The last day to vote is Tuesday.  Have you made sure all the good people in your life have the information they need to vote and have figured out a plan to get to the polling place if they haven’t voted yet?  (Have you made a plan to vote?)

I’ll be out canvassing with my sister.  DH is picking up signs for polling places for our congressional candidate and AG candidate from a nearby city.  Reader FF is canvassing too!

I’ll also be canvassing. I was really dreading it initially, but felt very energized by the positive feedback–some people even thanked us for doing this. Living in a reddish part of a purple district, it’s been good for me to see that there are others in my area who think as I do and are very enthusiastic about voting for Democrats (and voting out Republicans). I was told that GOTV canvassing is the most fun you’ll have canvassing. At this point, it’s more about getting supporters to actually vote, and less about convincing people. So I hope that you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

If you google “volunteer” and then either your senate candidate or your governor candidate, chances are they have a good ground game and a cell phone app that can get you hooked up this weekend.

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