Adventures in Science

It’s 6pm on a Friday and I’m in the lab building with my research assistants, getting ready to run a study.  I tell them, “And now, we’re going to very gently and respectfully ransack Dr. Q’s lab.  He said we could borrow some equipment until ours gets here, but he said he didn’t know what room it was in.”

So we traipse off down a maze of twisty little passages, all alike, until we come to his lab area.  We turn on the lights as we go, so that we are less likely to be eaten by a grue.

You have been eaten by a grue.

photo by Flickr user cofiem under creative commons


I say, “Let’s start with this room, which is unlocked, and appears to be for storage.  Hmm.  This box is labeled ‘Hawaiian decorations’.  And… it appears to be labeled accurately.”

Hawaii Vacation 2010

photo by Flickr user merfam under creative commons


As it turned out, the equipment we needed was in another castle room.  But now I really want to know why there is a carefully packed and stored box of Hawaiian decorations in our lab building.  Readers, what strange creatures have you encountered where you work?