Ask the grumpies: What is in your everyday carry (EDC)?

‘Snough Asks:

What’s your “carry” list, the things you always make sure you have when you leave the house? (A different version of this is “what do you have in your pockets?”)

Ooooh I love this question!

Minimum:  Phone.  Keys, which includes my wallet attached with my ID cards and credit cards and library card.  Currently I also have a bunch of light rail passes for various cities, but my last attached wallet didn’t have room so those lived on DH’s bureau but sometimes I would forget them when traveling to Boston or Palo Alto or Chicago or…  I have a ton of keys (parents’ housekey for example) and keychains and outdated small grocery cards (remember when they made little discount cards you could keep on your keychain?) so this is a big lump.  People make fun of me but I haven’t lost it since it got huge.  There’s also a very out of date small picture of DC’s generation from DH’s family.  It is missing 3 of the grandkids but does have both of mine when they were smaller.  That will likely get replaced this Christmas.

Work (all of this in a single bag):  Phone.  Keys (see above).  Watch (currently sporting an apple watch, but I still have my 22 year old Cassio that I may go back to).  Wedding ring (currently using DH’s engineering ring because my wedding ring is too small, but I may be able to go back as we head into winter).  Glasses (these I keep in the car).  Passion Planner.  Moleskine planner.  Ipad Pro (with case and pen).  Erasers for luck.  Hand sanitizer.  A data key on a lanyard that is branded by a rival university (this was an excellent conference gift).  Kleenex.  A larabar.  Feminine products.  Huh, just found some extra vitamins in there– that would have been useful to know yesterday. Extra N95 and KF94.  And new:  I bought myself some pretty things from jetpens (not sponsored, I just love them): pen case, multipen (comes with pencil), highlighter, Sarasa pen in school colors that I use for denoting meetings in my hourly planner, metallic violet pen, white pen (for very small white-outs).  I think that’s it?

I don’t have an answer from #2, but IIRC, she just brings her wallet.  (No cell phone!)

Grumpy Nation, what is your Every Day Carry?


13 Responses to “Ask the grumpies: What is in your everyday carry (EDC)?”

  1. bogart Says:

    Hmmm. If I’m just leaving the house, which might be to go for a walk in the adjacent woods or to bike to nearby retail, then my phone which also has my driver’s license, one credit card, and $20 stashed in the case, and, if retail-bound, an N95.

    If I’m going somewhere in the car, add keys.

    Possibly my wallet, which adds debit card, a different credit card, health insurance card, and possibly more cash.

    I keep reading glasses many places (car, office, backpack I use to transport my laptop, throughout the house to name a few), but need them anytime I’m anywhere I need to, well, read. This doesn’t mean I remember them, but I do have a tiny folding pair I sometimes stash in my pocket in case I’m out and about without (otherwise) having them.

    If office, then laptop and envomask. If working elsewhere (outdoors), then probably charger as well, unless I don’t expect to be there long.

    I keep a pair of running shoes, shorts, and a sportsbra in my car.

    I am pretty obsessive about not carrying more stuff with me than I need. Sometimes this means I want stuff I do not have with me.

  2. Alice Says:

    Cell phone with one of those sticker pockets. In the pocket: $40 cash, driver’s license, credit card, health insurance cards for me/my daughter. And keys. I usually only leave the property with these– when my daughter hit playground age, I got pretty definite all of my clothes needing decent pockets so that the purse was optional.

    If I’m going someplace on foot with my daughter, I usually try to bring a small bag with bandaids/gauze/injury cleaning wipes in one of my pockets. This is mostly because she fell and scraped her hands while climbing on some rocks when we were on a walk a few years ago. It did not feel great to be walking 0.25 miles home with a wailing, minorly bleeding 3-year-old. The magical healing power of bandaids would have turned that whole thing around.

    In the car: I keep masks, couple of hair bands, and a small first-aid kit. This time of year, I also keep a fabric hat and gloves in the car.

