February Challenge Update

Maybe I’m just doing this as an excuse to use the habit tracker I bought from jetpens and don’t need and to get to use DC2’s Zig dot marker.  There is something very satisfying about dotting a little box in a grid.  (Not sponsored, just addicted.)

Last week was a bit light, but this week is really heavy at work, so I did a bit more than one would expect last week in anticipation of not being able to do much this week.

  1. Donation to Donors Choose classroom (not in NYC or CA) that wants Maus (there are a lot of options now!).  I saw another story on books being banned.
  2. Donation to Donors Choose classroom (not in NYC or CA) that needs stuff for LGBT students.  More LGBT books banned.  This one got fully funded, and when I checked on it, they’d ended up not buying any of the LGBT swag because it was out of stock and they didn’t replace it.  So I did another search and found someone (not in NYC or CA) who wanted a book with “queer” in the title.
  3. One of my friends recommended donating to Trey J. Hunt because he is unopposed in his primary and he’s been spending a lot of time registering voters.  I don’t know if he has a chance against his evil Republican opponent, but I thought it was worth a donation, because if we don’t try, evil will definitely win.  (Feel free to let me know of any candidates you support and why in the comments– maybe I’ll throw them $25!)
  4. Elizabeth Warren sent me a convincing email about fighting for voters rights, so I sent her some cash too.
  5. Wrote 10 postcards to voters supporting Tracye Polson’s runoff election in FL.  I especially like the excuse to use the excess pens I’ve bought from jetpens.
  6. Read another article about books being banned, so supported a Donors Choose classroom that wants Between the World and Me, by Ta-Nehisi Coates.
  7. Read another article about books being banned, so supported a Donors Choose classroom that wants All Boys Aren’t Blue, by George M. Johnson.
  8. Proofread an activism newsletter before it was sent out.  (Also recommended a Donors Choose classroom specific to the newsletter locality as an action item.)
  9. Wrote 10 postcards to voters supporting Keturah Herron in KY.
  10. Donation to Donors Choose classroom (not in NYC or CA) that wants a copy of the 1619 project, which is apparently *banned* in several states by name, according to a news article I read.

7 Responses to “February Challenge Update”

  1. nicoleandmaggie Says:

    All of the places I donated to this month so far are currently being matched by Black History Month partners. Now is a good time to support Black History in schools via Donors Choose!

  2. Revanche @ A Gai Shan Life Says:

    Ooh I meant to come here and tell you about a fundraiser for the 1619 Project. I can’t find the link now, drat. Donors Choose is a good place to donate! I hope they’re able to fulfill the stock though, if they get the needed funding.

  3. Jenny F. Scientist Says:

    This guy is a long shot for the senate but I’m thinking of sending him a donation just for this ad.

  4. rose Says:

    Hurrah for postcards and your donations. Thank you for both and for sharing what you are doing. Did 1200 postcards for Nevada to get people registered. (I have a far simpler life than you due to being ancient and retired.) Hard on my hands but helped me feel I did something concrete. When I read about your actions I feel less alone and that helps a lot. Love your 10 at a time program!

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