• Before I got my first paycheck for the year, DH’s raise was announced.  He’s making 3K more than I am now!
  • Neither our income percentile nor our marginal tax rate has changed with our two raises, even though it was a 10% raise for me (smaller % for DH).
  • It astonishes me how this is both a lot of money but also how very much more per year the people in the next income percentiles up make.
  • Housing calculators say that we can’t afford to buy a 2 million dollar house with 20% down on our joint income.  That’s limiting housing to 36% of pre-tax income.
  • Is it better to rent for $6K/mo or to buy for $10K/mo (mortgage + taxes)?  I guess there are calculators for that.
  • All of the above conjectures are WAY premature.  I should not even be thinking about them.  (But it is nice to dream.)
  • Said dreaming has spawned a bit of decluttering.  I actually decluttered some books, which I haven’t really done since the relative’s kids grew up and moved out.  I have decluttered children’s books as DC2 grows out of them, but this time we took grown-up books (including a lot of “how to be a professor” advice) to the local public library for their booksale.  Why not?
  • Next up is the good-will closet– we should actually take things to goodwill!
  • After that, DH’s office closet.  It has a combination of things we need to keep, things that will go to my sister if/when she ever decides to have kids (we have some high quality wooden kids stuff that I’d prefer go to family), and a bunch of stuff we don’t actually need (framed pictures and who knows what else).  We should at least move out the stuff we don’t really need.  Also tons and tons of hangers.
  • Last time MIL came to look after the kids, she bought more hangers for DC1’s closet.  I bet DH’s office closet was too packed for her to notice/get to the dozens, perhaps even hundreds, of hangers that are kept there.
  • DH is very picky about hangers so he only has pretty wooden hangers that match.
  • I’m not picky, but the last time we went on leave, I made my closet look pretty for potential renters by using only nice hangers and never really got more.
  • Our furniture has gotten extremely shabby since the pandemic started.  Mostly cat scratches and also a slight scent of cat pee on all of the couches since she did not like us being gone for our trips this summer.  If I do get another job, we will probably start over from scratch on the couches.
  • Schools are so eager to say they’ve got students from 50 states, that I suspect high school graduates from Wyoming can get into most colleges.  There were 5,914 total graduates in the state last year.  Assuming half are college-bound, that’s still under 3,000 graduates.  The undergraduate total enrollment at University of Wyoming is 9,342 and 55% of them are in-state, so around 5,100 in state students, conservatively assume 1/4 are freshmen => 1,300 attend UWyoming, meaning 1,700 do not.  There’s 5,300 colleges and universities in the US.  So… about 3 colleges for every remaining college-bound graduate if they want to check the Wyoming box in their presentations.
  • Sometimes I wonder how it is that I’m an adult and like, in charge of making so many actual decisions.  It’s a little crazy.  And yet, it’s been this way more than half my life at this point.
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7 Responses to “RBOC”

  1. CG Says:

    I hope all your clearing out becomes necessary soon! We are not even remotely thinking about moving but I really need to clear some stuff out, too. My mom is downsizing and I am caught between her wanting to get rid of all of the remaining childhood toys and books (or they have to go to me) and DH saying if we take anything we have to get rid of an equivalent amount (and our youngest is still playing with most of what we have). Both of them seem a little rigid on this and I haven’t quite figured out how to navigate it yet.

  2. Revanche @ A Gai Shan Life Says:

    Yay for two raises!!
    We also could not afford (according to my budgeting ways) 20% down and a 2M loan. I wouldn’t even commit to a 1M loan when we bought 5 years ago because I didn’t think our budget could take the strain of that large a monthly commitment. And considering all the other costs we have with the kids, I’m glad I insisted we stick with sub 1M. Though we can’t afford anything ELSE around here 😅
    Are those decent plastic hangers? I wonder if it be worth the shipping cost for me to buy them from you 😬 We need hangers and have failed to do anything about it.
    Yay for decluttering!
    We’ve given up just about the last of JB’s beloved baby clothes to friends with new babies (*sob*) and I’m currently figuring out my closet.
    Adulthood seems so weird.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      It is definitely not worth the shipping cost. You can get 18 hangers of this type for $3 at Target.com right now.

      Not having daycare expenses is pretty amazing, gotta say.

    • Alice Says:

      I envy you if you’re redoing your closet, Revanche. I have been annoyed by my closet here since the day I moved in. I’m not tall enough to use the high bar without standing on my toes, and the low bar cuts across the hems of almost every dress I own. Plus my hangers are a mixed bag that include ones that clothes slide off really easily.

      …this is making me think that I should put closet hardware and a redo of the dang space on a list. It’s such a minor thing to be annoyed by that it keeps not seeming worth the investment… but it’s a daily argh that would be nice to have sorted.

      • nicoleandmaggie Says:

        We’ve redone the hardware in what is DC2’s closet twice– first long before DC2 was born to turn it into DH’s game storage closet, then back to a closet and shelves for a kid. It is surprisingly easy compared to a lot of other home changes. There are all sorts of clever solutions for things like flexible bar height.

  3. Revanche @ A Gai Shan Life Says:

    It’s pretty silly that I keep forgetting to buy them. I’ll add it to my next Target order.

    Another thought on decluttering: considering how people keep moving stuff over to us as THEY declutter I’m going to have to get a lot more ruthless about my choices of what to keep.

    @Alice: I’m only redoing the closet contents (mainly decluttering) but PiC has customized a couple of our closets a few times. It may be a couple hundred dollars worth of hardware but comparatively speaking, it is a simpler fix than most other house things. I bet it’d be worth it to be not frustrated with your closet which I imagine is a daily use location of your house.

  4. First Gen American Says:

    Our attic is such a dumping ground. I need to get back in the habit of having at least one thing up on Facebook marketplace at all times.

    I am excited you have something interesting to dream about. Best of luck to you.

    I’m going through a funk driven by caregiver burnout and it’s just hard to think clearly and make good choices right now.

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