Link love

How nachos and nazis are related but also not.

Fascinating story about how those ivermectin pushers defrauded people.

Hey!  Double-blind actually is important.

What’s up with A Natural Scientist?  Find out here!

What’s up with Wandering Scientist?  Find out here!

Ohio measles outbreak.  Unvaccinated children are hospitalized.

Interactive maps of the Roman world!


Did Attractive Girls Get Worse Grades When Classes Moved Online?


9 Responses to “Link love”

  1. nicoleandmaggie Says:

    I’ve been doing 10 postcards to voters a night but here are some other ways you can help:

  2. Jenny F. Scientist Says:

    My favorite fact about measles (immune amnesia and the possibility of later fatal encephalitis aside) is that it is probably the most contagious disease in the WORLD.

  3. Matthew D Healy Says:

    It’s sure been interesting being an expert on Virology posting science in this pandemic.

    Yesterday somebody called me a Nazi on LinkedIn for my post recommending everybody who hasn’t had both the latest round of COVID-19 booster shots and flu shots get them ASAP.

    Today a friend asked me about a claim by some friend of theirs that the Spike Protein from vaccines can itself give people COVID-19. Which it can’t.

    Some vaccines can occasionally spread the actual disease (the live virus polio vaccine can do this, for instance), but the mRNA vaccines cannot. The live virus polio vaccine has a complete virus that has been modified to be non-virulent, but occasionally it mutates back into the virulent form. The US stopped using the live virus polio vaccine because of this issue and only uses inactivated virus polio vaccines that cannot mutate. The live virus polio vaccine is more effective than the inactive one, so it continues to be used in places where polio is more common than it is in the US. The risk to benefit ratio of a vaccine depends on many factors!

    The mRNA COVID-19 vaccines have mRNA encoding a portion of the Spike Protein, not the entire virus. As I told my friend, “if you want to train dogs to chase Mercedes cars and don’t want to spend lots of money buying Mercedes cars, you can just get some Mercedes badges and glue them to whatever cars you have. But gluing a Mercedes logo onto my Toyota Corolla isn’t going to turn my Corolla into a Mercedes.”

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      On linked in of all places!

      My friends husband was fully vaccinated and picked up a strain of Covid in Portugal and has been sick for over a week. Availability heuristic keeps me safe. Plus the rsv strain going around this semester is supposed to be brutal.

      The fork video I thought was a great explainer of the mRNA vaccine technology.

      • Matthew D Healy Says:

        LinkedIn is usually more professional than others, but in recent years the idiocy has begun leaking there too.

        I wouldn’t presume to tell a lawyer or a banker or a surgeon about their jobs, about which I have no expertise, but lots of people feel comfortable telling me that I am wrong about Virology. Doesn’t seem to matter them that I’ve got >20 years experience studying Viruses whereas most of them couldn’t have told you what a Coronavirus was in 2019. Bet most of them still don’t know about enveloped versus non-enveloped viruses, or DNA vs RNA viruses, or why retroviruses are different from both, or attenuated virus (also known as “live virus” but no virus is alive) vs inactivated virus (aka “killed virus”) vs recombinant protein virus vs mRNA vaccines or the reasons why each of those platforms is used, or…

      • nicoleandmaggie Says:


        Today we also found out that DH’s brother’s family has covid (Daughter has had it for 2 weeks and son just got it). These new cases people are getting don’t sound great. Neither does the flu/rsv thing that’s been going around this year. I’m glad my kids are still voluntarily masking.

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