In which #1 and #2 take the Time Magazine Harry Potter Quiz and find out a horrifying truth about #2

#1:  Hey, take this quiz.
I am:
65.5% ravenclaw
32.6% hufflepuff
and the remainder is gryffindor.

#2: hm.

#1: I am a smart coward!

#2: hm.

#1: I’m surprised there’s no slytherin, after all, I–

#2: I’m uh… 70% syltherin

#1: Uh

#2: Indeed

#1: backs away slowly

#2: doot de dooo

#1: I have work ethic and friendliness…

#2: I do NOT have friendliness

#1: I don’t think you’re *normally* slytherin though. Maybe it’s the extra stress you’ve been under?

#2: Mayyyyyyyybeeeeeee

#1: Ulp

#2: [makes mustache twirling motion]

#1: I laugh nervously at your villainy

#2: [steeples fingers]

#1: All this time I had no idea

#2: [maniacal laugh]




Who to vote for in the primary: In which the grumpies disagree even though they agree

#1:  All three candidates are perfectly acceptable.

#2:  Given the choice I’ll vote Sanders; if it’s only Clinton on the ticket I will happily vote for her and think it’s a good choice!

#1: I’m voting for Clinton, but I’m totally fine with Sanders. In a different world, I’d be more for Sanders, but in this world, I’m for Clinton.  I tend to vote for the pragmatic candidate–I knew underneath Obama’s idealism beat a heart of pure pragmatism (he won me over with his specific wooing of the economist vote). I think Clinton has a better shot of getting ‘er done.  Everyone I’ve met who has worked with/for her says she’s a great boss and extremely competent and has a big public service motivation (not ambition like SNL wants you to think) and thinks she’s the best person for the job *and she’s right to think that.*  (They also say she’s unexciting and kind of a bureaucrat, but I’m totally fine with that.)  She was wonderful at that Benghazi hearing.

#2: I have differences of opinion with Clinton. However, if it’s Clinton vs. Republicans, I am Clinton all the way! My differences with her are much less than my differences with anyone else (except Sanders). My issues with Clinton are small in the grand scheme of things.

#1: What are your differences of opinion? I am curious if I also have them or if I agree with her.

#2: I think she wants to be more involved in the middle east and more explodey than I want.

#1: oh, I have no idea about foreign policy

#2: also more drones spying on other leaders

#1: yeah, all of that is out of my wheelhouse

#2: in the grand scheme of things, foreign policy isn’t the most important to me.

#1: I know enough about that stuff to not have an opinion! it’s like, who the hell knows what is the right thing to do

#2: i would rather cut military spending and fund education and healthcare. But I’m some sort of commie or something.

#1: in the perfect world, I would agree with that

#2: there is too darn much military spending, but it’s our own fault

#1: I do think we need to do a better job getting other countries to pay for foreign interventions.

#2: I see how we can’t vanish it all overnight, that would be ridiculous

#1: it still sits with me wrong

#2: YES

#1: they’re really hard questions and I’m glad I don’t study them

#2: I think she may be also more drill-for-oil than I agree with, but I’d have to check

#1: mainly I want people to stop dying and for women and minorities to have human rights and so on

#2: YES

#1: anybody who wants to drill baby drill right now is STUPID– the low cost of oil is destabilizing

#2: reproductive rights! healthcare! social justice!

#1: I wish the democratic debates were better publicized.  They actually talk about issues and sound professional and stuff.  Debbie Wassaman is doing a terrible terrible job.

#2: is a good way to figure out who you side with. They don’t have complete info for anyone on every single question, but you can break it down by the areas that are most important to you. I agree with Bernie on almost all things, but lots and lots of them are less-important things. I agree with Clinton on a few large, important things but disagree with her on some less-important things. SO…. enh?  “Less-important” meaning TO ME of course.

#1: wow, these questions have gotten crazier since I last took the test– some of the republican candidates really are batexcrement evil crazy–it says I’m 95% bernie, 92% hillary, 78% O’Malley… then Chris Christie and John Kasiach and Jeb Bush. Apparently I’m “Left-Wing Authoritarian”

“Your political beliefs would be considered strongly Left-Wing and moderately Authoritarian on an ideological scale, meaning you tend to stand up and protect those who are oppressed or taken advantage of and believe the government should do the same.” Down with oppression!

I’m still voting for Hillary. Assuming I can get my voter registration reinstated (the post office sent my registration check card back to the voter office, even though they delivered DH’s). (Why yes, the Voter Rights Act did affect my state and its absence is being noticed.)

So yeah– the primary season has started!  Vote for your favorite democrat.  Even if you live in a red state.  Especially if you live in a red state!  There’s something wonderful about discovering you’re not the only democrat in your town.  If you’re not a democrat then, um, vote for Kasich?

Sunscreen (or maybe sunblock)

So before I left the natural parenting group, they convinced me that modern sunscreen is evil.  I’m not sure whether or not it’s true that sunscreen is actually evil, but what can you do?

Anyhow, there’s this webpage that rates sunscreens for toxicity.

The problem with it, the natural mothers say, is that companies will game the system and will use similar new or untested chemicals that aren’t included in the ratings list.

So what do they recommend?  Old fashioned sunscreens sunBLOCKS! that are mostly zinc oxide (and not micronized zinc oxide or whatever that term is).  These include:

Badger (we special order from Amazon)

California Baby (you can get this one at Target)

and I think that’s it.

These sunscreens tend to leave your kid kind of pale, and they’re much thicker than regular sunscreen.  But there’s my PSA.  If you’re worried about sunscreen toxicity, those are the brands to go with.  According to some possibly crazy ladies and a website.

#2 says:  NOTE  distinguish sunscreen (which works by chemical reaction with your skin) from sunblock (more of a barrier method than chemical, and often more natural minerals) (guess which one is better for those with skin problems?)

#1 notes that none of the other websites seem to distinguish between the two, so she thinks that sunblocks are a type of sunscreen, a subset of the greater sunscreen category.

#2:  bzzzt, wrong.  People tend to use them interchangeably but those of us with complex skin problems aggravated by sun exposure and allergies know the difference.  As summer approaches, vampiric #2 stocks up on sunblock and stays far away from sunscreen.