Google questions

Q:  is working a minimum wage job as a teen a waste of time

A:  depends on the alternatives

Q:  can i be forced to do something i dont want to do

A:  Well, there’s death and taxes…

Q:  how to get a balanced check book when it doesn’t balance

A:  You could always burn it down and start over fresh, but I’m not sure we recommend that.  (We don’t)

Q:  how long i will wait furnished new build house

A:  If my friends are any indication, a long, looonnnnnnnnng time.

Q:  how to get pre k students to behave

A:  Tranq darts.  (Do not do this.)

Q:  why some people are miser and grumpy

A:  Too much time on early retirement forums?

Q:  is it right to make your children do things they don’t want

A:  It depends

Q:  when does the government stop taking social security

A:  Out of your paycheck, you mean?  When you no longer draw one.  (Or at the point where you have made more than $118,500 taxable income for the year in 2016.  Also SS benefits may be taxable depending on a bunch of stuff.)

Q:  is it just a privileged few that are home owners these days

A:  In most areas of the world, yes.

Q:  best gugli question

A:  Why did that movie ever get made?  Oh wait, that was Gigli.




Google questions: When you suck at answering ask the grumpies

Q:  should i roll my 401k plan at tiaa cref over to edward d jones

A:  No!  NO!  A thousand times no!!!  OMG that is a horrible terrible idea.  Don’t do it!  You will lose so much money.  AIEEEEE!

Q:  when is a second job not worth it

A:  When the marginal cost outweighs the marginal benefit?  Or maybe when the present discounted value of the job is not worth your next choice option?

Q:  do they give phd for accounting

A:  Yes

Q:  do smart toddlers sleep less

A:  On average, yes, according to survey evidence.

Q:  what happens if house is condemned still owe money it

A:  You still owe money on it.  (Consult your local regulations and lawyer.)

Q:  do nursing faculty usually get summers off?

A:  Depends on the school.  The ones I know teach year round, but that may just be school specific.

Q:  why is it superstitious not to sleep with any body parts hanging off the bed

A:  Because that’s not a real thing to worry about unless you keep your bed over like crocodiles or piranha or something.

Q:  can a tired gifted child do badly in iq test

A:  Yes.

Q:  who is mados

A:  maybe a cousin of Manos?

Q:  why are dentists weird

A:  Nobody knows, but damn are there some odd ducks.

Not very Christmasy Christmas Googles (Now with micturation!)

Q:  why does my parent not seek a better life

A:  What does your parent say?  Asking your parent would probably answer your question better than asking the internet, depending on what you mean by “better life”.  Alternatively, is your parent in an abusive situation?  It can be hard to leave abuse because psychology is messed up.

Q:  why im not ready to have 2 kids by 25?

A:  Because you are normal and sane?

Q:  is $50 enough for a wedding gift for a former coworker?

A:  Yes.

Q:  i stepped on my kindle now what

A:  You cry some.  You try really hard not to get angry with yourself.  Then you buy another kindle.  And you’re super sad because the new kindles are not as cool as the old kindles were.  :(  (#2 begs to disagree for a wide variety of reasons and features)  (#1 notes that they took away features she used to have on her kindle and are charging more for them on a more expensive kindle but they don’t work as well on the more expensive kindle as they did on the original kindle she had.  But #2 is probably right for the first gen kindles which, she hears, were kind of slow and buggy.  Her stepped upon kindle was at the sweet point of features + speed.  :( )

Q:  euphemism words for urinating

A:  In the past we haven’t included questions that are answered in previous posts, but I feel like our backlog is so large that maybe current readers would like a chance to click on popular posts that they didn’t know they wanted to read.  So here’s our words for pee.  My favorite is micturation.

Q:  is it professional to say pee

A:  Probably not, unless you work with little kids.

Q:  why are white people buying tiny houses

A:  Privilege

Q:  live everyday as if it were your last example


Q:  should you make kids go to sports when they don’t want to

A:  No

Q:  can i resign from a faculty position mid year?

A:  Yes.  There may be consequences, but you can.  Academia isn’t actually slavery.

Return of the Google Questions

Q:  how to tell inlaws one toy for christmas is enough

A:  Good luck with that.

Q:  what kid of christmas tree do you have

A:  This year… none.  Since we only have a small place, we’re meeting up with my family in a completely different destination over the holidays.

Q:  my husband make more than me does that excuse him from household chores

A:  Only if he uses that money to pay for someone else to do all the household chores (so you don’t have to do any either)

Q:  how reliable is tiaa take the lump sum or monthly check

A:  Monthly check.  (Talk to an unbiased financial adviser who is paid by the hour– keep in mind that if you get an adviser who is at all paid by commission that (s)he will recommend you take the lump sum so that the financial adviser can get a piece of that through fees.  This is a known problem and one that there’s been legislation about that hasn’t yet passed, to my knowledge.)

