Big work plans for the year

Let’s see if they pan out!

  • Deep dive into my second focus area that I’m getting known for and asked to do keynotes for, but am not really a member of the community of (even though I do have training and publications)
  • Catch up on all the working paper and published journal abstracts I didn’t read since the pandemic started (>350 unread emails, each one a page full of abstracts)
  • Get out the Second Stage paper (September depending on coauthor)
  • Finish the systematic literature review and get it out (September depending on coauthor)
  • Keynote (October)
  • Three conferences (October)
  • ASSA panels (January)
  • Write the grant proposal I said I would write (January)
  • NSF main paper
  • HR paper
  • HA Name paper (RA-led)
  • Start two new projects
  • Prep new class I was supposed to create last year but didn’t
  • Stop getting so irritated with incompetence and willful making things harder for me on the part of administrative units (ex. IT).  (This seems to be easier with the idea that I am definitely going to leave as soon as I can.)
  • Apply for new jobs!

Do you have any big professional pie in the sky plans for this year?

13 Responses to “Big work plans for the year”

  1. Coree Says:

    Oof, so much to do. I’ve got more teaching than I had planned for so I’m panic spiralling a bit and am going to have to revise my very carefully crafted travel schedule (travelling parent from last summer)

    But this academic year:
    SEN R&R done (this week!)
    Covid paper submitted (this month!)
    Any further revisions to PA
    Internal markets submitted
    Generations chapter submitted
    Britain-Ireland chapter submitted
    Co-authored paper submitted
    Crisis lit review done
    Election study outputs (I’m the lone qual on a team of quants…)
    Book proposal written and submitted

    Plus teaching:
    First years
    1/2 a 2nd year course
    1/2 a MA course (plus programme director in the spring)
    And a new course in the spring
    Study abroad placements

  2. Steph Says:

    Woo! My two big goals for this fall are
    – apply for funding to cover a second semester of research leave next academic year (because we’re a teaching-focused school, we get one semester of research leave halfway through the tenure track. We can also take a full year at half pay, but I need to find extra funding to do that!) I’m applying for a Fulbright this week, and an NSF grant later this semester
    – submit the paper for a project that technically ended last summer, but the final wrap-up details have been very slow going. Really I need this submitted or ideally accepted before the NSF deadline.

    I’m teaching a new course in the spring that I need to develop. I did some preliminary planning over the summer, but I need to get these grants in before I worry more about that.

  3. Michelle Says:

    How do you keep up on the field? When you say you have emails with abstracts are those from alerts from each journal or do you have a different system?

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      Yup. I don’t get email alerts from all the journals but I do from a lot of them. Also if you’re interested in economics, the NBER has a mailing list that people can request to get on and it’s an email every Monday for stuff that’s not published but is written by people who belong to that group. And I get emails from two other working paper groups that are directly related to the field I’m most known for, one once a week and the other once a quarter.

  4. Revanche @ A Gai Shan Life Says:

    There are some really huge chunks in that list. Good luck!!

    Also are we talking about calendar or academic year?

    On the calendar year: I need to implement the next stages of cross training my staff and building opportunities for them to acquire new skills. And advocate for more money for them, but that’s my goal every year. I should also figure out how to expand my hiring pool to make it more diverse. I made a huge change to how I did things the last time I hired but it went miserably and I’m going to need to a different route.

  5. First Gen American Says:

    I wonder if I had Covid and just don’t know it. The brain fog is unreal lately.

    I don’t ever feel caught up or ahead of the game, but also maybe that’s just how I’m wired…once the list gets manageable, I put 12 more things on it.

  6. xykademiqz Says:

    Honestly, just getting a bunch of papers out, getting my postdoc promoted to research scientist, and recruiting two new good students. This summer my grants hit bit time, so I will sit the next cycle out and focus on doing good work with the funds I’ve got. I have some reasonably heavy department and college service, as well as external service (associate editor for two journals, one that keeps me pretty busy), and I also have some talks coming up (I haven’t missed conference travel), including an overseas conference in the summer. But mostly just wrapping up work on ended grants and getting some good results from new grants would be amazing. In more fun news, my hobby plans include publishing a bunch more short fiction, finishing a novel (50k words in!) and shopping it around, then, in case I feel particularly energetic (lol not holding my breath), also assemble Academaze II. But we’ll see. I’m excited about the novel, though!

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