Ask the Grumpies: Easy ways to blog from an iPhone?

bookishbiker asks:

[I]s there a particular blogging platform that is easy to post to strictly from a phone app? I’m going to be taking a year off and doing some travel and might do a limited duration blog if I can find an easy way to do it. I’ll have an iphone but no laptop and probably no tablet.

I do not know the answer to that question. But maybe someone in grumpy nation does? WordPress is ok but not easy. You might want to look into getting a keyboard for your iPhone. I’ve seen them at conferences.

Congratulations on the travel!

Jenny F. Scientist Says:

Blogger has a function where you can email in your posts. I don’t know about photos though!

Steph Says:

Tumblr has a pretty good mobile app. I used it for a travel blog while I was in the UK several years ago, and I did have some trouble posting on wifi sometimes, but I also didn’t have any real cell service there. If you’re planning to get a better phone for international travel, it will probably work well with Tumblr.

You can also look into IFTT – IF This Than That. I used it to crosspost Instagram posts onto my Tumblr blog, and they have interfaces with a lot of services.

One Response to “Ask the Grumpies: Easy ways to blog from an iPhone?”

  1. bookishbiker Says:

    Thanks for putting my question out there! I’m experimenting with both WordPress and Blogger (and uncovered dusty blogs of mine on both – ha!). So far it seems like Blogger will be easier – I’m able to craft an email – including pics – and send it in, where it’s a draft for me to review and publish.

    WP is probably vastly superior in terms of flexibility, but I don’t have patience for a learning curve.
    I have never understood what Tumblr is!!! But I’ll check out IFTT, that looks interesting.

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