    I have hand sanitizer that lives in the car, but have seldom used it in the last 6 months or so. I used to keep a phone charger cord and a Fitbit charger cord in the car to charge things up on 30+ minute drives, but took them out not long after the start of the pandemic– I don’t go anywhere that far away with any frequency anymore.

    In the purse: pens, calendar, iPad (usually), and checkbook if I’m going someplace that expects to be paid by check. And prescription reading glasses, since I haven’t gotten bifocals yet (but do pretty actively need to– I’m getting tired of switching my glasses all of the time).

    The purse comes along if I need to use any potential downtime in a waiting room or if I have a work meeting I’m going to have to attend from a parking lot– if I need to attend a Zoom meeting that runs too closely to a scheduled in-person commitment, I use my phone as a hotspot and can participate in the conversation and see presented materials on the iPad. I’ve been doing the parking lot meeting thing a lot over the last few months because of meetings that were set up to run right next to my kid’s school drop-off or pick-up times. It feels a little weird, but it gets the job done.

  3. 'Snough Says:

    I carry . . . more than I need to, I think. My planner bag is like a swiss-army-knife of useful stuff, but much of it is now useful for historical rather than current reasons, and I’m hoping to cut back a bit.

    Something I always carry (in that bag) that other people don’t usually carry, but I’m not planning to cut back on: cloth napkin, chopsticks, spoon.

    My sister found a pair of pince-nez glasses that fit in a pocket on her cellphone, and those are super helpful for spur-of-the-moment reading needs. Like Bogart, I stash reading glasses all the heck over the place, so I think I might switch the planner-bag pair for the kind my sister has.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      I’m always grateful when I have an extra spoon or fork in my bag since I often forget mine with my lunch. But that only tends to happen when I’ve been traveling and then it has to get washed. Maybe I should consider having a permanent piece of cutlery.

    • bogart Says:

      Oh! I just googled and think those glasses might be thin optics? I will probably buy a pair but will wait until January so I can use FSA money — this year’s is all gone.

      Yeah, I don’t carry cutlery on my person but do keep a spoon in my car. And I have a small cooler in which I often pack my work lunch, and keep fork/spoon/knife/napkin in its side pocket. We also generally have reusable/washable such items (well, except the napkin) sitting around in my office’s kitchen.

  4. yetanotherpfblog Says:

    I have it down to a checklist I recite when leaving the house: “Keys, wallet, phone, glasses, headphones, mask.”

    Add water bottle if I’ll be out for a while and lactase pills if food is involved.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      one of my college ex boyfriends was like “wallet watch glasses keys” which I swear goes through my head every time I leave the house even though I don’t have a wallet! And it has been decades!

  5. Steph Says:

    Cell phone with a $20 and a piece of red plastic tucked inside the (opaque) case. The $20 is emergency cash. The red plastic can be placed over my phone flashlight to produce a night vision-friendly red beam (sometimes necessary for my work).

    Keys: car key & fob, house & mailbox, work (x2), work fob, library card, luggage key. I also got a keyring ID holder for my work ID, and have a souvenir keychain on there too. It makes for a giant pile of keys, but it’s also harder to lose them and I don’t have to dig my work ID out of my wallet when I need it.

    Wallet: Driver’s license, one credit card, debit card, insurance cards, cash. Sometimes I carry a little card holder that fits into my pocket, sometimes I use a wristlet that I can fit my phone into and clip my keys onto.

    I also often have a water bottle and spare mask and things like that, but the above is the bare minimum.

  6. Revanche @ A Gai Shan Life Says:

    If it’s just me or me and JB then…
    Primary stuff: Cell phone, mask, wallet, keys. Plus the secondary go-to bag with tissues, hair ties, my parking placard, band aids, a few other useful things when out and about. I should add some pens, I took them out a while back and forgot to replace them. A clipboard with the current letter I’m writing to elder friend, I usually have one on the go.

    If Smol is involved, add snacks and water bottles, diaper pack, and a toy or two.

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