Annual Charitable Giving Post

Donors choose has been getting most of my charity money this year.  Whenever I see someone being anti-Trans, I donate $25 to someone in a not-Blue state who has put books for transgender kids on their list.  (Currently that’s averaging about $100/week.) Whenever I see someone being antisemitic, I donate to a teacher who has Maus on their list.  When I see CRT being threatened, $25 to non-Blue states with books that represent underrepresented minorities.   Here’s someone on my follow list whose donations currently have a match [update:  looks like the match expired :( I was gonna donate because DC1’s government teacher said a bunch of racist stuff in class today.].   Here’s the next teacher on my follow list whose list is set to expire if it doesn’t get funding.

You also may want to check in with a local librarian to see if they’ve been getting threats from organized fascists about stocking books that support underrepresented minorities, and if so, give them your thanks and support both verbally and with a donation.  (I’ve been deliberately checking out books on the new banned lists– some of them have been pretty good!  Though there are a LOT of angsty graphic artists out there who are maybe not my middle-aged demo.)

Planned Parenthood needs your money.

We need the ACLU to help us fight fascism.

Help pro-choice women Democrats get elected to office with Emily’s List.

Here are some charitable donations pages from previous years.

Grumpy nation, who are we missing?  Where should charitable dollars be going this year?


5 Responses to “Annual Charitable Giving Post”

  1. Steph Says:

    Thanks for the regular reminders about these causes :)

    With the loss of free lunches and additional government support that started during covid, consider donating to your local food bank too.

  2. Jenny F. Scientist Says:

    Local abortion funds and food banks have gotten a lot of my donations lately.

  3. Revanche @ A Gai Shan Life Says:

    Ooh, The Human Utility, the Navajo Water Project, and my friend’s involved with the Zetas of Charlotte Benevolent Foundation who gives scholarships to young WOC (, I just donated to their fundraiser but she tells me that they take donations for scholarships all year.

    Obviously I spent a ton of time helping One Spirit for the Lakota stuff this year, and put in quite a bit of money too. (And if anyone wants to contribute, y’all are still welcome to!:

    Mid-South Immigration Advocates, Inc Survivor’s Project provides support to survivors of violence:

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