Finally got my promotion salary info

  • My raise was 13%.  I think that’s the 10% regular bump and a 3% merit increase (I got a lot of pubs and killed myself on service last year).
  • That means that for a brief time, I will be making slightly more than DH (he was making slightly more than I was before this raise).
  • DH’s company is supposed to be doing raises soon.  I hope he out-earns me again, because that means we both will be bringing in more money.
  • I never thought I’d be the type to just have completely shared finances, but it works with DH.  He says he likes it because he doesn’t have to think about money stuff and can just let me take care of it.  I also find it easier to manage.  This is all possible because DH gives himself an allowance and we’re making enough that we don’t have to sweat the small money stuff anymore.  Also it means that his larger salary is also my larger income.  :D  He likes it when I get raises too, though it doesn’t actually affect him much these days (see allowance and not sweating the small stuff already).  But it makes me happy.  #bagladysyndrome
  • I am now making more than 2x what my starting salary was.
  • If DH were making what I’m making, he would be making more than 3x his starting salary #trailingspouse
  • My house is also worth a little more than 2x what it was when we bought it, according to our property taxes that are updated every year.
  • According to an inflation calculator, total inflation has been 47% during that time.  So I guess we’re beating inflation, which is good.
  • We’re supposed to have annual merit increases, but that’s kind of broken because we’ve had so many years with no pay raise.  Sensible departments do raises on a 3-5 year scale, but ours only has a one year look-back period, so it’s easy to get bad luck with publication timing.
  • The crazy thing is, I’m still underpaid for an economist with my record.  I guess that’s what happens when you don’t get outside offers.
  • The good thing about having a lower than expected salary is that I am more movable in the eyes of other departments.  The bad thing is that it might lead to lower salaries even if I’m movable because they figure they don’t have to bump me up as much to get me.
  • When I was talking with people this summer about, “My salary is X, will my salary be a problem/would I have to take a paycut if I moved” nobody blinked an eye.  One person was like, yeah, we pay our untenured research faculty (which you could be) more than that, even prorated to 9 months.
  • This was the last big bump I was eligible for.  I’m hoping so hard that my salary won’t matter that much because I will be going someplace else next year.
  • My bursary seems to have completely disappeared.  I got denied a $50 reimbursement (Desk rejection means half price submission fees) because of insufficient funds.  Nobody seems to be able to tell me what is going on– they won’t even respond to my emails to acknowledge that they have gotten the question.  I have another fund to draw from, but it is going to run out in a year and I kind of have all that money ear-marked for research purposes.  (It also hasn’t refilled for this year, but I have some of last year’s money left because I did so little travel.)
  • More digging and more emails– they have confirmed that I have zero bursary this year.  Which is bad because I have made travel and RA and research commitments that involve having a bursary.  Seems like they could have told me something about it before I started getting payments denied.
  • More emails.  Apparently my bursary was tied to being an associate professor and when I became a full professor I lost it.  And like, nobody noticed I had no bursary.  Well, technically the people denying my reimbursement requests noticed, but they didn’t flag it as being unusual even though *everyone* has some kind of bursary.  (This loss was not the case for anybody else in this history of our department or our closest sister department– every single other person who has gone up for full has had an endowed chair.  I’m the only one without.  This is not because my research record is worse or because I have less service, because neither of those are true.)  They are in the process of restoring my bursary with unmarked funds, but it may take a while.  At some point it’s going to be too late for me to not request travel permissions, so hopefully it will be figured out before then.  In the mean time I guess I float reimbursements.
  • I applied for a job in the midwest that’s close to DH’s family.  Even though there’s a supercreep on the faculty.  (He preys on female freshmen and was fired from another institution for doing so.  He will tell you this proudly if you ever meet him.  He likes to say that they’re legal and he won his wrongful termination lawsuit.)

14 Responses to “Finally got my promotion salary info”

  1. Revanche @ A Gai Shan Life Says:

    Congrats on the big bump!! I’m not sure if that was in the range you were expecting but it seems pretty decent. I especially hope that you’ll be able to move to a better position that pays a lot better, and soon.

    I love that shared finances work well for you both. I think we function similarly: his bumps and my bumps benefit both of us, though neither of us do allowances anymore because we found that it became easier to just budget in our various wants and needs without comparing to each other’s spending. Neither of us feels the need to spend more to match the other person for “fairness”, we make enough for both of us to have some of what we want some of the time and we don’t tend to choose to want (and GET, I idly want tons of things) many expensive things. This is heavily influenced by my stronger desire to retire ASAP than to have allll the nice goodies I might enjoy for a short while. Though the nice goodies I’m willing to enjoy cost a drop in the bucket compared to what we have to save for retirement so that helps too.

