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This Washington Post article about the horribleness that Texas officials are doing to trans kids in Texas made me cry. Please support Texas democrats this election season and donate to pro-trans causes and places like the ACLU.

In which Xyk discovers that she is underpaid compared to others in her department.  I need to write a post on this– but academic ladies especially, if you are at a public state school, your salary and all the salaries in your department are either available online or from asking the librarians at your school (our librarians will send them to you as a .pdf if you call them).  Look up your salary and the salaries of other members of your department.  Are you underpaid?  If so, you can do something about that without necessarily going on the market (it depends on your department/school/university), especially if you’re at an R1 that is concerned about equity.  I’ll write up a post suggesting things you can do one of these Mondays (or you can write in as an ask the grumpies if you want it as a Friday post– we’re running low on those but not low on posts talking about money).

It’s only recently that economists have started thinking, hey maybe women and minorities are just as rational as white men but they’re playing different games.

Andrew Van Dam is my absolute favorite WaPo reporter.  Some of you were wondering about high paying jobs for people who don’t go to college, also there’s some bonus questions about people who end up doing something other than what their major trained them for.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy Reduces Crime and Violence over 10 Years .  And it reduces it more if you provide some money with it.

This site is fun to play with even though it does not have my high school on it.  (And I’ve never been on facebook… so I’m not in the data anyway.)

Are men becoming feminine?  Check out this thread for a history of opinion pieces.

Activisms:  I have been doing things, I just forget to post them.  This week had a lot of donating for books and other lgbt+ stuff in red states on donorschoose.  This weekend I intend to write a lot of letters to voters with Vote Forward.


6 Responses to “Link love”

  1. Matthew D Healy Says:

    “You’re saying the agency representing Tom Cruise might be representing Amy Adams?

    Exactly. One of the things you often hear about other labor markets is ‘women are not assertive,’ or ‘women are not asking for raises,’ or ‘women are not putting their best foot forward,’ and so on. But if it’s the same agent who has the standard Hollywood contract where they get the same percentage slice of (the star’s earnings), they have every incentive to get as a big a contract for Amy as they do for Tom.”

    • Matthew D Healy Says:

      “One of the things we also often hear about as to why women don’t do as well in the labor market is that they have family duties and they don’t like to travel and they can’t be as committed to the work. But when a female lead and a male lead are in the same movie in the same remote location missing the same number of days away from home, none of that really applies. The fact that the work is so comparable, that it happens in the same place at the same time, that the people do it together, makes it a little bit different.”

  2. Matthew D Healy Says:

    That site does have my High School in Milwaukee, Wisconsin: “Marquette University HS exhibits high economic connectedness: 85.7% of the friends of low-income people have high incomes.”

    Guess I’m doing the right thing giving them money every year! I also give other places that helped educate me with one notable exception: I’ve never given Yale a cent and I never will because they don’t need my money.

  3. Wally Waffles Says:

    My colleagues who are trans health researchers and healthcare providers are also getting targeted (at work, at home) – even in blue states/bright blue cities. It’s horrible.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      So awful. And law enforcement is broken so they can keep harassing with impunity.

      • Matthew D Healy Says:

        I recently learned that reporter Nina Totenberg, who was a very close friend of Justice RBG, knew for a long time that RBG was much more ill than the public knew. Had she pressed RBG a little harder, could she have persuaded her to resign when Democrats controlled the Senate?

        If Purgatory exists, a big part of Mitch McConnell’s time there will likely be dedicated to how he manipulated SCOTUS Confirmations.

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