Grumpy Rumblings 2022 Year in Blogging

Can’t believe another year has passed.  Let’s look at some stats!  I will note that some of these stats may be undercounts because wordpress stats has been wonky much of December this year and hasn’t been recording any thing it’s been tracking for some weeks.

Traffic is down compared to last year.  Posts are down a bit (202 this year compared to 209)), and comments are also down.

These are the posts that got the most views in 2022:

Four of these are from 2022 (Last year only two were from 2021!) and, for the first time, the post from students trying to plagiarize a really common composition assignment not only isn’t #1, it isn’t in the top 10. We have lost the market on plagiarizing a short essay about a relative’s wedding. (It still got 480 views though.)  Some of our other common standbys are still in the top 10 though (liberty tabletop review, percent vs. percentage point, our parenting philosophy, etc.)

According to our stats, here’s another five of the most popular posts from 2022:

Ok, what I’m getting from this is either I have had a really bad year OR there are suddenly a lot more people hate reading us and a lot fewer search engines finding us.  Are you hate reading or just sympathetic? Was my year really as terrible as it seems from traffic? Let us know!

Top referring sites were (same sites but slightly different order from last year):

Most visitors came from The United States. Canada & the UK came next.  Germany is inching up.

Our most commented post was Add me to the numbers of people who got covid for the first time this past month (note to self for next year:  this stat is now hidden under “insights” which is now a tab on site stats) (Thank you previous self!  Also, self next year, it’s been further hidden in the comments part– you have to scroll down and change to comments by posts and pages where it says comments by authors) (Thank you previous self!)

I can’t get the most active commenters for the year, only for what appears to be all time.  So what I’m doing is looking at how many pages of comments each person in the top 6 (which is all they show) gave this year (each page has 20 comments) :( These were the most active commenters of all time, sorted by the number of comments in the past year, but I may be missing newer active commenters or regulars who have changed the email they login with over the years.

1.  Debbie M 9 pages
2.  Revanche@agaishanlife 9 pages
3.  First Gen American 7 pages
4.  CG 6 pages
5.  Alice 4 pages
6.  Bogart 3 pages

Debbie M has a bunch more on that 9th page than Revanche, but it was pretty close.

Yay Debbie M!  This means you get to tell us where to donate the proceeds from our most recent month’s sales (plus a bump because amazon sales are also way down).    Either tell us and link up in the comments (if you want more exposure) or email us at grumpyrumblings at gmail if you want it to be more secret-like.

Any blog commentary or highlights from the grumpy gallery?  Also, congratulate Debbie M in the comments.  :)


17 Responses to “Grumpy Rumblings 2022 Year in Blogging”

  1. Revanche @ A Gai Shan Life Says:

    Yay Debbie M!

    Definitely not hate reading, but you knew that about me at least. It feels like this was a tougher year than we’d have expected for a lot of folks. Esp since you did catch COVID and you had to travel for work and a few other things that weren’t great.

    I personally can’t get my head around what 2022 was really like, because so much of it was tense and anxious.

  2. Chelsea Says:

    I wonder if the decrease in traffic to your wedding post corresponds to the rise of ChatGPT?

  3. CG Says:

    Thanks for keeping up the posts—I look forward to hearing what’s going on in the life of my “friend on the internet.” Hope 2023 is a good year for you and your family!

  4. Linda T Says:

    My husband and I caught COVID when he had to go to Urgent Care for a gout attack.
    It was about a three hour wait to see a doctor. The good thing was we got our flu shots. The bad was we probably got COVID while waiting, in the opinion of our doctor’s nurse.
    We were about as sick as with a bad cold, which neither of us has had for years, probably since we are in our 70’s. The bad part was how it made us more tired and slower which is still ongoing.

  5. delagar Says:

    Bardiac is also my top referring site!

  6. rose Says:

    I continue to deeply appreciate your posts! And say THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR WRITING>

  7. Debbie M Says:

    Wait, you’re saying my big mouth is a good thing? At least I’m not a hate reader! And I’d blame your lower stats on wordpress wonkiness, except that I also agree that cheating has moved on to other kinds of tech.

    Thanks for making yet another donation to good causes! This year I split the majority of my money evenly between the following:
    * Environment – Rainforest Foundation Inc. (managing rainforests in conjunction with those who live there; has a good impact on the climate crises as well as biodiversity and sometimes indigenous culture)
    * Poverty – GiveDirectly Inc. (kind of like those programs that lend money to poor people to start businesses, but they give money to them and let them decide for themselves how to spend it)
    * Pain/abuse/torture/rights – RAICES Incorporated (I added this recently, switching from Amnesty International)
    * Poverty/Environment/Rights – Planned Parenthood Global Inc. (helps women not have children they don’t want and helps with other health issues)

    My favorite is probably Rainforest Foundation; feel free to choose another of these if it speaks more loudly to you.

  8. First Gen American Says:

    Glad your blog is still active after all these years (unlike mine). It’s super nice having another person going through many of the the same things in life at the same time. It’s something I’m grateful for.

    Thank you.

  9. Rainforest Foundation: Where Debbie M’s Most Commenting of 2022 Prize Went | Grumpy Rumblings (of the formerly untenured) Says:

    […] you recall, Debbie M won this year’s most commenting award!  For her prize she got to choose a charity for us to donate […]

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