Delurk for us today!

We haven’t done a delurking post in YEARS.  Like, maybe 10 years?

We miss our lost commenters.  We love our current commenters.  We wonder about the new people who have been reading but haven’t necessarily joined in the conversation.

So, in the interest of increasing conversation, we’re declaring this Grumpy Rumblings Delurking Day.

If you’re a reader of ours but not a regular commenter, say hi, and, if you like, tell us a little about yourself.  If that’s intimidating, then tell us what you like about our blog or what you’d like to see more of.  If that seems self-serving on our parts, then just say hi (and we’ll understand)!

If the problem is thinking up a screen name, we recommend choosing a font name.  Here’s a list, though you may of course choose something else.

There’s no captcha code, so delurk now!

84 Responses to “Delurk for us today!”

  1. RW Says:

    Hi! Early retired reader here from England. Not good at commenting on things, but I enjoy reading your stuff :)

  2. Donna-Lee Tucker Says:

    Hi. I went to Case Western Reserve, fortunately before e-mail. Not a bad place. Lovely in the spring. Stinko in the winter.

  3. DH Says:

    Hi! I’m a recently retired research scientist. I found your blog via Wandering Scientist several years ago and enjoy your take on life.

  4. Doris Says:

    Hi! I once hung around a lot of hard core science academic folks and I married into a family of SLAC-type academics. I like the content, never comment. I’ve forgotten how I found you folks, it has been a while!

  5. 'Snough Says:

    Occasional commenter and long-time reader, here! I blog over at “Enoughing It”, and wish I posted there more often. Likewise, wish I commented more over here.

    Next year, sabbatical, so maybe it’ll actually happen then. Today, I’m grading piles of papers and attending committee meetings.

  6. economiss Says:

    I’ve commented a few times, but not many… I’m a fellow female academic economist in the South, a transplant from the north. I *think* am close in age to you all (and often wonder if we are in the same state, the one of you still in academia). We have some overlapping interests in applied micro. Your posts make me laugh, ponder, and think. I am from a very non-privileged background which makes me unusual in the field. My youngest is a year behind DC1, but oldest are years ahead. Because of you all, I have done postcards for voters. :)

  7. KGC Says:

    Newish (1 year?) reader, very occasional commenter. Can’t remember how I found you! I’m an allied health professional working for Big Academic Medical Center/University and trying mightily to get a faculty position (it’s been ‘in the works’ for the better part of 5 years, so…not going great…). I really like the academia discussions since a) some of them are applicable to me (and misery loves company) and b) some of them are super informative since I’m not yet on the faculty ladder. Thanks for writing!

  8. Bev Says:

    I really love your posts and wish I had more to contribute.

  9. Reliable walrus Says:

    I’ve been reading since grad school 10+ years ago but never commented. Now I’m a (female engineering) tenured professor with kids… Because I’m a few years “behind” you I can’t tell you how immensely beneficial it has been to see your thoughts on careers/lives over these years. Seriously, thank you so much!

    So many bloggers have stopped posting or presumably moved to other platforms where I won’t follow, dating back to my unwillingness to try out that twitter thing, haha. Oh and I discovered Scalzi’s blog through you and read there regularly as well.

  10. Debra MacLaughlan Dumes Says:

    I’m a now-retired web developer, former ancient history academic, enjoy your posts about college for your kids (sorry the older one didn’t get into HMC, Claremont is where I grew up) and financial planning.

  11. Poppins Says:

    Loooong time reader and really appreciated the older posts on giftedness; super helpful for my now teenagers. I’m a formed academic who now works in gifted education!

  12. delagar Says:

    Not really delurking, since I’m an (in)frequent commenter, but I like your links and your posts about money. Also those about your kids!

  13. frances Says:

    hiya, lurker here! I just…like personal blogs by smart women I can relate to?? it’s so interesting to see have a a window into someone else’s life over a long period of time.

  14. C Says:

    Been reading for several years. Midwest grad student who recently secured a faculty position in the sciences at a SLAC next year!! Have loved reading the insights into academia and solid recommendations. Also participated in postcards to voters because of you and more donations. Can count on the blog to make me laugh and think. Perfect combo.

  15. Anonymath Says:

    Hello! I’m a long-time lurker but very infrequent commenter. I’m a tenured faculty member at a specialty R1 in the southern US, where I do research on things that are entirely different than the rest of my department/school/university. Found you through the links at Bardiac.

  16. Schlupp Says:

    Hi, Academic in Europe

  17. M3runner Says:

    Long-time reader, female STEM academic. I found you a bit over a dozen years ago when I started my faculty job. Your posts have seen me through a lot: the tenure process, promotion, miscarriage and subsequent high-risk pregnancy, balancing kiddo and the job and DH’s tech job, buying our first home in a high cost market, etc. I really value the regular posts. So many of the early blogs that kept me company in my early days have faded away, and I am glad your’s has sustained.

