Link Love

Gender Bias, Burnout and Digital Overwhelm in Female Physicians

Bardiac talks retirement plans.

Chanda Prescod-Weinstein talks post-Covid rehabilitation exercises

Traveling during the pandemic by res cogitatae

1 politician and GOP pressure is responsible for the vast majority of banning book efforts in Texas (not parents)

Why Republicans are willing to ruin people’s lives to maintain a hierarchy, an explanation for non-sociopaths.  One of my colleagues (not an economist) also has a book on this– she says it all boils down to men’s need to have someone willing/forced to have sex with them even when they’re terrible people.

Help an Arkansas teacher.  (I did!)

What a week in America.  Remember when August used to have slow news days?  Sadly Seth Meyers’ show is on vacation and I think Colbert is on vacation next week.  (Check out Colbert’s opening monologues all of this past week though– they have been spot on).  In case you missed it.  We passed not one but TWO bills to help reduce future climate change.  (This is good because it means my sister gets to keep her current position working on carbon capture instead of her usual one that actively hurts the environment.)  Then Alex Jones, Sandy Hook denier,’s lawyer accidentally sent full transcripts of his cell phone texts to the lawyer representing the Sandy Hook parents suing him, texts which showed that he lied under oath.  The January 6th commission has requested and obtained these texts.  Then Trump announced that the FBI was raiding Mar-a-Lago, which, it turns out they did because he had taken something like 27 boxes of classified documents from the White House and stored them in the basement in Mar-a-Lago (without a lock on the door).  In January the National Archives found out and asked for them back, but he only sent back like 15 of them.  Agents found 12 more.  The Washington Post reported that the reason was because he had nuclear secrets (with a strong hint about selling to Saudi Arabia).  Trump demanded that they unseal the warrant and the justice department obliged, and it said stuff about the espionage act.  Also Republicans voted against capping insulin prices in order to pwn the dems (this comes after them voting against allowing vets exposed to chemicals to get VA insurance, but Jon Stewart got on their cases and it passed).  Did I miss anything important?


$100 to donors choose both for trans stuff in red states and also for diverse books more generally (I donate $25 whenever I read something anti-trans or book banning– – there were both in the news this week).

Called my senator to thank him for supporting both climate bills.

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  1. delagar Says:

    Thanks for boosting my student!

  2. Turia Says:

    Thanks for the shout out!

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