Ask the grumpies: Do you loofah?

Leah asks:

 Loofah/Scrubbie or washcloth or hands to clean your body?

#1 I guess a washcloth or nothing?  Depending on if it’s a bath or shower.

#2 Loofah

7 Responses to “Ask the grumpies: Do you loofah?”

  1. Steph Says:

    I use a mesh exfoliating towel I found at H-mart. A former roommate also had one she bought in Japan. They’re similar material to those mesh bath poofs, except they lay flat to dry (so they don’t get mildewy) and I can throw them in the wash in a delicate bag (so I don’t feel like they’re getting grungy).

  2. Alice Says:

    Pretty much always just a bar of soap/hands directly. We switched to bar soap for most of the family, so everyone has their own. The only exception is my eczema-prone younger kid, who loves soap and would probably dissolve a bar’s worth in her bath weekly if she could. She gets liquid soap doled out to her, both to save on soap and to keep her from breaking out like crazy.

    (Should anyone know of any eczema-friendly bar soaps that don’t dissolve easily, I would like to know. Especially if it has any sort of fragrance, because she loves scented things.)

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      So, this info may not be out of date but the three eczema friendly soaps dermatologists have recommended to our family are:
      Dove (unscented)
      Oil of Olay (unscented)

      Of these three, the only one that doesn’t dissolve easily is Purpose. So if you haven’t tried that, I would suggest it.

      We mainly use liquid soaps for the three people in the family who get severe eczema, either Dove or Aveeno (both unscented).

      For shampoo DC2 and I use Burt’s Bees baby shampoo (I don’t get eczema but I have lots of skin allergies). DH uses liquid Castille soap. DC1 seems to have outgrown most of hir eczema except if we’re not careful with the hands so just uses a regular shampoo.

  3. bogart Says:

    Soap/hands/washcloth for me. On the washcloth/loofah (etc.) issue, I like having something I can just toss in with the regular laundry. And loofahs in particular seem — mold prone? The plastic poofy alternatives, not as much, but somehow tossing them in the washing machine (though I assume it’s possible, now that I think about it), just never really occurred to me, and if not washed they seem to me (and probably are) grubby, pretty quickly.

  4. kt Says:

    Thanks to my northern European cultural heritage, it’s body brush for me. Apparently in the US these are sold as dry brushes. I like them because they are easy to hang to dry (avoiding the mold issue) and if one gets the all-natural kind, they can go in the compost at end-of-life. With the long handle, it’s easy to get the middle of the back.

  5. loribeth61 Says:

    I can’t resist jumping in on this one. :) I used a washcloth & bar soap for most of my life, but about 5-10 years ago I switched to the nylon net puffs with body wash (Aveeno, unscented), and I love it. The washcloths never dried out properly, especially in the summertime (& started smelling, unless I changed them every other day). I rinse and squeeze out the puff and hang it up to dry after each shower, and throw it (inside a net bag) in the washing machine whenever I do a load of towels. I recently got my dh — who always used bar soap and just his hands — to try both — after 37 years of marriage, and now he’s a convert too!

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