OMG WTF Tenure packet?!?

So… one of us is going to be taking a month long hiatus from the blog, give or take.  Starting tomorrow, where tomorrow is a day some number of weeks ago because thank Goodness for queues.  You might not even notice.

Why, you ask?

Well, because her tenure packet was supposed to be due in two months.

But, she got an email saying that due to changes in administrative procedures, they’ve decided to make it due in one month instead.  Oh, and the tenure packet guidelines are changing and we’re not really sure what they’re going to be, but they’re longer and more extensive than they were last year.  I should get instructions in a couple of weeks.

Also, in a couple of weeks, grades are due, finals are next week, so… yeah, your life just sucks.  Sucksssss.  But really, 15 days to pull together a tenure packet shouldn’t affect anything negatively, no sir.  Not at all.  And that plan you had to send in those two papers that are almost done so you can put “under review” on your CV … piece of cake!

The other person in the department going up for tenure is actually going to be out of the country on a research thing (someplace where the internet is slow to non-existent) so ze may have difficulty getting in said packet without the instructions.

On the plus side, it’s only a month (starting tomorrow)… a month of no weekends, of not messing around on the internet.  It’s not like it’s the last year of graduate school or anything.  Surely I can be productive for a month.  Nobody will notice me falling off the face of the planet for a month.  All those decisions about my personal/family life… surely someone else can make them.  The CSA starting this month?  Well, someone else can process the vegetables…  I can kill myself for a month.

Sigh.  I’m too old for this.  Maybe I should just give up and focus on the damn packet and not worry about anything else.

And I hate them all.  One should not give such short notice on something like this.  I had things planned out pretty nicely with coauthors’ promises and other things set up.  But now, well, life is just going to suck.

It’s been a couple weeks now.  Did you notice I was gone?  Did you miss me?  Do you feel sorry for me?  ‘Cuz I gotta say I feel sorry for me.  Verrrra sorry.

#2 feels extra sorry for you, too, and thinks that your administrators should be run out of town on a rail.