• As I dig into old drafts for post ideas, I wonder, am I running out of ideas?
  • I guess a lot of my brain cycles are taken up with incipient fascism and there’s only so much I can talk about that without everyone getting depressed.  Plus my kids are older and their business is their business to a much greater extent.  Nobody wants to discuss teens or even pre-teens like they want to discuss toddlers.
  • I will say that my kids are really really neat.  Watching them grow up into their own people is so amazing.  It’s crazy that DC1 will be off to college in a year and we think zie is going to be ok on hir own.
  • That said, I am a little concerned about DC1 being able to actually feed hirself.  Everything else, no problem.  Choosing food and getting it eaten before low blood sugar sets in, maybe not as confident.  (This is something zie inherited from me, but I didn’t realize until I was married and DH pointed it out because his mom has the same problem if she doesn’t eat.  At least DC1 grew up knowing.)  Like I’ve said before, a college with full dining hall service would be ideal.
  • DC2 grew a full inch last month.  Now 4’9″.  Soon I will be the shortest person in the house except for the cat.
  • Maybe I’ve said all the things I had to say.  Like, I had 30-odd years to think up the things that got detailed long posts on the blog back when we started and now I’ve already written about them and don’t need to write about them again.  So that leaves little twitter-sized snippets.  But I don’t have twitter, so they end up on these RBOC.
  • I have been having a lot of headaches recently.  I am not a fan.  I don’t know if it’s pressure or menopause or not enough stretching my upper-back/neck after doing various exercises with dumbells (lateral lifts are hard!).  Or maybe I’m just not sleeping correctly.  Stretches, massages, hot baths, and just heat in general seem to help (also OTC painkillers, though sometimes it takes two kinds).  Also it not being overcast helps.
  • I’m definitely getting to the age where I can talk about my aches and pains ad infinitum.  I try not to in polite company though!
  • Exercise continues to be happening.  I think I feel more nimble and stronger?  It’s not as obvious as with DH who has been doing it for a year now.

18 Responses to “RBOC”

  1. Maya Says:

    I, for one, would love to see you keep posting! Are you a bit relieved about election results? (I’m breathing a bit easier in MI.)

  2. Revanche @ A Gai Shan Life Says:

    I’ve definitely noticed that my own longer post ideas are fewer than before. We have a LOT less family drama and a lot more therapy which is good! Without wanting to pry into their personal business, though, I AM very interested in preteens and teens and how they think as much as infants and toddlers. When I was a teen, I was too wrapped up in my need for survival, I didn’t get to be one so much. I would love to hear more stories about awesome teens growing into cool humans, like Cloud shares. It gives me hope (and maybe guidance) for our own future.

    I hope this feeling is more about having been preoccupied with fascism and the pandemic than running out of things to say because I definitely want to continue hearing from y’all.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      Well there are plenty of ask the grumpies in the queue for now and we’re only on year 2012 of unfinished drafts, so it will likely be a while before we run out of posts. New ideas otoh…

  3. omdg Says:

    I definitely want to discuss pre-teens and teens. I think the generation just after us is more vocal about all their child related woes, and I suspect in about 5 years we will be hearing about this age group all over the internet as that generation’s kids grow up. I also would be willing to bet that in 10 years the internet is going to be full of menopause stuff also. So please do continue to be on the cutting edge of this as long as your kids’ privacy is not threatened!

  4. xykademiqz Says:

    Yeah, I sometimes feel I’ve run out of things to say, but the thing is you always get new readers who’ve never read those posts. And if you wrote about something years ago, you can write about it again and it will be new and different anyway because life and new experiences. I don’t remember half the stuff I wrote about anyway.
    For me, the interest in blogging comes and goes. The more I blog, the more I want to blog. When a post has engagement, it does inspire me. But yeah, there aren’t many academic blogs left at all; folks tweet instead. It does get lonely sometimes in my neck of the blogosphere woods (or more like the blogosphere desert).

  5. rose Says:

    I am also interested in pre-teen and teen AND what looking back even two years you both saw/did and did not see/do that you would now do differently or the same. Each decade things around this age group has changed dramatically in terms of temptations/problems/solutions. so please share…… while maintaining privacy. Also what you hear/see about those age groups perceptions of what is happening around them.
    The answers from the election are not all in. So far there have been good and bad things happening from my perspective. And many things I flat do not understand. How will seniors survive if they have to pay out of pocket for medical insurance and have no social security funds …. or is that the real solution for the GOP desire to reward only the very rich…. the old die……. like the Lt. Gov of Texas said seniors should do as our death would benefit the young more than our lives…… But he did not model dying first as an example I did notice. Anyway it appears in many states senior are voting to cut medicare and social security and I am beginning to think those states should set the example first for the next five years and those states who do not agree with that idea can then see how it works.
    So. please keep writing.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      AARP needs to do a better job of educating voters. Usually they’re on top of this!

      • rose Says:

        Hearing (on social media) AARP is only interested in selling insurance and maintaining their own salaries. And that, as a primarily insurance sales entity, it’s management runs deep red … totally NOT AT ALL purple. I do not have personal involvement in it …. but maybe you know people who do.

  6. First Gen American Says:

    Maybe you should add a monthly round up post of greatest hits. I have a horrible memory and I for one would probably enjoy re-reading some of your archives and seeing how everyone’s opinion has changed now that Your original readers are 10+ years older.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      I had been adding things to link love occasionally, but it takes effort. When I remember that we’ve answered a similar question on ask the grumpies I try to dig them up and link but very few people actually click on the links (see last Friday for example).

  7. nicoleandmaggie Says:

  8. Debbie M Says:

    Every young teen I know (by which I really mean every young teen whose parents I know) go by they, except one who used to go by they and now switches between they and he. It’s a small sample, but interesting.

    Not that I’m blogging, but around here we’ve taken up the motto “things change.” That’s an alternative to our previous “we’re old.” One example is the first edition of “Your Money or Your Life” which said to put all your money in 30-year bonds, compared to today. And before that, rich people invested mostly in railroad stocks. I’ve switched from having most of my cash in my local credit union to an online “high interest” credit union and no longer get CDs. I have a Target RedCard (debit card that gives you 5% back on all purchases, but does have access to your checking account), but haven’t quite pulled the trigger on the Target Circle Reward program (same deal? but there are also coupons?) Trying to keep up with modern times, we often ask each other about what “those kids these days” are doing.

    Outside of financial stuff, there are all the changes with covid and with Republicans going extremist and with climate change, of course.

    There’s also the changes with mainstream people learning about marginalized people. I’m really still quite often learning about another way I’m privileged.

    There’s also the change that certain things are very difficult to own these days. Electronic media can become unsupported and certainly can’t be lent out. Electronic devices can be updated into oblivion as updates take more and more space, or they can be not updated and then hacked, or they can be transitioned to a monthly payment thing. I really hate this. I’m definitely that old fart that still gets my favorite books in paper, my favorite movies on DVDs, and my favorite music on CDs. What happens where there are no DVD or CD players anymore? What happens when people stop publishing paper books?

    Another interesting change: gas stoves used to be best. They were easier to control than those spiral electric burners, and gas burns cleaner than electricity made mostly from coal, it’s more efficient, and it’s cheaper. But now induction cookers are easier to control (and clean, mostly) than gas stoves, and more electricity is made from green sources, and gas is gotten via fracking, and we now know that natural gas in the house isn’t great for your health.

    So, yes, you may have covered all the basic topics already, but there are always new things to talk about, and I do love when you link to a classic blog post from the past.

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