I lost my indoor glasses and bought some more online

(Not  a sponsored post)

I’ve been having to use glasses sometimes to read the monitor, which is irritating and not a thing I used to have to do.  Since the pandemic, my two newer pairs of glasses have been hanging out in each of our cars (since I’m no longer legal to drive without glasses) and I’ve been using an old prescription for working at the computer.

A few weekends ago, my old glasses just *disappeared*.  I hadn’t left the house. Nobody had left the house!  But they’re just gone.  We did a thorough search of the house (including the kids) and it’s been weeks and they’re still missing.  Just *poof*.  Gone.

My other back-up pair has lenses that are so scratched that I’d rather just squint.  And of course, DH has a different prescription.

So… I ended up going to zenni optical and buying a couple more pairs of glasses.  To be honest, they’re not as good as my lenscrafters glasses, which tend to be perfect (whenever I need a new prescription, I wait for a conference and go to the same place I went in graduate school!)… I don’t think I get the pupil distance quite right.  But they’re cheap!  About $12 for no frills all told, and $31 all told if you include fancy add-ons like blue screen blocker.  And they’re not terrible, especially if I get a pair that I can perch closer to the tip of my nose when using the computer.

I did determine this time around that you can subtract 3 from the pupil distance to get something more optimized for computer use.  So I put in an order for a pair with a slightly varied pupil length and blue blocker ($28).  It hasn’t come yet, but I need a Monday money post, so… But my hope is that it’s just the pupil length that hasn’t been quite right, since that doesn’t come with the prescription but is something needed when buying glasses.

Anyhow, getting a pair of glasses at lenscrafters is at least $100, sometimes closer to $200, not including the prescription.  With zenni optical, I can afford to make mistakes and try out different things.  Especially during a pandemic where I can’t really go to an expensive place and get fitted anyway.