• While I was gone both DC2 and DH made muffins without recipes.  After seeing the results, I realized that DH was emulating Keith from the Try Guys– he made cinnamon mini-muffins with raisin bran on top.  DC2 is definitely the Zach.  Hir muffins had 3 kinds of tea and… peppermint marshmallows(!).  They were … interesting.  I am impressed that they both made reasonable muffins without even looking at a base recipe.  But DC2 is really the only person eating hir muffins, though zie brought one to school and one of the friends zie gave a piece to asked for a second piece.
  • Houseflies are nature’s cat toys.
  • I had been unable to do many reverse flies (this is an exercise thing) and then all of a sudden it was no problem to do them!  Growth!  I’m getting stronger!
  • The weird thing is that some exercises that were trivial when I started (arm circles, wall reach) are now more difficult.  Not hard, but like, I can tell they’re exercises whereas I couldn’t before.  Are my arms heavier?  Are there muscles resisting that didn’t have the strength to resist before?  These are warm-up exercises so it’s not that I’m doing them after more intense workouts.
  • I gained 4 pounds traveling.  I ate a LOT of really good fish tacos.
  • Taskmaster is just SO GOOD.
  • Christmas seems to have started later this year– last year it seemed really early, I guess.  I was a little surprised by Thanksgiving because it didn’t get not hot until like a week before.  In-laws haven’t updated their kids’ wishlists yet.  I hope they do by Thanksgiving so we can shop on the couch after eating turkey.
  • This year my sister is going to her boyfriends’ extended family celebration, so we are doing a tiny only-us thanksgiving (with traditional food– last year we did Brazilian take-out) and then going to visit them that Saturday.
  • My in-laws are planning on doing Christmas pictures with a professional photographer on Christmas Eve (the two youngest grandkids weren’t in the last picture).  Orders are:  Grey or Red only. I don’t own anything red (#Spring) and I wore my two grey outfits in the last two professional photos and I’m pretty sure neither of them currently fit (#PandemicWeightGainNeverLeft).  I have a lot of black dresses that fit though… So I either need to buy some grey clothing or ask if black is ok.  I hate shopping.
  • Update: I do have this one dress that I call the frumpy teaching dress that’s grey and white (Posh (not sponsored) makes a face mask that exactly matches it!).  Completely forgot about it.  Presumably there will be children in front of me (there are 8 children) so it won’t be so obvious.  Though I guess DC1 is taller than I am so might be behind me!  One day I will be the shortest person in these pictures(!)  That’s what happens when you marry into a tall family.
  • It’s amazing how green part of your lawn can get when there’s a water leak.
  • I recently visited a place I lived for two years as a child and one thing that really stuck out– the crows sound the same there as they did when I was a kid (caw caw caw) but they sound different than crows elsewhere.  Birds really do have regional accents.  Though out here it’s all grackles and buzzards.  I’ve always felt a fondness for crows and seagulls that I don’t have for other birds.  Though I have a really good robin imitation and I do appreciate viewing hummingbirds and cardinals and I dunno, peacocks (though I don’t really like to hear peacocks).
  • I found out I did not give Covid to the one guy at the summer conference who couldn’t go home if he got it who I sat next to at dinner (outdoors) the day before I knew.  Masks + ventilation rock.
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20 Responses to “RBOC”

  1. First Gen American Says:

    I DO NOT have a fondness for crows. Our last house somehow attracted a few crows which was fine. Before long though, they told their friends and we had hundreds living in the pine forest behind our house. I hated it with a passion and kept my windows closed to keep the noise out.

    I’m back to everything not fitting me again. Sadly the weight loss didn’t stick. I’ve been doing too much tired eating. (That’s when you eat sugary junk to try to get energy because you are tired). This has gotta get fixed somehow. Very frustrated with myself.

  2. 'Snough Says:

    Houseflies are also nature’s dog toys. My dog is fascinated — just fascinated — by them.

  3. CG Says:

    Can you clarify Taskmaster? Show? App? Very on-top-of-it friend?

    I am watching Magpie Murders on PBS–so good. With a competent, attractive, late-middle-aged woman as the main character. It’s weird to have to wait a week in between episodes.

    Middle child and I also just started watching Extraordinary Attorney Woo, a Korean language show about an autistic lawyer who overcomes challenges and uses her different way of seeing the world to solve mysteries others can’t. We liked the first episode very much.

    Where we live we have a huge seasonal crow population. I used to love the sound of crows because they sound so wild and free and I associate that sound with warm memories of camping with my family as a kid. But now it’s too much. One sounds wild and free. 200 sound…oppressive. I did not know they had regional accents, though–that’s fascinating!

  4. KGC Says:

    Unless I am misreading your sentence (entirely possible), I think there’s a pronoun slip at the end of your first bullet. I have occasionally seen someone point this out to you before so am assuming you’ll appreciate the feedback but if not – just ignore this!

  5. nicoleandmaggie Says:

    Did 20 letters to voters yesterday. 10 postcards to voters tonight (technically I’m doing 6 and DH is doing 4). https://postcardstovoters.org/

  6. Jenny F. Scientist Says:

    I must now go make muffins and peppermint marshmallows, though I do not plan to combine them.

  7. xykademiqz Says:

    I fucking LOVE crows. ‘Tis all

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