Link love and challenge update

Here’s a list of where to donate to abortion funds.

In local covid news, one of my colleagues who *never wears a mask* emailed to let all of us who were in the meeting he ran on Monday that he has Covid. His wife had been feeling sick since Sunday, but only tested positive on Tuesday, so I guess he didn’t see the need to mask or test or anything that could potentially protect people. He also sat next to me completely unmasked at a seminar last week (I was masked). Fortunately that was last week and fortunately I only zoom into meetings where my colleagues are unmasked. His office was also giving out valentines treats on Monday.

A Gai Shan Life explains why you really don’t want to get Long Covid and gives insight into chronic fatigue.

COVID IS OVER guy (David Leonhardt) spends a year saying COVID is over and downplaying the need for boosters.

Health Affairs special issue on health and racism is blocked from social media advertising by bots that don’t want us discussing racism. (I refereed one of the papers in this issue!)

I’ve been really enjoying Retire By 40’s food updates from Thailand (he’s visiting his aging parents because his mom needs extra care)

11. (posted on last week’s link love):  Gave $25 to a Donors choose classroom in a red state that had Queer/gender/etc. books on its list.
12. Wrote 10 postcards for Tracye Polson via Postcards to Voters.  (Used my Sarasa vintage green pen)
13. Bought more stamps from USPS (including pre-ordering Title 9 stamps) in preparation for Vote Forward starting up again and I got some new postcard stamps so now I have barns in addition to coral reef stuff.  (Also got some Star Wars robots stamps. for fun..)
14. Wrote 10 postcards for Keturah Herron. (Used my Sarasa vintage brown pen.)
15. Donated $25 to Gary Chambers for Louisiana Senate because Jenny F. Scientist suggested it.
16. Donated $25 to the United Farm Workers fund because A Gai Shan Life pointed me to a post where Jorts the cat suggested it.
17. Donated $25 to votefwd to support letter writing campaigns going forward.

5 Responses to “Link love and challenge update”

  1. rose Says:

    thanks for the support. VOoing is important/crucial …..

  2. Debbie M Says:

    Thanks for all the links and all that additional progress on your challenge!

    I, uh, voted. I was going to try to vote in the Republican primary for decent conservatives, or at least less horrifying ones, but I couldn’t do research without getting horrified and violently angry. So I voted in the much less important Democratic primary, where everyone was basically sane and talked about reasonable priorities, even if some were much better qualified than others.

    I’ve also resolved to stop voting the first week of early voting (we usually get two in my county). This is the second time I have gotten information too late and (mildly) regretted one of my choices.

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