• MIL’s surgery went well.  Now 4-6 weeks of recovery.  Hopefully the cancer is gone and additional treatment won’t be required.
  • [update]  They’re thinking it’s stage 2 so there will probably be radiation.  :(
  • Case Western is killing me with emails– like 2/day to not just DC1’s email account, but also my email account and the family junk mail account (which is technically DH’s junk email).  I tried to unsubscribe my email earlier, but it unsubscribed all three.  Then I tried to remove mine when we resubscribed DC1, but I’m still getting the @#$23ing emails.  Then I googled it and found out that last year they withdrew submitted (and paid!) applications from people who unsubscribed from their @#$2ing emails.  Not a good look Case Western.
  • We were thinking we’d have heard from the state school major by now since DC1 applied early action, but apparently they’ve only notified a very small group of nationally recognized people who are definitely also in the honors program a month ago.  If they had said yes, then DC1 probably would have applied to fewer colleges.  If they had said no, then DC1 would probably have applied to more colleges.
  • I feel so terrible that DC1 tried for the early action deadline when it’s not actually helping to get the response any earlier AND DC1 didn’t submit rec letters there because of it.  The essays were fine but not amazing too, and they would have been better with more practice, though this WAS practice for the other schools so I’m not sure what order zie should have applied.  I’m so worried that DC1 may have to go through all of this again next year because zie really doesn’t want to be an economics major and shouldn’t be an economics major so zie can’t stay at the flagship longer than a year.  Surely DC1 will get in somewhere zie applied in the major zie wants.  Ideally a SLAC where zie can also double major in music composition or something equally fun.
  • Did you know that the common app limits you to applying to 20 schools?
  • I have to remind myself that it’s DC1’s life.  But it’s still so stressful.  I wanted hir to stay at home another year and go to college locally if things don’t pan out, but that application deadline has passed and DC1 wants to be living in a dorm next year.  I wish zie could go to a residential high school, and there are prep schools that do take high school graduates, but it’s not the same (and they don’t have enough math and science classes).  And why pay college tuition without getting college credits?  And I dunno, new england prep students aren’t the same as the slice of the state students from our residential high school.
  • DC1 added a couple additional SLACs at the end.  The Carleton essay was probably the easiest from scratch essay– DC1 does very well with straight forward questions.  This one asked what zie would do for a senior thesis and why.  DC1 decided to create a text-based independent game (and compose all the music for it).  Describing that and why was a much quicker write than dealing with Haverford’s open-ended honor code question.  Amherst never made it to the list because of its questions, just like when I applied.  Who is willing to answer those questions?  Not even the same people willing to apply to University of Chicago because at least the U of C questions have a certain absurdity to them.  Amherst questions just do not compute with our way of life.  (I find the math one this year kind of insulting– it has a strong learned astronomer vibe to it.)
  • But thank goodness they’re done and we can all just put this out of our minds until responses from the colleges start coming in.
  • I find the constant advice to touch grass really irritating.  Some of us are allergic to grass!

16 Responses to “RBOC”

  1. Coree Says:

    That sounds so stressful, but also so different from where we were kids, not so long ago. I only applied to 4 schools, and even our high school valedictorian applied to 10, and everyone thought it was super extra.

    In the UK, you can only apply to 2, but it means that universities get fewer applicants overall and if you get the grades on your exam, you’ll get in. If you don’t, you can go to clearing, so basically find a course which will accept your exam grades. So you might not get into York with an AAB, but there might be a spot free at Newcastle. I think only Oxford and Cambridge do proper interviews, and you can only apply to one, not both, and they obviously don’t have clearing spots.

    My son is only 5 and who knows what will have changed by them, but in Scotland, university students don’t currently pay tuition. It’s harder for middle-class Scottish students to get into Scottish universities as a result (a focus on expanding access + fee paying English students), but honestly, I’m ok with that. Middle class kids already have so many advantages, they don’t need to all go to Edinburgh. My friends with older kids seem to feel differently, but I think we should probably uphold our left-wing Guardian reading values, even when it comes to our kids.

  2. Matthew D Healy Says:

    Way back in the 1970s I was a High School student with good PSAT and SAT scores, so I got junk mail from colleges. Case Western sent me a LOT of junk mail, so much that it became a family joke. And that was when “junk mail” meant tree pulp.

  3. Steph Says:

    I also dropped Amherst from my apps list at the last minute because of the essays! I’d be interested to see the math on you reference

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      See response to CG.

      The required prompt, IIRC, in my year was something like, “Sartre says Hell is other People but Barbra Streisand sings that People who Meed People are the Luckiest People in the World. Which do you agree with and why?”

      Like, obviously angsty teen me strongly believed the former and knew that a college essay talking about her misanthropy would not go over well.

  4. CG Says:

    Can you give examples of some of the Amherst essays? I’m curious!
    And (mostly) good news on your MIL. I hope she tolerates the treatment well and that it’s successful.
    I also hope DC1 gets some good news soon.

  5. Michael Nitabach Says:

    Wait, nowadays you have to apply for your major when you apply to college? And you actually have to keep that major once you’re at college? That sounds horrible!!!

  6. Revanche @ A Gai Shan Life Says:

    Fingers crossed that treatment goes well for your MIL.

    Ay this whole college thing seems quite stressful. I know they have to live their lives but still hard not to have hopes for them.

    I feel like I could write that essay about Hell being other people right now. I’m pretty angsty right now.

  7. First Gen American Says:

    We’ve only heard from the cheapest and most expensive options so far and they happen to be the two Alma’s. At least I know the two extremes on cost.

    So far this year seems to be better than last in terms of acceptances. A couple of kids from my son’s grade got into BU early and their acceptance stats at our school have been god awful the last 5 years. Most kids are still waiting to hear from their top pick though, including mine. So I’m still hopeful we will have some good options at the end of this process. We at least know he can go somewhere.

    April 1 will be here in no time and then all will become clear.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      Ours are worse! Though someone we don’t know did get into Princeton, basically everyone else was rejected or deferred from their early decision schools. We don’t know anyone who has gotten in anywhere. The flagship apparently is about a month behind last year in terms of getting out acceptances for competitive majors.

      Also congratulations!

      • Matthew D Healy Says:

        One of my relatives is a second year undergraduate in Applied Math at a State Flagship because Computer Science was basically impossible to get in and Applied Math will let them take almost as many CS classes as the CS Major would. Seems like which major can be more of an issue than which school sometimes.

      • nicoleandmaggie Says:

        We had no idea CS had gotten so competitive. But it’s what DC1 wants to do. Hopefully it will work out somewhere.

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