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More traveling this week.

You can order more test kits from USPS

Scalzi discusses his straight white male lowest difficulty setting 10 years later.

I just want to add to this Captain Awkward post that one of the big things I learned about the difference between LA and the midwest is that the LA people who are waffly on time and don’t always show up also don’t get upset if you start without them.  You don’t have to wait– they would not wait for you either.  After I learned that, it took a ton of stress off me.  (My lesson was when I’d promised to go to a movie with an LA friend and she went earlier without me and I got upset because I’d had a chance to go earlier with someone else and didn’t take it because I’d promised to go with LA friend.  And she was like, you should have just gone.  Then something clicked about the different cultures and what “let’s do lunch” really means.)


Talked to another reporter
Sent an email about voting to students

2 Responses to “Link Love”

  1. revanche @ a gai shan life Says:

    Ugh that Captain Awkward post bought back some memories. I’m originally from the LA area roughly and I do not understand the people we are related to who are always running late. Not ten minutes late, that’s fine I can deal, but two or four or eight hours late. At that point I don’t even want to see their faces. The most eyebrow raising memory for me was when said relatives showed up to my mom’s daylong funeral at the end and then expected us to go to dinner with them to make up for time they missed. I very much wished I was older and more confident in myself to tell them to fuck off with their self centeredness but I wasn’t. I learned to stand up for myself through the years and work out what was and wasn’t acceptable and to run on our own schedules even when having family holidays, what a relief that PiC does prioritize us over them or I’d be divorced and childfree right now, but those learning years sucked.

  2. Steph Says:

    NYC definitely does the “let’s do coffee” thing as well. It’s just politeness unless one of you actually follows up for plans.

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