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I’ve been traveling most of the week and am very much not good at it!  I even lost my glasses.  Plus it was a coastal destination where there’s currently a covid surge going on and about 8 people said they would have attended but either they had covid or were quarantining with a family member who had it or their kid’s daycare was shut down.  All of the people who actually attended said they had gotten covid sometime in the past month and were now clear on an antigen test.  I’m going back next week!

An example of how the evil right-wing manufactures outrage through intentional misquoting.

How the TX law is negatively affecting women who are miscarrying.

Someone asked about book recommendations for personal finance for people just starting out and I said I’d throw it up as an ask the grumpies and then lost the question.  In any case, here’s where we answered the question back in 2019.  I don’t know that much has changed other than the actual numbers.  We’re now in a high inflation environment, and there’s all sorts of dangerous new things you shouldn’t be investing in, but the basics, as always, are still the same.


I talked to two reporters.  Referred a third who wants to talk while I’m on a plane to a colleague.

DH is at a protest and I’m home with the kids.

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  2. First Gen American Says:

    I put an opened bottle of water in my laptop bag at 4am while I was trying to catch an early morning flight back from LA and fried my computer. Being tired makes you do absentminded things. I was so mad and then I remembered I was running on fumes and that’s when dumb things happen.

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