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My lungs are *almost* clear and my cough is *almost* gone.  The world feels so amazing when you’re mostly no longer sick after having been sick.

There’s been a lot of horrible stuff going on, but I was out of the country and sick so I didn’t really engage with it, and then I spent a week digging out– there are other places to get links.  But if you just want to skip to action, is still great.

Notes from the fatosphere talks about weight loss as a misplaced desire to reinhabit the past.

Not of General Interest talks about an academic imposter she once worked with.

If you don’t want to sign up for twitter and have been having trouble reading tweets, you can use this website to read them.

Jliedl checks in.

There’s no such thing as not a math person, only incorrect and often biased beliefs causing math phobia.  (Disclaimer:  There are some disabilities that make learning math via conventional methods difficult– that’s not what this post is talking about.)


Donated $47.10 to Donors Choose ($25 for trans supporting stuff, $22.10 to finish up a DEI initiative that was being triple matched)
Thanked MOC(s) who (uncharacteristically) voted for gun control bill.  Did not call MOC(s) who opposed it but probably should have.  (Baby steps.)
Wrote 20 postcards to voters in Kansas to ask them to vote to keep abortion legal in KS.  (If you’re in Kansas, be sure to vote NO on the constitutional amendment August 2)



6 Responses to “link love”

  1. Matthew D Healy Says:

    Long ago, my late father’s department almost hired an imposter. He was very charming in person, seemed extremely knowledgeable about the specific subfield of History, etc., etc. But when they called around they learned the place where he claimed to have done his PhD had only heard of him from people inquiring about him; he had certainly never been a student there. I don’t think they ever learned what degree(s) if any he had, or from where.

    They also learned that each place where this guy had taught, after he had been found out and sacked they learned he had an affair with somebody’s wife. So my father’s department was doubly relieved to have found this out before hiring the guy!

  2. countingpinklines Says:

    Thank you for the reminder about 5calls. I’ve mostly spent my time vacillating between despair and being an ostrich. Time to .. do something instead.

  3. Cloud Says:

    I was sorry to see you’d caught covid on your trip. What a bummer! I am glad you are feeling better now.

    I’ve been offline for the past few weeks due to a vacation – we went to visit my in laws in NZ. So far, it looks like we made it through the trip without anyone getting covid, although we all caught a cold last week and I did wonder if that was covid… but we all tested negative repeatedly so it seems just a cold. I’m supposed to go into the office tomorrow, so I’ll test again tonight.

    Air NZ still requires masks on flights and everyone I could see was complying, although everyone takes them off to eat. It is a 12 hour flight from LA so you have to eat. But people kept them on without complaint while sleeping and just generally weren’t jerks. Mask wearing is reasonably high indoors in NZ right now, too, although people are indoor dining (and we did, too – it is winter there!)

    My husband and I both had shot #4 a couple of weeks before the trip, and we got our younger daughter boosted then, too. We’d delayed since she got covid in January, and figured timing it for maximum protection on the trip made most sense. Our older daughter was boosted in January, so she would have been the least protected of us all.

    We came home to a spike here in San Diego. Our school district has reinstated its indoor mask requirement because we’re now in the “high risk” category – it is just summer school now, it will be interesting to see what happens in the fall.

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