Link love

Rob Beckett talks about moving from working class to middle class in the UK.

His classmate Tom Allen provides additional insight.

College vaccine mandates last fall reduced mortality from covid by 5%

This poster has been trolling quora forums for ages with fake questions.

The CDC’s actually good message has been completely lost in their “everything’s normal” messaging.  This is also the fault of people who should want the good message to get out– they keep complaining about the bad message but not saying hey, you’re supposed to mask if rates are high and guess what…

Frightening censorship and fascism in Sarasota Florida, and explains what probably happened to that canceled Donors Choose from the other week.

How to maintain your privacy if you need an abortion.

Help queer middle schoolers in Utah.


One Response to “Link love”

  1. Matthew D Healy Says:

    As a Faculty Kid, I grew up among academics. When I saw the film Educating Rita (which I very highly recommend, by the way), I was particularly moved by a scene in which the main character, a brilliant student from a working class background, hesitates to enter a University party because she feels like an outsider. I thought “you wouldn’t be so frightened of professors if you had been watching them get drunk in your home since childhood!”

    Another great scene is when Rita is at her job waiting tables and a group of undergrads are discussing William Blake. She pipes up, in her Cockey accent, “how can you do Blake without reading Songs of Innocence And Experience?” They look at her as though she had turned into a alien creature: the waitress understands their literary conversation!?

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