• DC2 got a booster!  Maybe we should have waited because there was only a week of school left and hir first in-person daycamp isn’t for a while, but who knows with these decisions.
  • After the university students left for the summer, Covid cases per 100K actually increased to 25/100K on average.  Currently they’re back down to 15/100K.  Of course, these are just pcr tests that have been reported.  Who knows what the actual numbers are.  They’ve stopped reporting deaths as well.
  • The university announced it is no longer allowing students and faculty to report Covid cases.  They will no longer be tracking cases and they will no longer be reporting case loads across campus.
  • Last on campus test positivity rate reported by the university before they stopped keeping track (May 15th):  10%.
  • K-12 also hasn’t updated their dashboard since May 15th.
  • On my conference travels we had to wear masks during the talks, but there was indoor lunch with the same people.  Folks from California complained about how California went overboard with restrictions.  I mentioned that I had to buy two boxes of sympathy cards because so many people I knew had brothers and fathers and husbands die.  Like, yes, California did some stuff not supported by science, but if we’re going to do stuff not supported by science, I’d prefer the kind that results in fewer people dying.
  • Lots of maskless coughing on the plane back.
  • I don’t seem to have come back with anything awful from these trips so far.  But oddly, I did spend the next couple days after getting back each time fighting off something.  Or maybe I’m just bad at travel.  (This time I forgot a bunch of important stuff and brought other stuff I didn’t need.  It can be difficult to find a size 38B bra even with shops nearby.)
  • I had a little scare before my second trip.  DH had a virtual wine tasting (his company HR person is really into group activities) and learned that each nostril is primed to smell different things so you should sniff the wine separately with each nostril.  I tried this and one of my nostrils wasn’t working!!!  I could smell wine (and everything else) just fine with one but nothing at all with the other.  Before completely succumbing to freaking out, I did a quick google, saw that the most common cause is a clogged sinus, took a dayquil, and voila, 20 min later my sense of scent was completely restored.  Then I tried all my different hand sanitizers and by golly, one nostril is better at vanilla and the other is better at mint!

13 Responses to “RBOCovid”

  1. Matthew D Healy Says:

    The County Health Department here encourages people to anonymously submit reports of positive at-home COVID-19 tests to their website, but I’m sure most people don’t bother.

    I’m currently tracking hospitalizations via

    and wastewater viral RNA data via

    Nobody knows how to convert wastewater numbers into infections, and the ratio probably varies from facility to facility (for instance it’s likely to be different for a facility with many industrial customers versus one serving mainly residences). And only a subset of us treatment plants are doing the sampling.

    So what I do is look at facilities where they have been doing it for at least a year, and compare the current wave to previous waves at each facility with sufficient data to get an idea where different regions are in this wave. That gives me a pretty good idea what infections are doing. Then I look at hospital data in those places.

    I’m guessing hospital numbers in much of the US will peak sometime in June.

    I really worry about the Fall if we don’t get more shots into arms this summer.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      It looks like they got funding to update the waste water tracking in the nearest city again. It had gone dark for a while. I’m not sure how consistent their tracking is though.

  2. heybethpdx Says:

    Your sympathy card purchasing was eye-opening the first time you posted it, and I’ve mentioned it to a couple of people who have complained about our restrictions. I can think of one friend’s Texas-based parent who died.. that’s the closest it got in my world (so far). I’m admittedly quite sheltered.

    I’m trying to figure out when to get my 2nd booster, based on many Grand Travel Plans I have for this year. I think I’m going to go soon, so I’ll be as safe as possible when I fly to see relatives (2 elderly, 1 too-young-to-vax-but-already-had-it) in July. It seems likely we’ll have yet another booster before the fall, right?

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      I lost an uncle early on from a nursing home and one of my colleagues died of a heart attack that probably would have been survivable if the emergency system hadn’t been overloaded. Then after that, so many relatives of so many coworkers.

      I hope another booster before school starts again!

      • heybethpdx Says:

        I have a large cluster of colleagues in India, so I am sure that it hit very close to home for many of them. I talked to one person who spent 2 hours calling something like 48 medical facilities before she found a bed (that person did get admitted and did live – at least that time around). She was saying her whole generation would need therapy .. and yet it already feels like these things didn’t happen, at least if I look around. It’s bizarre.

      • nicoleandmaggie Says:

        I feel like I’m living in the 19th century. Like the second half of the 20th century progress was all an aberration.

  3. rose Says:

    THANK YOU. I mask. It isn’t hard. Ignoring covid won’t make it ignore you back. Weird to me how many people fail to understand that, still do not believe in long covid and do not understand how very sick one can be and still not be hospitalized. VOTE. SO much (including lives) is at stake. PS: writing your elected officials is good also as is getting gout the vote each and every election.
    They have to DNA the remains to identify them…..

  4. Maya Says:

    I’m glad travels went well and that you don’t have Covid. I chortled out loud at using hand sani to test nostril capability. A medium for our times, indeed.

  5. CG Says:

    So many people I know or hear of have covid now. Every time DH goes to some work event, half of the people come back with covid. It is just everywhere right now. So far he hasn’t gotten it again, though. Also there seems to be a nasty flu going around. Our youngest had something flu-like last week (was not covid) and is still in bad shape–I am taking her to the doctor today. So even if you avoid covid something else may get you! Even if you got your flu shot! Grr.

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