID despite sitting at the same table as a kid with not-yet-discovered COVID for an entire school day (except for lunch). Masks (of the KN-95 variety) definitely work.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      Yay Dodging Covid! I think part of it is also making sure that the kids actually wear the mask– at DC2’s school when we visited last semester, there weren’t many masks, and the ones that were on were mostly on chins. (Fortunately DC2’s school has really great ventilation compared to the other school buildings, which is one of those public health things that is so important.)

      I also do not understand people’s beliefs that just because they’re done with something that it’s done with them. Or just because their kids got covid and it was fine, then it’s ok for everyone else to get it. People seem to be in an all or nothing framework that is completely divorced from reality. Like, it doesn’t matter to them if prevalence is still high, they’re tired of precautions and don’t care about vulnerable people.

  2. Omdg Says:

    I was asked whether I thought kids should have to wear masks in school forever and I was like, maybe? It’s been really nice to be sick less often these past couple of years! I wear a mask almost all day at work and have done so for 7y now. It’s really not a big deal.

  3. K Says:

    Good reads, thanks!
    Anon in mass

  4. Debbie M Says:

    Several times lately I have said, “I’m not doing [x] during a covid spike.” Admittedly, to people who were asking me to do stuff that they knew we wouldn’t do. Heck, even I invited myself to someone’s house to show her a movie, and then explained not really because a) covid, b) ice-covered roads, and c) it’s rude to invite yourself to other people’s houses. She replied that we should meet up later for that movie when we’re both ready.

    I really enjoyed listening to The Holderness Family’s semi-recent take on the current covide situation, “We Don’t Talk About Covid.”

  5. Revanche @ A Gai Shan Life Says:

    People saying they’re “done with COVID” and intend to act like it’s over just blow my mind. I’m totally done with COVID as in, I’m OVER IT, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to start acting like it doesn’t exist anymore. It’s not going to do ME or anyone else that favor. I’ve been “done with awful people” for years but they still haven’t disappeared no matter how done I feel about them, either. Fancy that.

  6. Alice Says:

    My kid’s elementary school just made masks optional starting today, which was upsetting. Less upsetting was seeing the pretty high percentage of kids and parents outside before the doors opened, still wearing masks. Not everyone, but most. Us included.

    Also, and I say this without reading the bloggers in question–everything a person does or doesn’t do, everything they say or don’t say, the clothes they wear or won’t wear– all of those things are signals. Most of them are innocuous and unimportant, but masks, at least with the numbers where they are right now? Those are a major signal. And virtue is not a bad word. Virtue signaling is fine. Signal your virtue! Because otherwise, you’re malice signaling. Or fool signaling.

    I actually think that one of the most unhappy things about the pandemic, at least for me, has been the number of people I’ve had to look at or see posting on Facebook and try to hope that they’re only fools.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      100% agreed. On every single one of your points.

      I was talking with one of my former students who is now a high-level bureaucrat in a nearby city and he said they pulled their kid out of a really difficult to get into fancy charter because on the first day, the politician opening the school came unmasked and as soon as he got there, all the parents and kids waiting in line gradually took their masks off until almost nobody remained masked. (At their local public where they ended up instead, there was no such signaling, and all the teachers wear masks as do most of the students.)

      People follow what other people are doing. What we say and do influences others, especially if we have platforms. We need to be responsible, especially when people are literally dying.

  7. SP Says:

    I feel like there is a clear campaign going on to 1) Make an argument that COVID restrictions are currently unnecessary and only serve to protect the hysterical. This includes VOLUNTARY things like mask wearing when not mandated. 2) Also to make it seem like they were ALWAYS the wrong decision and should never have happened (i.e. Red states that did nothing did it “right”) 3) Blame democrats for any restrictions that are becoming unpopular (even though they are CDC public health guidelines), given the current situation, and imply that democrats have mismanaged the pandemic by holding restrictions to long 4) Channel people’s frustration with any mitigations into eroding political support and votes for democrats. I have seen (only in online spaces) “I’m a life long democrat, but I’m voting straight republican because of [insert COVID thing they are pissed about, school closures in 2020, masks, daycare quarantines, etc.]” This is CRAZY, because republicans are so so terrible in so many ways, that anyone who would flip is not thinking clearly. I mostly don’t think these people are real, but maybe they are?

    I’m a bit middle ground on masking in general, especially the very young. I’m not going to advocate against it, I am completely fine with my kid masking, but I remain unconvinced it is having a great impact in an all day preschool program. In a huge spike especially, I’m glad the teachers are masked, but I would be OK with that being dropped once vaccines are available for the <5s. I don't mind masking at work, I will be masking in public for some time (mandated or not), and I'll wear a (high quality) mask if anyone even hints that they want me to. I also am not convinced shutting down daycare rooms for 10 days for an exposure is a good policy decision, but I'm also not sure what should be done.

    I think my more middle ground opinion stems from using childcare, and thus accepting some risk of catching COVID in our family, even as early summer 2020. And forced to reevaluate my position and risk tolerance again in light of Omicron, and accepting that it was reasonably likely that we would catch COVID.

    But all of that aside, especially items 2-4 are downright pissing me off, along with anyone who wants to complain about someone else choosing to wear a mask, for whatever reason. Item 1 is also enraging because the discussions going on are not at all nuanced, it is just throwing hands up and saying "we are done!", and it started in the middle of a HUGE surge. Like, what???? But, I think there is some room for more nuanced discussions on mitigations and mask mandates, especially when the under 5 vaccine comes out, especially when our treatment options scale up.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      I think you’re right, though I also think real people are seeing the propaganda and adopting it because that’s what it seems like everyone else is doing.

      Currently the only person wearing a mask in the econ department right now.

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