Bloggy bits and pretty pieces

  • Someone in MA tried to organize a Sock Hunting party and left the wrong number for at least 4 people.  My number.  I don’t even know what sock hunting is.  Sockeye fishing I could understand.  Otherwise sock hunting is what I do in the morning sometimes when we haven’t folded the laundry yet.  We’re not on East Coast time so my “wrong numbers” were a bit testy this morning.
  • We’re trying to get DC to stop saying, “I KNOW THAT” as a response to pretty much everything.  Right now we’re trying to get hir to replace it with, “Yes” or “That’s right.”  I almost wish we could go back to plain old, “Why?” (Update:  Maybe I should take that back about the “Why”… how can a preschooler get me into a deep philosophical discussion with just that one word?)
  • My state tax refund is $666.  I knew this place was evil.
  • DC:  Molecules are like the government.  Me:  How are molecules like the government?  DC:  Molecules make everything.  Me:  Yes.  DC:  Molecules make roads.  And the government makes roads. Me:  I never thought of it that way.  I suppose you’re right.
  • I became a professor so I wouldn’t have to wear make-up!  Having to wear make-up reminds me of why I became a professor.  My eyes are burning and my face itches.  #2 thinks #1 needs to wear higher-quality makeup next time, the hypoallergenic kind.  #1 says, at how much it cost I sure hope it was high quality.  But chemicals and I don’t get along… remember that I can only use 3 kinds of soap (Dove, Purpose, and some other kind) #2 says, you still got the wrong kind.  Remember I have the word’s most sensitive skin, too.
  • Just a quick first try at making an online photo collage about books.  click here for lovely
  • I WANT THIS MIRROR IN MY DREAM HOUSE:   na na na na na na na na BATMAN!