Summer vacation post: Have you checked out our Ask the Grumpies tag?

We’ve had ask the grumpies for many many years now. Sometimes we give good advice! More often, the grumpy commentariat gives great advice.  And there’s always great opinions, especially when Leah asks a fun question.


Have you asked us a question?  Any updates?  We were right?  Wrong?  Has your opinion on anything changed or gotten stronger?

6 Responses to “Summer vacation post: Have you checked out our Ask the Grumpies tag?”

  1. First Gen American Says:

    I love ask the grumpies posts and the comments that go along with them. I am a frequent asker and even if I have an opinion on a question, I love to hear other people’s point of views to make sure I have all the data before making a big change or decision.

  2. anony Says:

    I see people saying on to not send female college students to red state institutions….. and I wonder if that is part of the GOP plan to remove women from professional jobs, return them to only raising children and taking care of men, removing the right to vote and own property/money in their own right and let lower preforming white men be the only ones with ‘college’ degrees and therefore less competition for jobs and…..
    OR am I now paranoid?

  3. rose Says:

    Anyone wanting to comment on FL and declaring political affiliations of professors/teachers and students? Any one believe there will be no retaliation? Will proof be required? How can proof be given if a private ballot is involved? How does tenure get impacted?

  4. Omdg Says:

    Ooh I have one — Raises hand: what’s your take on the Emily Oster interview of the ED Dr at brown about gun violence?

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