  18. Angie Says:

    Occasional commenter here. I probably started reading ya’ll from Wandering Scientist. I enjoy personal finance and personal blogs so this fits right in. I blogged once upon a time but stopped before I had kids.

  19. heybethpdx Says:

    Semi-regular commenter, longtime reader – since both of you were not-yet-tenured, maybe even pre-DCs? I had a personal blog a billion years ago, and intended to do one this year while I have a self-funded year off work. I haven’t even stuck to blogging my year, so massive kudos for your very long-time work here. I’m mostly here for the finance, but I read all the posts!

  20. grrlpup Says:

    I’ve been reading awhile but commented only rarely… usually when someone wants recommendations for kids’ books, probably. I admire and appreciate personal bloggers that have kept it up over the long haul, so thank you!

  21. Sneakers Says:

    Long term lurker, occasional commenter. Probably came from a comment on Wandering Scientist too in a quest for smart/hardworking women blogging. On a pandemic break from tech with one teen kid – still working part time. I’ve been reading your blog for over five years – I like the finances, parenting and also the random topics.

  22. Mel Says:

    Delurking :-)

  23. loribeth61 Says:

    Delurking. :) I found you via Mel’s blog and followed some of your comments there over here… after doing that several times, I thought, “Why isn’t she on my blog list?” and I’ve been a regular reader since then. I rarely comment, but I enjoy your posts!

  24. ltg Says:

    I don’t remember how I found you – prob through a PF blog long time ago. I think I commented once or twice over the years, but not more than that. I use your blog roll a lot (thank you!) and found many more interesting blogs via comments. Time flies, my kid who was in elementary school when I start reading you is now getting close to college (two more years!) so I read your related posts intensely.

  25. TC Says:

    Long time reader. Happy introvert who loves that some are extrovert-enough to write blogs! And others who write comments! Youngish (?????) full professor in social sciences at large research university in Canada.

  26. S Says:

    Hi! Academic turned policy wonk

  27. rose Says:

    I try to tell you thank you for your posts. Have read you for a LONG time but for lots of it was too shy to comment. No memory of how I found you but you are so bright and articulate I instantly followed and always look for your posts. They are interesting, informative and helpful in understanding one of my children’s job realities. I think you are slightly younger than that child but my grands are slightly younger than your eldest. You keep me looped in on how very much so many things have changed in my life time. And you boost my spirits and keep me writing postcards which gives me a way to feel less hopeless and worried. I hope so much that you continue to write…. clearly LOTS of people follow you even if silently.
    THANK YOU from more than just me!

  28. SP Says:

    I don’t qualify as a lurker, but will add to the THANK YOU from the masses. :) Your blog and perspective has been super helpful for me. You guys are awesome!

  29. Allison Says:

    Hi, delurking here. I began following a few years ago. Clinical psychologist junior faculty at a Midwest academic med center, so I can resonate with your posts about academia, midwestern culture, CBT, and have learned a lot about personal finance as well.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      Welcome! Did we get the CBT stuff right?

      • Allison Says:

        I think you did! I’m not sure most people are as logical as you and can get to the more true (or in some cases, helpful thought) without a bit more of a process of asking themselves questions about the most likely thing to happen, reminding themselves what would happen if the worst case scenario came true etc, but I like the application! And sometimes the negative thought is just going to be there, and then you have to decide how to accept it as a thought!

  30. Elaine Says:

    Hi, delurking today :) I’ve been reading for a few years on and off and I’ve always been bad at commenting. I’m a librarian and work in academia and I enjoy getting more insights into other people’s experiences and perspectives. Also here for the book recs and financial and parenting insights. Thanks for the blog!

  31. BonnieCCO Says:

    I’m a recently retired woman in Colorado, 80 years old, focussing on some bodywork (hip & shoulder repairs) in the next few months. I enjoy your notes about academia, K-12 education, kitchen upgrades, historical romances, family, investing, and all the rest. There is a lot a variety here and sometimes it makes me think. That is a positive.

  32. Stacie Says:

    Long time reader. I’ve posted before asking for help. Started my TT position in 2012 and got full professor in 2021 and I credit you all for helping me! Your earlier advice was a lot about boundaries as an academic (in my mind at least) and that really helped me since I am surrounded by academics who will do anything for students and work nights and weekends constantly. So thank you!

  33. Transmission Says:

    Delurking a week late. I’m a professor (epidemiology) and mom in the SE US.

  34. accm Says:

    Totally missed this as I was on a blog-reading hiatus for a while (house woes and death in the family on top of work burnout). Been reading for, I don’t know, 12-15 years? And commenting occasionally. I’ll be back more regularly now.

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