    That bursary situation sounds frustrating and rather annoying that no one could be bothered to tell you before your reimbursements were declined. Feels of a piece with the general trend of people being so unhelpful.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      They said it would be fixed last week. They are back to not responding to my emails. So who knows what is going on. Meanwhile I am unable to get dropbox for my new RAs (since they can’t get reimbursed yet), their pay is coming from the wrong account, I can’t request travel permission, and my reimbursement list is starting to pile up but I can’t request reimbursements.

      DH doesn’t have the allowance out of fairness but out of his need to spend all of an account, which he can do with an allowance but should not do with our entire savings account. I just spend whatever I want (mostly on donors choose and political things these days).

      • nicoleandmaggie Says:

        Apparently if you keep adding another person ccd to the email each time you ask the person in charge of giving you your new bursary number it takes 4 emails to get a response.

        I spent this morning requesting travel and submitting reimbursements!

      • Revanche @ A Gai Shan Life Says:

        Ooh that’s right! I had forgotten that was the reason for the allowance. But it meshes perfectly with our talks with JB about how to manage their money as they get older: learn how you work and set up your circumstances to fit.

  2. delagar Says:

    I’m now making two and a half times what I made when I started, but tbf what I made when I started was peanuts (a visiting assistant professor of English makes a salary you can go bankrupt on, as I soon discovered).

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      Yeah. My mom was also a humanities professor. My sister (BA engineering) and I had starting salaries almost double her salary at the time. I remember telling my sister she had to stop letting my mom pay for meals out every time.

  3. CG Says:

    Good luck with the job application!!

  4. nicoleandmaggie Says:


    Speak out against harming trans kids (links in the thread) if you live in Virginia.

  5. Linda Says:

    I’ve been at my current job for nearly 4 years and am really displeased with how changes made to the bonus system and paid time off program a little over a year ago have stalled my income growth. It used to be that my big bump in income came from an annual bonus that was based on the performance of my business unit. The bonus plan changed to be quarterly distributions for performance “above and beyond.” Now, just doing my job and helping the organization be successful isn’t enough. And the examples for what one needs to do to earn a bonus have no application to the type of work I do. I’ve asked outright about types of things to earn a bonus and until recently heard “Hmm…I guess you’re right and these examples don’t work for your job. We’ll figure it out.” I now have a couple projects that are supposed to be “bonus worthy,” so I’m hoping to get something at the end of the year.

    My salary increase was just over 2%, and the change in paid time off means that I can’t even save days off to earn a pay out at the end of the year (a perk of living in a state that requires PTO be either rolled over or paid out) because now we have “unlimited time off.”

    I like most of the people I work with and the work itself, but I’m sensitive to losing saving/purchasing power as prices go up and my salary doesn’t keep pace. I’ve been tapping into my network and keeping up with job openings, but I’m not able to commit time and energy to a full on job search right now due to stuff in my personal life taking up so much mental energy (renovation/construction at home that will lead to more income and another eye surgery in a few months). This makes me want to rant about how people who are managing chronic health conditions are so tapped that they can’t give “extra” to earn more money through corporate programs that only reward you for doing “extra.” Ugh.

    I know I’m actually in a very privileged place because I can live in a HCOL area and support myself, despite all these obstacles. I just can’t switch to a reduced schedule or join the early retirement brigade despite wanting and somewhat needing to, in order to manage all the damn medical appointments and self care. OK, please excuse the venting. I’m just so tired. *sigh*

  6. First Gen American Says:

    Like you, our salaries are close and we would flip flop on who was making more. We haven’t merged finances yet and have our system that works but may need to change things when we go to one salary.

    My pay outpaced inflation, I think because I have a skill that’s hard to fill. Technical sales requires an engineering degree, people skills, and icky stuff like the ability to cold call, close the deal, negotiate…so my type of job has always been in demand even during recessions because a lot of engineers don’t like the latter part of the requirements. I’d like to say I planned it that way, but mainly picked it for it’s work from home flexibility once I and kids.

    I hope you get to change uni’s soon. Congrats on the pay bump. I haven’t gotten one that big since I was in my 30’s, but I think I only had 1 year with a pay freeze so the rest of those 1% and 2% raises do add up over time.

  7. nicoleandmaggie Says:

    It looks like tons of stuff is matched at Donors Choose today– now is a good time to make a donation someplace you care about!

  8. This Is How You Lose the Time WarFaculty Member | xykademiqz Says:

    […] of salaries for my university system. One of the things that nudged me to go there was this post by the Grumpies (congrats on the promotion and associated raise to 1/2 of […]

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