ask the grumpies: What art do you like?

Leah asks:

Do you like art? If yes, what is your favorite period of art? I really enjoy modern Dutch art from the Mondriaan era.

Of course we both like impressionist paintings because you have to if you live in the Midwest. Similarly Magritte.  I don’t think there’s a choice, for the same reason.

I love Dutch masters with a bazillion things going on in them… think Bruegel and Bosch.  Though there’s this one dude who has a ton of paintings of monkeys named Teniers  who I first saw at the Prado and I immediately got a poster of his work– a painting of a zillion paintings in it.  I guess I love clutter?

I’m also a fan of the opposite– I like Miro a lot, especially the ones with the long squiggly lines and bright bold colors.  Generally I prefer whimsical and cheery modern/post-modern art to darker emotions.

Really there’s not much art I dislike except the stuff that is obviously misogynistic/racist or smells bad.  There’s a lot of truly modern art that is just meh (I like to joke that if I don’t understand something, it must be art), but it hasn’t stood the test of time.  I really loved the art history class I took in high school.

Magic cards…

Grumpy Nation, what art do you like?

On Art (not ART) and creativity

(Because I have plenty of experience with ART .)

There’s been some recent twitter kerfuffles about quitting one’s day job to pursue one’s CREATIVITY.  Scalzi talks about his take on the movement in this post.

… I suspect I am not “a creative”*

I would far far rather read novels than write them. Writing a novel sounds like work.  Writing any kind of *book* sounds like a lot of work.

Also: I have no artistic talent.

So… I’m pretty happy not having some kind of creative passion that I’m supposed to be fitting into my copious free time or quitting my job to do.

Yay me?

Are you a creative?  Do you find the time to create?

*no, I don’t think this blog counts as a creative passion… I’m not sure what we could call it, but… we’re not quitting our jobs to monetize it.