Ask the grumpies: Favorite cracker for enjoying with cheese

Leah asks:

 What is your preferred cracker with cheese? I only like certain crackers and will shun my non-preferred brand; are you similar?

#1: I’m not sure I have a favorite cracker. I will eat lots of different kinds, especially with cheese. I have to say, crackers are not an area where I have deep conversational depths. But if I have to say something, I like crackers with herbs in them.

#2:  I have passed through life (since beginning to ttc) with so many obnoxious food restrictions that I have thought much more about the subject of crackers.  (Though I have *never* liked Ritz crackers.  Yuck.  Well maybe when I was a really little kid I did, but I also liked cheeze wiz back then.)

These ak mak sesame crackers are really good with lemon quark.

These La Panzanella crackers are not good for me glycemically but they are really really tasty, especially the rosemary version.  They pair well with sharp cheeses.

I mainly like wheaty crackers and triscuits because they don’t make me feel like crap later (except when I was allergic to wheat and I couldn’t eat them).  I used to like kashi but now they’re too sweet.  Not a huge fan of oat biscuits.  I like dipping wheat thins into pub cheese or queso.  Wasa wafers are pretty good in pub cheese and queso too.  I like rice cakes with cream cheese.

So I guess I like a lot of different crackers, but mostly obscure brands other than like triscuits and wheat thins.

Ask the grumpies: Why is your favorite cheese the best cheese

Leah asks:

Why is your favorite cheese the best cheese? My favorite cheese is brie because it is delightfully creamy and decadent. A little goes a long way. Sharp cheddar is my runner up.

Ah, discussing our favorite cheeses is a question near and dear to our hearts.  Since we last waxed poetic on different kinds of cheeses, #2 has been to Italy and updated her cheese preferences accordingly.

#1:  St. Andre. Because it’s like the best of brie and boursin all in one wonderful cheese.

#2:   Although in general ricotta isn’t probably my favorite, buffalo ricotta from Italy is.  It’s like regular ricotta, but a lot more so.

A few of our commenters couldn’t help jumping the gun on this question so we’ll save them the need to post their answers again (unless, of course, they have more to add):

Chacha:  Extra-sharp, preferably white, cheddar is the cheese I always have on hand, because I love it and it keeps forever, but champignon brie is the Scheduled Cheese.

Linda:  Humboldt Fog is the best cheese, because it has several textures all in one slice: the rind and creaminess of brie, the crumbliness of chevre, and the barely perceptible grit of the ash layer. Plus, it is made with goat milk, which gives it a nice tang and means it can be enjoyed by the many people who have unpleasant side effects from cow milk products. :-)


Clearly y’all have never had Prima Donna aged (with the red rind): . When I read headlines about cheese being addicting, I thought, Oh, that makes sense – Prima Donna.  (Though I do like St. Andre as well! And, as a total side note, I once took a giant pie-shaped wedge of baked brie at a wedding when I mistook it for a custard pie. That was a surprising first bite.)