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Information about the evil super-villain Barre Seid who has spent at least 1.6 Billion dollars on the ultra-right-wing agenda, including the Supreme Court takeover.

A teacher in Oklahoma was removed for providing the QR code to the Brooklyn Public Library Free library cards .  (She was then reinstated after outcry and they denied they actually fired her or suspended her but then she quit.)

I guess one of the “benefits” of having been in a mostly maskless society for the past two+ years is that we’re all used to wearing masks and being in the minority doing so. Plus other people in the same situation have scattered masking. It no longer seems weird because this has been how it’s been for a long time. I no longer immediately notice whether people are masked or not, which is weird.

Officer-Involved: The Media Language of Police Killings

How Hybrid Working From Home Works Out


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