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I’m not sure why I didn’t get many links this week. Maybe because I rewatched the Lizzie Bennett Diaries (in conjunction with reading The Secret Diary of Lizzie Bennett, Amazon affiliate link) in my spare time instead of surfing the internet. At work I had a bunch of meetings and so much service that required me to actually pay attention so that probably had something to do with it too (I’m still only at May 2022 in my “catch up on emails with econ abstracts” since the pandemic started project– 325 emails remain).

Voter registration before the midterms is ending soon in a lot of states (like, possibly this Monday or Tuesday depending on where you live).  Be sure to check your registration!   If you’re not registered (and are a US citizen), get registered ASAP!

The midterms could decide a lot of really important things.  We need to keep the majority of the house democratic and we need more real democrats in the Senate.  Because if we don’t, the supreme court isn’t going to protect us from legislation that strips away our rights or that harms vulnerable populations.  We’ve already lost the right to control our own bodies in many states.  State and local elections are extremely important as well.  There’s coordinated movements to ban books about minorities, women, LGBTQ+ people and your school board or city counsel (in the case of public libraries) is going to make the decision about what is available for children to read where you live.  State and local legislatures are going to decide if trans kids get legally harassed.  These are all incredibly important issues.  Activism is so important now.

What can you do?

Find your local democratic headquarters or your local indivisible group and see what’s going on.  Now is a great time for block walking, or even just going to cafes and helping potential voters register/check their voter registration.

Want to sit at home and write postcards?  They have several campaigns going right now where your postcard could have a big impact on voter turnout for down-ballot candidates in swing states.  Here’s an example of postcards (not affiliate because I was too lazy).

Another option is writing letters to voters– the big send for Vote Forward is Saturday, October 29th, after which it will be too late to write letters for them.  I can do 20 letters to voters in the time it takes to do 10 postcards (there’s a lot less writing).  If you’ve got a printer, this is a great way to reach voters.  I also enjoy using cool postage stamps and I close the envelopes with Be a Voter stickers.  Currently they have campaigns for lots of different states that encourage voting for marginalized groups, for registered democrats, and also now they are running some experiments on issue voting such as abortion and climate change.

Something is better than nothing.  Anything you can do to help will combine with everything everyone else is doing.  Maybe we can hold fascism back or even prevent its spread.  The longer we keep it at bay, the more children will have a chance to grow up happy and healthy.  The more people will not have their lives ruined.  The more people will not lose their lives.



2 Responses to “Link Love”

  1. rose Says:

    THANK YOU for the push on elections. Did another 100 post cards.

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