Q:  do professors have summer office hours

A:  Usually only the ones who teach summer classes

Q:  nick names for grumpy people

A:  Maggie and um… Nicki?  (Ugh, not Nicki)

Q:  can you give someone a money gift and tell them how to spend it

A:  Absolutely.  That makes the check more meaningful.  Like, if you were talking to your SIL about finances and she is saying how she’s been throwing extra money at her credit card to pay off her wedding or she’s saving for a house down-payment or whatever, you can put “for the wedding/house account” on the check.  The trick is, though, that you don’t get to say anything after that.  You don’t get to ask if the money was spent in that way.  You don’t get to get angry if they spent it another way.  So you can say how to spend it in a way that shows you’ve been thoughtful and not just throwing money at it because you don’t know what else to give, but you don’t get to determine how that money is actually spent.

Q:  do professors do their research only in summers?

A:  Some do if they have a crappy teaching or service load.

Q:  why do people choose ugly vertical blinds.

A:  Because they are cheap and they keep the sun out.

Q:  things to make for the inlaws for christmas

A:  Heck if I know.  DH makes things like vanilla extract or rum cake or fruitcake for my father, but my MIL is diabetic and my FIL is picky.  Crafty really isn’t my thing.

Can you tell we’re running low on google questions?

Q:  how to be a good mother’s helper

A:  enjoy kids.  Get off your damn phone.  Take infant & child CPR certification classes.  Sing songs, play games.  Be reliable, responsible, firm, fair, and kind.

Q:  how much to spend on work college wedding

A:  As much or as little as you want.

Q:  how to tactfully accuse someone of something

A:  shout j’accuse!!! and whirl around to point at them with a fancy, hand-made kid leather glove.

Q:  ancient words for peeing

A:  did they not say ‘draining the weasel’?

Q:  why do bad people like misery

A:  to give the hero something to fight that doesn’t cause the audience to have to deal with shades of grey

Q:  what the average accoutning phd professor makes?

A:  You want this page.

Q:  with a masters in accounting what kind of doctorate can i get

A:  is there something other than the PhD?  I mean, I suppose you could forget the accounting thing and get an EdD or something instead.

Q:  what to do with phd in accounting

A:  Besides being an accounting prof?  We’re gonna guess going into business.

Q:  how long for phd in accounting

A:  4-7 years.

Q:  what is accounting phd really about?

A:  what is life really about, anyway?  Can any of us ever really know?



Google up the jam

Q:  how do i express in one word a child who is grumpy and pouts

A:  human

Q:  how can i cancel my husbands equifax subcription

A:  Why can’t he cancel it?

Q:  if majority of mortgage is paid can you still foreclose

A:  Probably, though there are some situations that would make the mortgage company more or less likely to foreclose in this situation.  Talk with an attorney.

Q:  why do some people need to create drama

A:  Boredom?  Sociopathy?  Who knows.

Q:  how to know when a relationship is going south

A:  Say for example, you’re living in Boston and then you and your sig other decide to move to Florida.  *rim shot*

Q:  how much do periods of unemployment hurt a job search

A:  This has a long and complicated answer, and we don’t know 100% for sure yet.  The short answer is that being just unemployed helps, but longer periods of unemployment may or may not hurt, depending on which top journal article you’re reading.

Q: why do people tell others how to spend their money

A:  Usually because they want to make money off people.  Sometimes because they project their own life experiences on others.

Q:  will i ever know if i want a second child

A:  Sometime between now and death that decision will have been made.

Q:  why a grown man uses word pee pee

A:  Because the grown man has a two year old potty trainer?

Q:  what do new zealand children call their grandmothers

A:  You’ve got the wrong blog.  Try asking wandering scientist.


Googled questions answered

Q:  how do you explain differentiation to gifted kids so that they do not brag

A:  why not let them brag?  they will either get beaten up for it and stop, or else it’ll be ok.  It’s GOOD to be smart.  Being smart is super-cool but trying hard is even cooler.  #2 disagrees with beating up being a good outcome.  Um, back in the day I believed that everybody is good at different things, though I have since learned that’s not true– some people are good at a lot of stuff and some people aren’t good at much of anything.  But I believed that.  I guess I wouldn’t try to find an explanation that would keep them from bragging, but I would address the importance of not being a jerk to people who don’t need the additional work to keep them challenged.  All people have value and it’s super douchey to make fun of people who are at a lower level for whatever reason they’re at a lower level.  Everybody should work hard in order to grow.  And not everybody has had the advantages that kids in the upper groups with differentiation has had, even some gifted kids.

Q:  when do lecturers at college go back to work after summer

A:  “back”?

Q:  how do others feel about making more money than there parents?

A:  I feel pretty good, personally.  I think DH does too.

Q:  if i dont do sleep training when will my baby sleep through

A:  sleep training is generally irrelevant to the sleep through question– it happens or doesn’t happen with or without sleep training, and if it doesn’t happen that’s not necessarily a bad thing– sleeping through is a relatively modern invention facilitated by electric lighting

Q:  can the county take my home

A:  Check your county’s eminent domain laws

Q:  should children be made to do things they dislike because it is good for their character

A:  probably not if that’s the only reason to do it.  There are plenty of worthwhile things to make children do that have the side benefit of buffing up their character.

Q:  are vertical blinds out of style

A:  Were they ever really in style?

Q:  consequences of wasting money

A:  you have less money, but not more worth-it

Q:  one word for people who like being miserable

A:  curmudgeon?  maybe?